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The Tori Amos thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ladygagaogaga, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. Her worst album is a tossup between Midwinter Graces and Abnormally Attracted To Sin. Mark compressing all life from her vocals and Fori being allowed to roam.

    Overall it does sound better, the vocals are still quite muddy in the mix though.
  2. Just finished up Disc 2 of Little Earthquakes. The majority was certainly not my cup of tea, but I have walked away with Mary and Sugar being superior to most the album. Also quite liked Here In My Head, Flying Dutchman, and Take to the Sky.

    I love her Nirvana cover, wow.
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  3. Her Crucify EP is a masterpiece.
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  4. 'Mary' is definitely not one of my faves. Her Nirvana cover is good, but I prefer the live versions from that era, generally, as they're more... passionate than the studio recording.
  5. Take To The Sky is in my top 5 songs from the Earthquakes era. Sublime.
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  6. I absolutely love all of her albums from Little Earthquakes up until Scarlet’s Walk. I also really like The Beekeeper a lot, but the post-TBK live versions kick the album versions’ ass.

    YKTR, ADP, AATS, MG and NOH are enjoyable enough for me. They each have enough highs to make the lows tolerable.

    Gold Dust was a total trainweck.

    UG and NI were two steps in the right direction, especially productionwise. Forest Of Glass already is a Tori classic for me.
  7. I just wanted to say that I have a traditon of listening to Winter on each December 21st at night.

    Thank you.
  8. When George Michael, David Bowe and Pet Shop Boys are still in the main thread and Tori Amos and Depeche Mode aren't deemed worthy...

    P.S. I LOVE all 5 listed above, and I think Tori and Depeche warrant the same treatment the others get, they have both released great albums this year, also videos and singles, they are also both touring. They are not a comeback.

    Slowdive and Jesis & Mary Chain are bands I consider a comeback this year.

    P.P.S. Even Morrissey is in the main thread and everyone hates him.
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  9. Maybe we can convince one of the moderators to move the Tori Amos thread in the main thread if that's possible.
  10. I never check the main forum, so I'm happy with Tori being here. I understand the point though that she's still releasing new music, and has never really taken that long away from it. Just probably the public aren't really aware of her existence since the 90s, if at all x
  11. But the fact is there is actually a thread for Native Invader in the main thread, so it makes no sense to me for the general thread for Tori to be in here? I get it's nice to have her in here and the same has been said about Depeche Mode etc, I just think the lines are blurred.

    For me, Y Kant Tori Read wasn't that nostalgic Debbie Gibson box set I bought to embellish in that era, it was a prequel to what was to come, and it was great to hear what Tori sounded like with full-on 80s production.
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  12. Also, can anyone advice on getting Boys of Pele on vinyl? I settled for the deluxe CD as the vinyl comes on 2 discs... Flipping more than once usually results in me not listening to the album, but if it's recommended I'll buy it.

    Is the disc nice and quiet? Are there any pressing errors?

    Also, if you want to talk about how gorgeous the first song is when she starts singing "I got me some horses, to ride on".... I'm all for that.

    P.S. Father Lucifer is gorgeous. I'm currently on a discovery road with Boys for Pele, I think I get it now.
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  13. I love 'Beauty Queen/Horses'. Though mainly for the 'Horses' part.
  14. I think I get why the first part is there, it's like she's warming up or doing a sound check, and then she goes in to Horses, which is fucking gorgeous.
    But yeah, the first part is easily skippable, but I feel she wants it to start the album like she's just playing around on the piano.

    I love that she did a synth pop album, it just makes me love her more, Cool On Your Island is such a tune. Even though I was born in 86 I feel as though I can relate more to artists who did a synth pop album ha!

    What annoys me though is that Y Kant Tori Read is portrayed to be completely different to what her future music would sound like... when I fully hear her in Fire On the Side, the beginning of Heart Attack, and Cool On Your Island,.. It's not too different... Let's not forget Floating City is epic... the fact she's performing it live recently speaks for itself.

    Little Earthquake was perfect for it's time, and so was Under the Pink, the fact that Cornflake Girl is (or was) actually considered a grunge song...I really wish this kind of artististness (I made up a word) was still present in the top 40 today.

    P.S. I'm drunk... but, everything I've said is how I feel and I love the replies and opinions. And the only song that does if for me on Under the Pink is Space Dog, that chorus.... I need to give the album more listens, but everyone raves about God, but I really don't like how the song starts with those harmonic guitars... and I'm a massive Sonic Youth fan so I usually love guitar harmonics.
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  15. The only song I don't really care for on 'Under the Pink' is 'The Waitress'. I liked the piano & strings sound of several tracks on the album. 'Icicle' is probably my favourite track on it.

    I don't mind 'God', but don't love it either. It's juts kind of... there for me.

    'Under the Pink' has some great b-sides too - 'Sister Janet', 'Daisy Dead Petals', 'Honey', plus the cover version of 'A Case of You' and 'Butterfly' from the Higher Learning soundtrack (the last 2 aren't on the remastered 2-CD version, from memory). I also like the cover of 'If 6 Was 9', mainly for the "what child is this?" part of it. There were some good live b-sides on the 'Past the Mission' singles, too.
  16. I've just listened to Icicle properly for the first time, very haunting, I'd go as far to say the essence of Boys for Pele is in this song??
    I've tried to use these deluxe editions as an opportunity to discover these album era's as an entirety, but they keep getting put on the slow burner, this needs to stop, the 2nd disc needs to be spun! I've heard she has a lot of great b-sides.

    Also, has anyone ever said how great Upside Down is on here?
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  17. I still haven't opened my Under the Pink reissue, ha ha. I do plan to though, "some day". Given I bought it when it was released, I've probably got the copy with an audio fault on 'The Wrong Band' (it switches to only one speaker for much of the song, apparently).

    I took piano lessons in my teens (started before I discovered Tori), and got the 'Under the Pink' sheet music book, which had a discography in it, with all of the (up till then) B-sides listed. My mission in life was to then get hold of them all, which I managed to do, within about 8 months... thanks to import shops and discovering Record Collector magazine. Ah, back in the days when you actually had to own the CD's to hear the music. Anyway, I mention this because I remember a trip to a now-defunct dance music/import store in Melbourne when I was 15, and found the European 'Silent All These Years', 'China' and 'Pretty Good Year' (which hadn't been released locally yet) non-limited edition CD singles, and how I couldn't wait to get home to listen to the B-sides. 'Upside Down', 'Thoughts', 'Sugar', 'Flying Dutchman', 'Humpty Dumpty', 'Honey' and 'Black Swan' were all on these.
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  18. Mine will probably have the audio fault on it too as I pre-ordered, is it obvious? I haven't unsealed, just listened digitally.
    That's great that you managed to get hold of all those song on the original CD singles back then though... It was such a chore getting hold of your faves rarities, when they were actually considered rarities... I remember downloading loads of my favourite bands b-sides back in the early 2000s, and they were so LQ, when I bought the original singles I noticed the sound quality difference straight away. The only purchase I was ever disappointed with was buying Natalie Imbruglia's Torn single for Diving Into the Deep End hoping that glitch would be gone... Nope...
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  19. Yes Anastasia is enormous. It needs time though. Icicle, Cloud On My Tongue and Pretty Good Year are all classic Tori piano songs. Space Dog is of course brilliantly-bonkers.

    My favourite song on Pink is Baker Baker though. It makes me want to cry every time.

    Only The Wrong Band is disposable for me. Honey (which is phenomenal) should have been on the album instead.
  20. 'The Wrong Band' gets so much underserved hate. Yes, the verses are a bit silly/like carnival music, but the "there's something in her voice again... instead of just leaving" and "don't be afraid to open your eyes" bits are neat.

    And yes, 'Yes, Anastasia' does take time to properly appreciate.

    I hate 'The Waitress' in any incarnation. It's B-side (as in actual B-side, not amazing early Tori B-side) material, as the last track on disc 2 of the fourth single (oh, those were the days), at best.
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