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The Taylor Swift Discography Rate: Finally, We’re Out Of The Woods

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. I would probably give it a 1 at first because I don't hate the first verse but once I hear "spelling is fun" I'd change it to 0.
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  2. ME would get a zero because of how incredibly insulting it is to me and other stans.
  3. I've always been clear about my hatred of zeroes in rates because I want to award the effort to make a song even if it's shit (excluding cases of songs by rapists, enablers etc, hi Nicki) but god, ME! would really get a zero from me.
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  4. 'This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things' reading these replies.

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  5. This is kind of where I am too. I think it’s harmless enough, just not that great for a Taylor song. If I rated it today I’d probably give it a 5 or so.
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  6. It is not though? Sonically childish, lyrically embarassing and an all-round offensive piece of music in all of its cold calculation. That's what it is. It's the sound of a popstar completely giving up any ounce of artistic integrity in the desperate attempt to snatch a #1. It's truly the worst pop song of 2019 and I'm basically sure no other single will take the title from it.
  7. I never give zeroes in a rate (unless the song is offensively bad) but god if ME! was included in here I would zero it even if it’s just for the degrading “spelling is fun” part
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  8. I...genuinely think the spelling bit is kinda cute and funny. Like it’s very much supposed to be tongue in cheek, Taylor says it herself. It’s not supposed to be taken seriously, and that’s how I see it.

    I understand the criticisms of the song, especially in the context of Taylor’s talent and career. Trust me I wish she’d released something much better too. But I do think the dramatics from people about the spelling bit is a lot.

    *prepares to be dragged again*
  9. I view the song (& video... as it's hard to separate them for me) as overly reactionary by Taylor. Some of that falls into some of the valid criticism @Verandi states above. To me, though, it's calculation mixed with desperation is an odd, but sort of fascinating pairing.

    It's not a confident song or overall change in direction at all to me. Taylor seems insecure or scared... thus relying on guests, gimmicks, & the need to change direction drastically from reputation. Whether she wants to do that for commercial reasons or simply because her (& most big pop stars) feel the pressure to define their entry into a new with such force, I can't tell yet. It's missing the mark so far for me, but I'll wait until I get some more data.

    I tend to find most of her motives & artistic intentions interesting... even if I miss them a bit at first. I'm hoping that when the album drops, ME! makes more sense in context of the overall 'thing' she's going for this era. It's not a good song, though, regardless of what shakes out around it.

    *edit* (I guess I should probably dump all these thoughts in the Taylor thread, instead. Sorry.)

    My problem with the 'Spelling is fun' part is it's one of the most memorable things about the song. That part might be 'cuter' to me if it was surrounded by a better song.
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  10. The numbers @Verandi crunched for me are fascinating. He's just working on some visual representations before posting the results.
  11. If ever there's been an appropriate time for this gif...
  12. I can't find a better thread to post this so here we go.

    So it was around September that everything between me and my ex-best friend (my first ever love) started falling apart. It wasn't a proper relationship but it still hurt as we were very close for a long time. And as we were both Taylor fans we have a lot of memories together with her songs.

    One of them is: I remember me listening to Begin Again and the line "I've been spending the last 8 months thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end" hitting the home so hard because not only that's exactly how i felt at the moment but also I was thinking will I even see it begin again after like 8 months like Taylor did? Will I get over it by that point by meeting someone new considering I'm a closeted gay guy in a not free country for LGBT people?

    But guess what ladies? After exactly 8 months (I know), I've been seeing someone I really like recently (I've known him for a few years but we just recently started getting closer) and I just got invited to a proper date on a Wednesday in a cafe and I might see it begin again.

    And now I honestly don't know I should be happy about these events or be scared of Taylor Swift's endless power and impact.
  13. The latter.

    So happy for youuuuu ♡♡♡
  14. Good morning/afternoon/evening Swifties, and welcome to

    Verandi's Redemption Arc*​

    and we're here to do math!


    No wait come back! I already did it for you! "But what did you do, Mr. Verandi, other than being a pain in the ass and tanking Dear John?" Well...


    When the certified 10/10 "Sparks Fly" was eliminated just before the top10 (number 13 to be precise *shivers*), the understandably upset @Lost In Japan. commented on the single ranking lower than in their previous Taylor Swift rate (#11).

    Did it tho?

    Well yes it did, @ohnostalgia didn't spend months building this thread just to see it nullified by alternative facts. But, but...

    During the first rate 1989 and Reputation still didn't exist (or maybe they did considering our favourite psychopath plans everything years prior), and so I just went and looked at where our beloved "Sparks Fly" would have landed now without the songs from 1989 and Reputation "Delicate" standing in the way. Turns out that in a pre-full-pop-Taylor era, "Sparks Fly" actually did better than last time around.

    Driven by the thirst for knowledge** I made a lil' comparison between the songs' placings in the two rates, to see how the public's taste had evolved in the last few years. It's also my personal thank you forgive me note to our very patient host, who has also suggested the title for this collection of random numbers.***


    "Ok Verandi but where are these numbers?"

    They're ready! I'm just making them look pretty for you all. I'm turning them into palm trees and holes in the fence just like Taylor does. In the meantime, though, I leave y'all with a little quiz:

    Without peeking at the previous rate, which song do you reckon has largely outperformed its previous placing? And which one has fallen into oblivion? Both of these songs belong to the same album.

    to be continued...

    *Title suggested by our lovely host @ohnostalgia

    **Actual procrastination

    ***It could be said that this is pretty pointless because during the first rate there were far less (and different) voters than during the second one, but you know what I'm not aiming at scientific proof here so just drop a like for the effort thank you!
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  15. I didn’t approve a ME! gif.
  16. Censor it @ohrohin.
  17. Ok but she looks amazing in that scene/gif.
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  18. She's looked better.
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  19. Somebody make a guess already. I’m disappointed.
  20. Thank you. I see likes but I want opinions. The ME! gif was to get reactions dddd
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