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The Taylor Swift Discography Rate: Finally, We’re Out Of The Woods

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Maggie Gyllenhall should strangle some of y'all with the scarf tbh

    @ohnostalgia I see where you're coming from regarding the All Too Well cult and totally respect that view. Despite my voracious love for it I would never consider it that far and away better than some others in Taylor's discography. (It was a real toss-up between that and Sparks Fly for my 11, and All Too Well only took it for the memories I have built up around listening to that song in bars and yelling the lyrics with my friend who also stan; and songs like Treacherous, Dear John, Back to December, hell Tim McGraw not you ME! you can choke are all-timers).

    Grammys performance is also the best I've ever seen her perform.
  2. I wrote up a really long post about how the narrative of "All Too Well" reminds me of a devastating relationship I had when I was twenty-one and therefore means a lot to me, but it ended up feeling a little too personal to share, so I deleted it. I'm sure a lot of people have similar feelings about the song, and that's why there's such passion for it. There's a particular pain to being told a relationship that affected you deeply didn't really mean anything to the other person and she articulates how it all feels--the headiness of the early romance, the angry confusion of them growing colder, the wistful resignation of trying to move past it--so perfectly that it makes anyone who's ever been through the same thing feel deeply understood. It's the response we all want to give to the ex trying to gaslight us. I was there. I remember it, motherfucker, and I'll make you remember it too.

    I hope she'll get back to that kind of songwriting someday. I just can't believe "ME!" came from the same person.
  3. Girl there ain’t no I in All Too Well!
    But there is a We!
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  5. Im going to blame @Dangerous Maknae. I watched the BBMA performance to confirm that I’d taken my Swiftamine and some choices were made.

    All Too Well, sweetie, I’m sorry.
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  6. Taste.
  7. I would have liked Holy Ground to have been in the top 3 or 4 from Red but overall I'm not mad at this elimination order. At least Red (the track) and State of Grace made top 3 so we got somethings right. Cheers.
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  8. I'm bloody flabbergasted 'All Too Well' isn't top 2?!

    For me lyrically it's her best work and would've been an incredible winner. However I'm chuffed 'Out Of The Woods' is holding on!
  9. I always heard the line in Blank Space as "got a load of star-crossed lovers"

    I also don't think Blank Space is the self aware Taylor reputation wishes it was because I don't think the difference between the two is that reputation is lacking in self-awareness, but that Blank Space was her response to the public over their image of her while reputation was not.

    I see reputation more as an inner dialogue venting her insecurities and frustrations, in a context where she lost a lot of credibility (rightfully or not) and the public's willingness to see her perspective was lower than with the 1989 era. Seeing someone I admire in a state that's a combination of bitterness, messiness and defiance was a bit uncomfortable at times, but ultimately it helped humanize her to me.

    However, I do see Blank Space as the empowerment anthem ME! wishes it was.
  10. I like All Too Well's instrumental quite a lot and listen to the karaoke version semi-regularly. It's a great song but I'm not really interested in the 10 minute version. I worry that it would be clunky and ruin my connection with the song. I think we should just trust Taylor that the 5:28 version of All Too Well is the best version of All Too Well.

    Out of the Woods is top 10 for me but I think Style and Enchanted should be the ones duking it out for the top spot.

  11. Before people get all riled up about how All Too Well and Enchanted received backlash because of the last rate, I'd like to point out that there were a total of nine sub-seven scores across both songs (five for All Too Well, four for Enchanted). Before people go all RECENCY BIAS!!!!!!! I'd like to point out that at the time of voting 1989 was almost four years old and many people had revised their opinions of the album down. I'll add that if you paid any attention to this forum over the years, a Style vs. Out Of The Woods top two - while not an inevitability - was always a real possibility. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Today we are here to celebrate Enchanted, perhaps the true cornerstone of Taylor's career. Yes, it's a ballad inspired by the Owl City guy ... Look, you don't always choose your inspiration, your inspiration chooses you.

    your eyes whispered, "have we met?"
    across the room, your silhouette
    starts to make its way to me
    (please take my hand, and)

    the playful conversation starts
    counter all your quick remarks
    like passing notes in secrecy
    (please take me dancing, and)

    the lingering question kept me up
    2 AM, who do you love?
    I wonder 'til I'm wide awake
    (please leave me stranded)

    this night is sparkling, don't you let it go
    I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home
    I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
    (it's so romantic)

    Okay, since I banned the M word from the All Too Well elimination, I suppose I should follow my own rules here too. What can I say about Enchanted? Maybe this is the simplest: when I think Enchanted, the very best Taylor comes to mind. I don't think Taylor (part-time songwriter, 9-5 businesswoman, diminishing returns). I think Taylor (self-assured songwriter, amazing lyricist, talented beyond her years). Taylor wrote the entirety of Speak Now, by herself, before she reached twenty years old. Enchanted, while wrapped up in fairy tale tropes, displays a maturity absent from her most recent works. Listening to Enchanted you can't help but get wrapped up in its wistfulness, rooting for the abandoned glass slipper. How Taylor moves from that minimalist opening to one of her all time greatest crescendos - underscoring her increasing desperation - floors me every time. And the lyrics, don't even get me started. "This night is sparkling, don't you let it go," is everything to me. When I'm having a bad night or things seem especially bleak, I can always return to at least one amazing evening. Even if it's not my own.

    @VivaForever (6): 'This is… good. I still don’t understand the forum’s collective boner for it." We. Know. @əʊæ (6): "She has so many contenders for the white-breadest song of all time. This one's a bit too Coldplay for me, I don't know." I know you think referencing Coldplay is an insult, but you're submitting commentary to a woman who has cried countless tears to Coldplay songs. So there!!!!!! @Trouble in Paradise (7): "I adore the quiet beginning of this song, it’s so vulnerable and open. It gives off the sense of being enchanted to meet someone, to just be meeting someone and feeling so seen already. Then she yells for some reason and it becomes a very by the numbers pop song. I would’ve loved to see how this song could’ve unfurled with a more...daring songwriter." I'm rolling my eyes. @Verandi (8): "This is very overrated in here (I had a look at the previous rate). It's a good song. I could have given this a low score just to prevent it to reach number 1 but I'm doing this rate in the name of Honesty etc etc." Maybe we could've used a little less honesty from you. @Seventeen Days (7.5): "The synth pad opening and the lyrics on this one are gorgeous." Maybe we could've used some higher scores from you. @Laura Vanderbooben (8.5): "it's really good but I've never gotten the "it's her best song EVER she'll NEVER top it!!!!" praise. Like, really? Her.gif?it's about Owl City." I mean I agree on the BEST SONG EVER!!!!! nonsense, but Owl City? Who cares? @happiestgirl (9): “The number of times I laid in my twin size bed at age 15 and SOBBED to this masterpiece…when I found out it was about the Owl City guy…oh I shipped it." Oh.

    @Lila (10): "This is too deeply tied up with an embarrassing teenage crush for me to listen to it very often any more but it’s still very lovely, and manages to evoke something very specific about that kind of feeling without being sickly sweet." I saw you liking that Enchanted must die post. @evilsin (8): "The delivery of the "it was enchanting to meet you" line is most certainly one of the most memorable n the whole Taylor discography. Although I'm not sure I ever felt the way this song describes, but I'm pretty sure it does encapsulate how magical it might be to meet that someone." @DJHazey (9): 'I used wonder why so many Taylor fans considered this the best song in her discography, then one day it clicked for me and here we are. A similar "we're in for a long but incredible adventure" style of pop song that makes "State of Grace" such a killer tune. This is Taylor doing what she can do best and no one can touch it." @31entrance (10): "yes @ the verses, yes @ THAT CHORUS " I WAS ENCHANTED TO MEET YOOOUUU" a perfect song and a contender for my 11 if it isn't getting it eventually (spoiler alert: it didn't)." How'd that work out for you? @unnameable (10): "anyone who scores this below 9.5 can resign from the forum and join miserablebastardsjustice." What if you're a miserable bastard who scored Enchanted a 10? Asking for a friend. @PushyBakerFriend (9.9): "This is just magical - the production just sparkles and shimmers. The last 2 minutes are just perfect, but that moment when it's all quiet and she sings "Please don't be in love with someone else" is my favourite moment. I really really wanted to give this a 10 but it takes a moment to truly get started." This arbitrary 0.1 deduction was one of the greatest moments of the whole rate (for me).

    @RUNAWAY (10): "this was the easiest ten I’ve ever given. This is one of the cornerstones of her artistry as a musician and a songwriter and she should feel so accomplished because of this song. Honestly, if someone asked me for one Taylor song that sums up her entire career, this would be the one. It’s perfection, and I truly would rank this into my list of my favorite ever songs by any artist." I wonder if there's a contest going on where we rank our favourite artists and submit a song that represents them. I wonder. @Music Is Life (10): "More epic storytelling from this girl. Deserved its second place spot in the original, but, as much as I love it I don’t want it to get that far. Top 5/10 will be fine with me. Make it happen. Favorite lyrics: “Please don’t be in love with someone else” cause we’ve ALL been there." I know we've said it 1000 times now, but you need to be strategic about your 10s. #toolittletoolate @Veeis (10): "I remember that Speak Now was the first Taylor album I've ever heard and this track was the highlight of the whole album for me. And it still is, gorgeous and magical song. It was a contender for my 11. " @Reboot (10): "If someone created an algorithm or machine that allowed you to make the perfect song based on all your favourite songs in the world, I feel like Enchanted would sound very much like MY perfect song. There’s one song in here that I think deserves my 11 a tiny bit more, but this is really, really, really, really, really good. I wanna cry." @HollyDunnSomething (10): 'What a song. 1 of my 4 potential 11's, it's absolutely stunning." @sapnu puas (10): '“please don’t be in love with someone else//please don’t have somebody waiting for you”. Vfssthkkhgcdff. My heart though. If people rate this down just because they don’t want it to win...not ok. Best song on the album and should easily be top 5 in her discography for anyone who actually likes her music tbh." We already knew Verandi didn't actually like Taylor Swift. @Sally_Harper (10): "This entire song makes me cry so much, but the bit that absolutely does me in is “Please don’t be in love with someone else, please don’t have somebody waiting on you.” I just…FUCK. Nobody can so thoroughly destroy me with so few words quite like Taylor." I cried when I heard "Spelling is Fun!" too, I understand.

    @Ashling92 (10): "A beautiful little song, from those guitar strums at the beginning to best part near the end, which of course is ‘Please don’t be in love with someone else...please don’t have somebody waiting on you…" @Blond (10): "Ok going into this rate I had A LOT of potential 11s, and the only reason this doesn’t get it is because I feel that my 11 needs it more. This could well win, and it would totally deserve it. It’s so epic." Maybe Taylor Swift Discography Rate, Version 3.0? @Lost In Japan. (10): "Some days I feel this is hyped up too much but then I listen to it and I’m quickly put right - it’s impossible to sit through those five seconds between the first “I was enchanted to meet you” and the rush of joy that is the first chorus crashing in and not be taken in by this song. And when you think the song might be over (most songs would be) here comes Taylor with that refrain of “please don’t be in love with someone else”, breaking bumpkin hearts everywhere." Sometimes I put my hand in the air and then drop it when that part comes on. @Slice of Life (10): "Taylor's best fairy tale metaphor-filled song ever. She can never top this. Nor should she try. Because she'll fail every time. Enchanted is just... perfect. I don't know a single person who hates this and all my friends who casually listen to Taylor Swift always pick this as their fave TS song ever. And to think that guy from Owl City was the inspiration behind this??? Literally what the hell." @Rem (10): " I know this album in particular displays some of her strongest songwriting skills, but god “2am, who do you love?” always strikes a chord in me. Its so raw and true. The production is magical and just listening with your eyes closed creates an incredibly rich scene with saturated colours and movement and it’s different every time. I really am a hopeless romantic, huh?" Wait until you get older. @KingBruno (10): "It’s not until 4:25 when “Enchanted” gets perfect to me, as the song reaches its structured ending where Taylor’s thoughts seem to get a voice: “Please don’t be in love with someone else / Please don’t have somebody waiting on you.” In the closing chorus that lyric resounds in the background, and honestly it’s kind of a deathblow."

    @Babyface (10): 'I spent a long time deciding between this and State of Grace for my 11, and while it eventually when to State of Grace, I consider Enchanted to be my all-time favorite Taylor song. From the opening moment, the production just entrances you and her lower register on the first verse is absolutely hypnotic. The lyric and melody alone could easily carry the song in acoustic format, but there are so many layers and little production quirks here that just take it to the next level. This is probably her most convincing vocal performance of all time. Her voice, while far from technically perfect, is so wonderfully expressive you can just feel her anxiety while pacing around her room on the second verse and in the pleading on the bridge. The fact that this song is nearly 6 minutes long yet still feels like a rush of euphoria and never drags once is a testament to her songcraft, and this is the crown jewel of an album built to showcase just that. We have decided to stan forever." @GhettoPrincess (11): "It’s weird to me that this still remains my favourite Taylor song. It was far from the first song I’d heard of hers but as soon as it came on it got me hooked in it’s incredibly Disney-esque story. The lyrics, the way she sings it, the vibe it gives…. it’s just incredibly enchanting. Pun intended. “Please don’t be in love with someone else, please don’t have somebody waiting on you” has to be my favourite lyric." @pop3blow2 (11): "This is among the most perfect songs I’ve ever heard. The lyrics, the building dynamics, the melody, & the production. My gawd… the production of it all. She’s come close to topping this moment, but not yet. “I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew I was enchanted to meet you”. The ultimate lyric of limerence ever written down. ‘Please don’t be love in someone else. Please don’t have somebody waiting on you’. My goodness… how does any songwriter top that?"

    @Sprockrooster (11): "What a breathtaking piece of music. It is rich in it's lyrics and gorgeous in it's message that gets accross to me with so much ease cause not only the lyricism is top-notch, but also the delivery by miss Swift is among the best she ever did in her career on this song. It is so easy to connect with for me, cause being a Disney fan makes the whole concept from this song of being enchanted like Cinderella grand. An elegance within this song about the possible fear of your love interest finding love somewhere else is hurtful. After being cheated on before and him working as a flight attendant (where he is also away from home a lot of days; so there is an opportunity there so to speak) I am simply scared. But I still feel sparkels when he comes home from a long trip and feel enchanted all over again as the first time I saw him. He is without a doubt the love of my life. I just hope I am not that wonderstrucked by his enchantment to not see that he is cheating when he is at some fabulous resort in a foreign place awaiting his flight back. He tells me some other gay flight attendants he flies with often cheat on their boyfriend (whether on flight or at the hotel). I wish I didn't know that. Cause it makes me afraid he will get persuaded once. And how am I ever going to find out. Never. I am afraid of something that might never happen or never will know about. I wish I was fearless, but Taylor addresses it properly. It is impossible to be fearless. Being in love with an other might be the worst thing, cause I am still so enchanted. I just wish he never betrays me. Please don't be in love with someone else, cause I might never open up to be enchanted ever again."

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  12. Ha! A nod! Thanks, my Queen! :D
  13. Please don't be in love with someone else
    Please don't have somebody waiting on you
  14. [​IMG]

    I'm almost free.
  15. [​IMG]

    SPEAK NOW | 7.75

    Elimination Order
    Never Grow Up
    Better Than Revenge
    If This Was A Movie
    Speak Now
    Long Live
    Last Kiss
    Dear John
    The Story Of Us
    Back To December
    Sparks Fly

    Previous Summaries
    Taylor Swift
  16. I'll have to get my thoughts together, but my first reaction is just....

  17. The correct Top 2.
  18. Out of the Woods should have been out in the bottom half of the Top Ten. It is great but @Jonathan27 is on the money for why it shouldn't win or even be in the top 5.

    Style should take it.
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