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The Taylor Swift Discography Rate: Finally, We’re Out Of The Woods

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. You're welcome.

    BUT 'Delicate' is bloody brilliant.
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  2. SCREAM at me being a Reputation high scorer when I’ve spent the last while saying it’s not even that good. I don’t even know what my true feelings are anymore.

    Delicate is obviously great, and I’m not one for remixes usually but the Seeb one is fantastic, well worth a listen.

    I’m still very happy it’s out though, it’s just not Taylor top 10 for me (certainly not at the expense of Dear John or Treacherous). I’m very happy with the final 7 now, if I remember correctly I gave them all 10s.
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  3. Of course a modern, stunningly produced track doesn't rank higher than songs about fairytales, castles, stars and whatever. Still glad it got this far even if I would have loved a top5 placement.
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  4. Me trying to find the references to fairytales and castles in State of Grace, All Too Well, Style, Blank Space, Out of the Woods and Enchanted

  5. there are castle mentions in New Romantics. @Verandi won’t let me live even one day.
  6. It's funny there are 7 songs left but your 11 and your winner pick are the only songs left that have die-hard haters (me and @Verandi) here.

    I'll scream if they end up being the final 2.
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  7. That’s why I didn’t mention it, but to be fair the castle reference in New Romantics is not about fairytales and princesses so really the argument is null and void.
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  8. Well, that’s why I occasionally hate on All Too Well. There’s only so much hate one woman can take regarding her two favourite Taylor songs.
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  9. Me dropping some stupid line and seeing tension rising. I gave New Romantics a positive score y'all. Also my first thought about fairytales and stuff was Enchanted, which I also gave a positive score to.
  10. 4th highest voter for both her first two albums, nowhere to be seen for Reputation - can you tell I'm a fan of bumpkin Taylor?
  11. Also I love Out Of The Woods so @Dangerous Maknae I would like to be excluded from this narrative dddd
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  12. Ddd I meant each one of us hating on one of those two. I love New Romantics and it's probably my #1 at this point.
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  13. It was my first album as a fan and I appreciate the campness of the era. Plus the album is a brilliant work of pop simplicity.

    'Delicate' making the top 10 is a huge triumph.
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  14. I still love reputation, but instead of getting up on my soapbox to defend it I’ll let people throw it under the bus if that means that TS7 will benefit from a return to form/comeback narrative!

    #JusticeForDress until I die, though.
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  15. I can't remember my scores for what's left but I'm pretty sure I won't be low scorer again so...

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  16. My prediction is that Blank Space will leave next...doesn't seem to get quite the same amount of love as the others that are left.
  17. It will probably be at #6(66).
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  18. I’d be very happy with Blank Space taking this. It achieves everything it sets out to do, and was probably the peak moment of the 1989 campaign (I do sliightly prefer Style sometimes but they are both the easiest 10s to give ever). There was an interview where someone asked her if she was worried about the impact the transition to full on pop would have on her fanbase, and she said that as long as she still had great lyrics which could connect, and her artistry wasn’t compromised or cheapened, her fans would stick with her. I feel like Blank Space achieved that synthesis and so much more.
  19. The next elimination is coming.... sometime. Definitely by Saturday. Just takes me a lot of time to gather my thoughts on all these monumental Taylor tracks.
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