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The Taylor Swift Discography Rate: Finally, We’re Out Of The Woods

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. I turn my back for five minutes (new job, out of the house 12 hours a day, half asleep most of the time yadda yadda) and the rate ends! WHAT a top 3, and a more than deserving winner.

    Thank you so much @ohnostalgia for being such a fantastic rate host, every single write-up was amazing. I'm sad it's over but it'll still be great to look back on so I can remember why I like her as I navigate this frightening post-ME! world.
  2. Anxiety Bops yas @ohnostalgia, the perfect way to describe Out of the Woods.

    I'm so shook that this is the only place I've shown up as a high or low scorer given that 1989 is fully in my top 20 albums of all time. Grading on a Taylor-curve was not kind to it I guess (and I was in my feelings about Welcome to New York the day I scored ddd).

    Thank you for a great rate! I've not been super active in the thread following along (life) but it has been great to read all the write ups and see how things have shifted from the last rate now that Taylor has gone mainstream and has a wider, bigger fanbase on the forum.
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  3. Echoing everybody else, @ohnostalgia you've been truly outstanding hosting this. Even pushing along when you had personal troubles and it's been a complete joy to follow and take part in (the rate I mean...)

    'Style' seems to be the apt winner for a PJ rate, it's like the kind of incredible pop song you'd show aliens if they were intrigued by the genre. But then 'Out Of The Woods' still gives me goosebumps every time and it's brilliant too?!

    All in all, it's been incredible.
  4. I'm really not happy with the winner ddd.

    But let me get over that and not ruin the moment. Thank you @ohnostalgia for the amazing hosting and all the love and care that you put into this (and all the shade when she released ME!)
  5. Oh and I've already thanked @ohnostalgia but also shout out for the lovely literary quotes for every single song! Such a nice idea and I'm low key curious where you found them all.
  6. Keyword searching on Goodreads ddd. I just picked a word I thought described the song and went on a hunt. At the beginning I really tried to avoid putting the song title in the quotes, but it became a bit harder as we moved towards the end.

    Although to be honest searching book quotes was a lot easier than my last two rate extras - transcribing live banter from YouTube (Tegan and Sara) and making a collage for every song cover (1D).
  7. Is it embarrassing that I knew the Enchanted quote because of Lana’s Burnt Norton interlude dd
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  8. Well I’ve only read The Waste Land (although I did buy a T.S Elliot poetry book a few weeks ago), so I think you’re okay.
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  9. Okay, here we go. My obligatory post rate emotion dump. When this rate officially opened I knew something was wrong with me, but I denied the full extent of my collapsing health. A week later I was off-work with an impending hospital stay hanging over my head. I didn’t withdraw from the rate because it was something @Petty Mayonnaise and I had talked about cohosting for two years. I knew it was going to be so much fun. Also the previous summer I had a co-host leave during the middle of our rate, so it felt like a chance to redeem the experience. Unfortunately, @Petty Mayonnaise had to drop out because of real life issues and we never got to host the rate I dreamed of- his long time stan perspective merged with my newish stan eyes.

    I probably should’ve dropped out after the hospital stay. But believe it or not I remained in denial about the severity of my illness for several months after my discharge. I was convinced I could handle the scope of this rate. And for awhile I did- remember when I used to post two eliminations a day? But eventually it all caught up with me and that’s why from December on the pace dramatically decreased. I just.... lost my way. I became convinced that I was not doing Taylor’s songs justice and I wanted to avoid the whole rate. I felt really ashamed. I’m the woman people bring in to rescue rates, not the one who takes seven months to complete them!

    Despite these hurdles hosting the rate was an amazing experience. I would like to thank every single one of you who voted, especially those who took the time to submit commentary for every song. And especially the core group of voters who stuck around once I slowed down. I really feel like we bonded. There are people I now PM that I’d never really spoken to before this rate. I convinced some of you to join the monthly chart family and I’m excited to continue our forum friendships that way.

    I started the rate with a question- what do you do when an artist you stan flips everything on you? Working through her entire discography was like therapy. I really was in a better place with Taylor Swift near the end. And then she released ME! and I find myself staring back at my original question. This time I feel better equipped to answer it, no matter what fuckery this next era brings.

    As I mentioned a few months back, I am taking a hiatus from hosting true rates. If you would like to participate in my events, you’ll need to join the PJ Chart family. A good way to start would be voting in the upcoming 2018 “rate” (more like a Eurovision Song Contest than a rate). I’d love to see you there. Maybe some day I’ll be inspired to put myself through another true rate, but until then I guess I’ll just end with thank you thank you thank you.

    xoxo @ohnostalgia
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  10. Love you!
  11. I love you and loved this rate and so deeply connect with this!! Thanks for all you do for us!’
  12. I love this. Just to say, there was never any danger of me abandoning this rate. I genuinely never had any issue with the speed of posts, because every elimination was given such thought and care. Thanks again and hope you’re doing ok.
  13. [​IMG]
    Love you so much, thanks for hosting this rate, and for bringing great artists into my life through suggestions and the monthly charts, you're one of my favorite parts of this forum, love you.

    (I really did tear up a little.)
  14. <3


    Late to the appreciation posts, I lived without technology for one week ddd.

    You're honestly an icon for running a rate like this. The sheer lenght of the elimination posts alone is mind blowing. Descriptions, confessions, receipts, videos, draggings, whew. Thank you for such a titanic job. This rate is one of the classic ones already.

    And it's not completely finished yet

  15. This.

    Love you, sis @ohnostalgia. Stay well, my friend. I'm always here for you.
  16. I’ll be back home tomorrow. Had a nice vacation (saw some mountains and bears and elk, oh my!). Thanks for all the well wishes. Struggling with a few issues, but I feel pretty good overall.

    Stay tuned.
  17. Can’t wait for The Taylor Swift Rate 3.0 in a couple of years!
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  18. Can’t wait for ME! to finish last.
  19. If ME! was in a rate it would be the first time I'd seriously ask for a -1 to be implemented.
  20. The night ME! was released, I so wanted to ask everyone here what they would rate it. (because I was curious) We were in the throws of the top 5 in the rate, though, so I didn't want to derail celebrating/discussing her best work... with discussion about ME!

    Oh, Taylor.

    For the record. I don't actually actively hate ME!. It's her worse lead-off single, for sure. It just sort of exists for me though. I don't like it, nor do I hate it. It's a 5.5 - 6 for me right now.
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