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The Tori Amos thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ladygagaogaga, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. It still holds up so well today. The production is incredible.
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  2. I'm waiting for the deluxe edition of this album before I delve into it. I listened to it once but my mind wasn't ready for it back in 2012.
  3. Choirgirl and Venus remain her best.
  4. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Moderator

    Eh, I still think that Choirgirl - as good as it is - is a mess of a record. And almost half of it isn't even good. It felt like such a letdown after Pele!
  5. Her masterpiece is (for me) Under the Pink. That record defined 1994 for me, as I was delving into the gay nightlife of Amsterdam (iT, Roxy, Exit...) - I suppose the record helped me maintain sane through the bi-weekly broken hearts and weird one night stands
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  6. For me her top 4 albums are ...
    Boys For Pele (masterpiece!)
    Little Earthquakes
    From The Choirgirl Hotel
    Under The Pink
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  7. @tylerc904, I'd recommend American Doll Posse for you. It's probably her album that's closest in style to Y Kant Tori Read, as its probably her most pop/rock effort.

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  8. American Doll Posse needs a remaster.
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  9. American Doll Posse was a slight return to form after The Beekeeper but it still has many flaws. I'd recommend listening from Little Earthquakes up to Venus, then it all starts unravelling from there.
  10. American Doll Posse is, for me, her worst album. I tried to like it but I just can't. "Bouncing Off Clouds" could have been fantastic, but it was so badly produced/mixed that instead it became a major letdown.

    My favorite Tori albums are Little Earthquakes, From The Choirgirl Hotel, Under The Pink and Boys For Pele. I just bought Y Kant Tori Read on CD and LP - I have heard a few songs from it and I really liked them (especially "Cool On Your Island").
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  11. I thought for a long time that it was just my copy that had a shoddy version of Bouncing Off Clouds. The mixing on it, especially the vocals, is horrendous. It sounds like it's been ripped off of the radio on to a cassette.
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  12. My thoughts exactly (or that a rough demo was used by accident).
  13. Bouncing Off Clouds is phenomenal.
  14. Tori is in the same category as Madonna for me where her highs are so unbelievably high that I can’t choose between them and my favorite album really depends on the day and/or season.

    My favorite overall era (meaning performances, songs, visuals, etc.) is definitely 1996-98 though. She was at the arguable height of her popularity and sheer unfiltered artistry and it’s endlessly fascinating to watch.
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  15. It should have been.
  16. I like the muted, dulled sound of the piano and her vocals. I think it suits the song perfectly. Especially coming off the bombastic, bonkers Big Wheel.
  17. Bouncing Off Clouds is one of my favorite post-peak Tori songs and lyrically reminds me a lot of the Earthquakes/Pink era. It got me through a really confusing and scary time so I’ll always have a soft spot for it. I’ll definitely concede that it should’ve been mastered better along with the rest of the album though.

    The performances of it on the American Doll Posse Tour are incredible:

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  18. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Moderator

    I think the holy trinity for me will always be Earthquakes, Pele and Scarlet's Walk.

    Though I'm glad I'm not the only person who appreciates Doll Posse, as I get very confused when people identify it as the bottom of the barrel. It makes more sense to me if it's a mixing/mastering thing, as I can never hear those things, even if other people say it's really obvious.
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  19. Doll Posse is half amazing.
  20. I’m extremely curious to hear a vinyl rip of Posse, because I’ve been hearing since I became a fan (almost four years ago ddd) that it actually sounds a lot better and less flat. I’d buy a copy myself, but it’s apparently so rare that Discogs prices are ludicrous.
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