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The Taylor Swift Discography Rate: Finally, We’re Out Of The Woods

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. I'm happy and relieved Style won, as much as I think Out Of The Woods is an absolutely phenomenal track.

    I know I wasn't really around for half of the rate, but thank you @ohnostalgia for all your amazing work on this rate. I think I like and appreciate Taylor even more now despite her recent questionable musical output.
  2. Thank you so much for the amazing rate, @ohnostalgia! It honestly made me appreciate Taylor a lot more than I did before. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  3. It’s been phenomenal @ohnostalgia and you should be so proud. No one could have done it better. You made me fall back in love with Taylor (before she made me question that all over again dd).

    Everybody else too — maybe this is a little twee, but I’ve had so much fun coming on here everyday and reading all your posts. I’ll miss it!
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  4. Wonderful rate, worthy winner and a phenomenal host. Well done @ohnostalgia. x
  5. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Fantastic rate @ohnostalgia apologies I didn't vote, Style is the perfect winner that isn't State Of Grace! xxx
  6. I'm annoyed I never voted in this, but what a fantastic job @ohnostalgia

    That top 2 is literally spot on, with the winner being the absolute best of the best. I'd have swapped Enchanted's placing out for Wildest Dreams and that would have been the perfect top 4 for me too. I also completely agree with @KingBruno's comment that All Too Well is her best pre-1989 song.
  7. Wow, I didn't think I gave Style a lower score than Out of the Woods, as I was kind of preferring the idea of the former winning and I'm glad that's what we have. The forum really did adopt Style from the beginning. I still remember how it was everybody's favorite all the way back at the 2015 Big Pop Girls rate when Taylor was first introduced as a 'big pop girl' by @Oceandrive as a surprise addition to that rate. It was an easy 10 back then for me, but other songs from the album have surpassed it since then, that's the only reason for the 8.5.

    Flawless hosting @ohnostalgia as always, I hope you enjoy the vacation you're going on.
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  8. Yay for Style and Out Of The Woods! Two of her very best tracks. Thank you so much @ohnostalgia for taking what was supposed to be a 2 person endeavor and taking it on by yourself and making it such a fantastic experience. Through the ups and downs this rate has been an incredible ride and it's all your fault. Fantastic write-ups as usual. We don't deserve you! I hope you know how much we appreciate all of your hard work!
  9. You better work!

    Style is fantastic, but it winning is so... expected. It's like Biology winning a Girls Aloud rate* or Run Away with Me winning a Carly rate. It's custom-made for Popjustice, so its winning doesn't feel as sweet as it would otherwise.

    *which I suppose makes Delicate the lowkey Sexy! No No No... of this rate?

    @ohnostalgia, love ya, sis. As expected, you did an amazing job, even though we disagree bitterly on half of the songs included here.
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  10. Yeah, this is exactly how I feel. Not taking anything away from Style as a song, it's just extremely predictable, which is why I was hoping Out of the Woods or Enchanted would swoop in unexpectedly.
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  11. I actually didn't expect Style to win at all, specially when everyone were arguing over All Too Well, Woods or even New Romantics to win and the only posts about Style were people saying it is good but not top 5 or 3 worthy.
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  12. Beautiful write-up, amazing write-up. Like seriously, I kinda wanna cry after reading this. It was between this and Getaway Car as my final two 11 choices and obviously I went with the latter, cause I at least expected this to make top 10. I never thought it'd be top 2, but I am so so happy. As someone who has been going through an anxiety filled relationship the last month or (which I actually plan on ending today) this would be my 11 now. And I don't know why that'd be Stockholm Syndrome, but thank you.

    As for Style winning, I assumed it would win from the begnning (or New Romantics) and that's partly why I'm so numb towards this. Like yes, it's an amazing pop song, but way too expected, and like @VivaForever said, Run Away With Me winning the Carly rate. But I'm not too upset, I just wish Out Of The Woods unpexpectedly won.

    I'm really going to miss this. The rate was the main reason I joined the forum, and has been a big part of my PopJustice life since starting here. @ohnostalgia thank you so much for making this happen and getting through it despite the ups and downs.

    (And a quick sidenote: is it horrible to break up with someone over text, even if you don't really have a choice?)
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  13. I don’t have access to my spreadsheet right now so I’m taking your word on this. Make that 10 x 49.
  14. Now that is a number one.
    Great taste in a great rate guys.
  15. I just realized I wasn't even 18 when I submitted my scores for this, and most of my commentary was written before, or just after my birthday. And now I'm almost 19. So much growth in the past 10 months.
  16. When did Taylor cut Style? I thought it was on her regular setlist.

    I think the video was low budget because that's when her mom was battling cancer. I actually like it though, it has the right vibe and the simplicity of the video lets you focus on the song itself.

    As for the Olaf costume, Taylor is a clown sometimes, everybody knows that.

    She did call Style her "secret favorite hope" of the album when she went on air with Ryan Seacrest on the week of 1989's release.
  17. Honestly, yes, if you're in a proper relationship, it's shitty to break up by text. I don't know anything about your life but my advice would be to at least call them, if breaking up in person is not possible.
  18. Yeah. He actually has to text me back so I can make sure I can call him though.
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  19. Wow! Style is a worthy winner, and I have to thank @ohnostalgia for being such an incredible host! I am in awe at the commitment and effort that went into this rate (shoutout to the individual quote for every elimination!) which is definitely my favourite one I’ve ever been a part of.
    I’ve loved your draggings and those moments we’ve been perfectly in sync, your beautiful write ups and your unfailing honesty.
    It’s great that we’ve made it to the end but it’s bittersweet because I know I’m really going to miss this rate. Thank you, and have some very much deserved relaxation!
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