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The Tori Amos thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ladygagaogaga, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. It seems as if a lot of members are big stans yet the only discussion of Tori is in her recent releases.

    But really she's an oldie and belongs here!

    Ill start off the discussion by saying she is my personal favourite of all the female singer songwriters but also the most flawed (some but not all of her later stuff is a big NO).

    She was known for her musical gift, devoted fanbase, huge back catalogue, controversy, a massive club hit (remix of Professional Widow) and an uncanny ability to write relatable but just cryptic enough lyrics.

    My personal favourite song is Space Dog or Sugar. Datura is also one of the best songs of all time.
  2. She is my everything

    - i have met her and seen her live with a quartet and with full orchestra, and her music saved my life.

    1. Pretty Good Year
    2. Baker Baker
    3. Suede
    4. Not The Red Baron
    5. Father Lucifer

    * she is not a comeback gal, she is getting ready to launch her musical.
  3. A Sorta Fairytale - my love.
  4. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    My favourite artist who isn't called Madonna. I've been a fan since my early teens (almost twenty years now!), so I find it hard to think about her objectively.

    I've seen her on seven tours (from Dew Drop Inn to last year's gig at the Royal Opera House), which might not sound like a lot, but I don't really go to many gigs. I have tickets to The Light Princess, which considering I hate musicals, I'm surprisingly excited about.

    My tolerance for her recent material is a lot higher than most people's, it seems.

    Both Little Earthquakes and Boys for Pele are so good that critique becomes difficult. I've spent a decade not being able to decide if Under the Pink or Scarlet's Walk is her next best.

    I can't do a Top Five songs, so you'll have to put up with a Top Seven:

    1. Silent All These Years
    2. Cooling
    3. Hey Jupiter
    4. Caught a Lite Sneeze
    5. Snow Cherries From France
    6. Winter
    7. Putting the Damage On

    I'm always interested that other people's lists always include songs that I'd put amongst my very least favourites.
  5. I've loved Tori since the early days, but haven't really rated an album since American Doll Posse, and whilst her period from Strange Little Girls - The Beekeeper provided some outstanding, standalone songs I don't think any of those albums as a whole were strong bodies of work.

    However, those first five albums are absolutely stellar. There's no way I could provide a preferential list of individual songs, but I can happily rate her albums!

    To Venus and Back
    From The Choirgirl Hotel
    Boys For Pele
    Little Earthquakes
    Under The Pink
    American Doll Posse
    Scarlett's Walk
    The Beekeeper
    Strange Little Girls
    Abnormally Attracted To Sin
  6. Tori is definitely my favourite artist. I enjoy or love all of her albums and just think she's an amazing person. I've met her twice, and on the second time she said she loved my outfit, my response was to squeal and run away. Definitely made my day.

    Under The Pink is my favourite album, with Yes, Anastasia probably being my most loved song of hers. Also, didn't she say recently that she's working on a new album, due in 2014?
  7. Little Earthquakes has always been flawless, and she really was the most exciting new act of the early 90s. But since about 1999, as I've said before, she's become a bit like Prince for me...a stream of overlong albums and a prolific output that doesn't let me think about getting into one album before she's off again with something else. I have liked the odd single since the 00s began, but I've not had the time or inclination to play any of the albums in full for years. Something I'll have to rectify eventually.
  8. I could not agree more with Eric. Absolutely zero quality control. Similar to Prince and Neil Young in that sense.

    You would think that one of your favourite artists releasing loads of albums would be great. In theory it should be. But it isn't, sadly.
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  9. She was also the toughest artist for me to anthologise! It took me about 3 years to get this boxset bloody finished! Haha.

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  10. I really like 'Floating City' from deleted first album 'Y Kan't Tori Read'. 'Little Earthquakes' & 'Under The Pink' were good, but 'Boys For Pele' was utter shite and sounded like she had hit record whilst on crack and sang and played along to whatever nonsense popped into her head at that moment. 'Songs from the Choir Girl Hotel' was a vast improvement (some effort was actually put into the songwriting again), but for me it's all about 'Scarlet's Walk' where she proved (to me, at least) she could make a proper bloody cohesive album again.

    Ultimately, she seems nice enough but she will always be a poor man's Kate Bush to me (with a fraction of the depth). However, I would still rather listen to Tori than some dull, corporate, plastic, contrived R&B like Mariah Carey.
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  11. I love Tori Amos, she's one of my all time favorites. Her best albums, in my opinion, are From The Choirgirl Hotel, Little Earthquakes and Under The Pink, but there are songs on each of her albums that I've always found very powerful and been fond of. Even her festive album is impressive. I don't know if many people enjoyed her recent release 'Gold Dust' but I found it to be a good listen, despite some of her song selections being a bit questionable.

    I don't know if I could select a list of my top songs from her, it would take me a while and I think I'd have to revisit a lot of her work before doing so.
  12. Tori Amos, Tori Amos
    Like Kate Bush but not as Famous

    That's what my house mate always sings to me to try and wind me up!

    I totally disagree with what you say regarding Tori vs Kate. I can see where the comparisons arise, but I've yet to listen to a Kate Bush album (bar The Whole Story) all the way through as I find her too bogged down with trying to be innovative, and this is at the expense of good melodies and song writing in my view. For me, Tori strikes the balance just right.
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  13. They're nothing alike, really...
  14. I love her but she completely lost it after Abnormally Attracted To Sin.
  15. with Night Of Hunters her best album in years?

    Kate Bush is the best british female singer/songwriter ever, however Tori's touring career and catalogue holds it's own.
  16. Night of Hunters is awful.
  17. We will have to agree to disagree, for me it is like the grown-up sister to Boys For Pele
  18. Tori is a goddess.

    Let's try a top ten...

    Here. In My Head
    Blood Roses
    Hey Jupiter
    Tear In Your Hand
    Raspberry Swirl
    Doughnut Song
    Professional Widow
    Northern Lad
  19. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    One of my favourite things about liking an artist like Tori is that no matter how well I know her back catalogue, there are times when songs that I've only felt luke-warm toward before come through and grab me.

    Recently, it's been stuff that I've always previously thought were a bit too mainstream and pop - lately I can't get enough of Sleeps Like Butterflies and especially Jackie's Strength, which while not my favourite now would be a serious contender if someone asked me to name her best song (it's certainly one of her best ever lyrics, in my opinion).
  20. No Space Dog?!
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