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The Top 200 Biggest Selling Female Solo Singles Of The 1980's

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by The Visitor, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. The wonderful Gezza76 over at Haven has recently posted a countdown of the biggest selling female solo singles of the 1980's. It bought back some great memories and he has kindly agreed to let me count it down on here- if you all want to see it?

    I shall start it tomorrow if it's something people will like. A lot of immense tunage in those 200 songs let me tell you.
  2. Go for it!
  3. Haha. I knew I could rely on you EG. I expect lots of reminiscing from you.

    I shall even start tonight......

    200. Somebody Else's Guy by JOCELYN BROWN

    Year 1984
    UK peak #13
    Sales- 117,000

    This is a surprise as I expected it to be a much bigger hit than it was- probably the way that Heart radio plays it like there's no tomorrow. This song was returned to the top 20 in 1998 by Cece Peniston. This is Jocelyn's only solo top 20 hit as a main artist- although she featured on Right Said Fred's Don't Talk Just Kiss, in the early 90's making number 2.
  4. It was a #1 on the UK club charts, during that golden run of 1984 that had Chaka Khan, Sister Sledge, Deniece Williams and Shannon all in the Top 40.

    Another of Jocelyn's notable backing-vocal turns was on Billy Idol's 1986 hit To Be A Lover, although they had a younger, slimmer Whitney-a-like in her place for the video.
  5. I give up trying to post a pic for that one- it's not happening.

    I also seem to remember Jocelyn covering Enough Is Enough in the 1990's. A high energy version.
  6. The generic "Club Records" label sleeve for the single:


    The album sleeve is the one which turns up most online:

  7. How did you do that? Wouldn't let me post it.
  8. Oh!

    I just googled the images, copied the URL in the properties, and pasted in here using the "image" button underneath the "B" text option on the posting toolbar.
  9. Another good, solid 80s funk/pop hit - a little bit Jam & Lewis influenced, and similar also to Club Nouveau/Timex Social Club's style. Very 1987.

    UK single sleeve:


    Alternative sleeve, which is essentially the same pic as used on the album but flipped:

  10. Thanks EG- I think I have it. Look at the claim made on the cover i posted.
  11. Ha! Yes I saw that one...The Black Madonna???!!!!

    I have her first two albums, but nothing after that. She didn't really prove memorable enough in the long-term, despite having a good voice and an attractive face.
  12. "You sure make me feel like loving you, you sure do, come on baby." Strike, U Sure Do. Choon. As is Serious by Donna. Sweet Somebody was even better though!
  13. I have been following it and there are quite a few surprises and not sure I really trust the sales for 1980-83 but it's the best info we have by all accounts.
  14. Is this purely UK-only? Because yes, until 1983 and the advent of Gallup, the sales data wasn't as reliable - a lot of fiddling the books went on!
  15. Yes it's UK only. Gezza76 did put some caution on the data from the first 4 years of the decade, but it's the most accurate list.
  16. I love you a little bit right now...

    I am blatantly just posting so this thread shows up in my unread replies list and I don't miss anything. BUT - interesting!
  17. Ive been following this on buzzjack, gets more interesting as it gets nearer the top imo x
  18. More tonight when I get in from work.
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