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The Three Degrees

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Right_Direction, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. I suppose because back then homes didn't have video and DVD.

    But saying that I think that today if you want to sell a live album you really need to be as quality a live act as the Degrees but that isn't how girl groups are formed today. They were made for the stage and earned their reputation there and crossed into the recording business that way where today Girl groups are formed for their shampoo adverising potential and if their records sell then they go on stage. As much as I might enjoy Girls Aloud and The Saturdays gigs I don't really think they're good enough for me to want to listen to a live recording from the comfort of my home, I'd much rather the studio version where with the Three Degree you can listen to a live recording and think 'do I need the studio version?'.

    I suppose in a way the Pussycat Dolls are (were) the closest thing to those girl groups of old what with the stage being their roots, but obviously with them the emphasis was on the dancing than the harmonies which would be a bit of a struggle as Nicole (who actually I've always thought everso slightly channels Sheila in the way she attacks a song) did them all.
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  2. I brought their Live CD last week, the one from 1975 live in the UK, I think this is the last release with Fayette on, as she left a few months after.

    It's an outstanding CD, though I wish it was released on DVD/video. They only do a handful of their own hits, the rest is bulked out with their interpretations of recent hits (well recent to 1975) according to the liner notes, this was the norm for black groups/artists of that time as it helped them cross over & appeal more to white audiences, which sounds so weird in today's world.

    All of them sing lead throughout, Fayette even shares lead or does adlibs on songs she never sang solo on, they seemed to have amazing on stage chemistry, it seemed so natural & the vocals are flawless throughout.

    The only downside is, as I said, lack of their own hits & by that time, they had enough to fill a show, but I understand the way it was back then.

    On a different note, I wonder when Sheila left, why didn't they hold onto Miquel Brown? who at that time had been in the group for about 10 months covering Helen who left for a second time to have a baby! It seems so weird.

    EDIT: & I just read that Miquel Brown is the mother if Sinitta! dear god.
  3. Sinitta is part of The Three Degrees dynasty!? Take that Whitney!
  4. I've been loving Donna Summer's 70's albums and decided to check out some of The Three Degrees as Giorgio Moroder produced some albums for them also. Really liking what I hear. What a great time for disco/electronic music, not to mention those harmonies.
  5. The Three Degrees have some of the best harmonies in the business and not only are those Moroder albums some of the best of the 70s, their previous Philadelphia albums (and even the Roulette ones) are fabulous!
    I still maintain that When Will I See You Again is one of the best songs ever ever ever.
    When I first bought my first album by them it was a cheap compilation of around 20 tracks and I was surprised that around 95% of them were truly great tracks!
    I have since acquired all their albums and then some! One of my favorite acts, but I had no idea about Miquel being one and love the Sinitta connection indeed!
  6. The French Connection was on the other night and they have a short scene. They really had amazing harmonies.

    The Giorgio Moroder-produced albums are must-haves. "The Runner" is such a stomper.
  7. And to think, I'd only heard the Banarama version until today!
  8. My thoughts when I finally bought that Best Of was, I'm finally going to hear the original version of Sheena Easton's Giving Up Giving In.
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  9. Very happy with my recent purchase. Love this album

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  10. Yeah, interesting with both "The Runner" and "Givin Up Giving In", I had only heard the cover versions by Bananarama and Sheena Easton until I finally heard the amazing originals by The Three Degrees.

    The BBR reissues are fantastic and some of the best reissues that label has done.
  11. Crimson releasing The Three Degrees:Gold three CD set on November 6th....

  12. Take Three Degrees (first shown in 1982 on BBC One and hasn't been shown since it was repeated on BBC Two in 1983) is on BBC Four at 7pm on Friday 15th April....
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