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The Tori Amos thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ladygagaogaga, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. I remember watching her perform it on TOTP & the audience trying to dance along to it. No easy task.
  2. SYBT

    SYBT Guest

    She must have had more control of her career than most because I cant imagine a record company ever listening to Boys for Pele and picking Caught a lite sneeze as the lead single. I have always assumed the remixes for that album were maybe a compromise Tori made with the label over releasing the album in the first place and having Caught as the lead.
  3. Y Kant Tori Read is one of my favourite albums of hers, though it does have some trash (Heart Attack at 23), but it's amusing trash.

    I haven't cared much for her post To Venus and Back albums though, and haven't bothered even downloading the last few.

    Caught A Lite Sneeze is easily the most accessible track on Boys For Pele IMO; I can see why it was selected as the opening single.
  4. So I listened to The Beekeeper and Abnormally Attracted to Sin for the first time tonight. I wound up loving the latter, which I completely didn't expect - Flavor in particular is amazing - and found the former to be bloated and kind of a chore to sit through. It doesn't help that the cover looks like a bad self-help book.

    EDIT: I've also been playing Gold Dust in my car and I enjoy it a lot (although I'm still not used to her new adlibs for Jackie's Strength at all). I'm thinking about doing To Venus And Back next, it's the one I'm looking forward to the most.
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  5. Sorry for the double post but I don't feel like cluttering up the Unrepentant Geraldines thread - made my way through Little Earthquakes and some of Under the Pink tonight. I don't quite know how I feel about them just yet - I think Earthquakes needs some time to sink in, and I'm not done with Pink yet. I started on To Venus and Back earlier but it didn't feel right just yet, and Night of Hunters...well I'm a bit scared to listen to that one because I haven't heard too many great things. I just got American Doll Posse today so I might give that a try next.

    Of what I've heard so far, Strange Little Girls = Scarlet's Walk > Abnormally Attracted to Sin = Gold Dust > From The Choirgirl Hotel > Little Earthquakes > Boys for Pele.

    Is that sacrilege?
  6. Yes.

    Enjoy exploring the rest of her albums, though.
  7. I genuinely put my hand over my mouth.

    In time (you're just discovering so it's fine) you'll realise Tori albums can be grouped.

    Tori's Finest (1991-2002)
    Little Earthquakes
    Under The Pink
    Boys For Pele
    From The Choirgirl Hotel
    To Venus And Back
    (Strange Little Girls - Covers so some don't like to count it)
    Scarlet's Walk

    This is generally accepted by both the fandom and people with ears.

    Now after this it gets weird. I LOVE The Beekeeper, and I see where it fits in this chronology. However it definitely marked a shift into less 'Tori' themes. Not completely, but there's a difference. I think people had a problem with the tour too. I dunno. It's underrated. It's all quite sweet and pleasant sounding, but produced immaculately in that style and full of gems. The silly songs people HATE so vehemently I actually really enjoy for what they are. It's a *lovely* little album. Personally, I'd put it at the end of the above "Finest' list - but I understand why many wouldn't. All the above albums can compete with each other. Completely. They are masterpieces beginning to end. The Beekeeper isn't. I just like it.

    Fori Rises

    The fans dubbed the Tori of the last ten years, Fori. Faux-Ri. The voice was different, the songs weren't as good, the face was strange. WIGS. The album art got weird and bad and she seemed more focused on bizarre fashion than anything else.

    American Doll Posse - Underrated and a lot of fun actually but mixed worse than MDNA and bloated. But full of good songs if you dare look. Very pop-rock inspired and the album released when I became a fan. I had a lot of fun following the tour and all the characters. Again, to many long-term fans, the characters and WIGS weren't the Tori they knew.

    Abnormally Attracted To Sin - Embarassing. The electronic elements should entice me but it all just sounds so homemade and not in a good way. Bizarre visualettes for each song. Flavor is nice...sort of. Everything is just. Argh. I dislike it more each time I try and listen to it.

    Midwinter Graces - Ok? I never listen to it. Christmassy. Some nice diversions.

    Night Of Hunters - Actually worthy and restored a lot of faith. Rarely listen to it but the classical influences give the songs gravitas. Not a favourite but not horrible for sure.

    Gold Dust - The only Tori album I don't own. I found no worth or reason in any of these remakes. Just listen to the far superior originals.

    Unrepentant Geraldines - I see glimmers of old Tori in here, as do a lot of people, which is nice. Still no way it stacks up to her Finest albums, but certainly not cringe-worthy like she was becoming by the end of the naughties.


    ESSAY but yeah. I'm on a Tori hype again after years and...yeah.

    Of course, music is all subjective. I like The Beekeeper which many fans would crucify (no pun intended) me for. But to me it's clearly her last smooth and well-produced album.
  8. There is no way Strange Little Girls should be included in the "finest" category.

    I love this performance of Roosterspur Bridge.

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  9. SYBT

    SYBT Guest

    The only thing wrong with Tori's albums post SW is they needed editing badly. Far too bloated, but I guess more music is no bad thing. ADP is the worst for this, it could be cut by 10 tracks easily. That is where Night of hunters works, all tracks have their place given it's theme.

    I'm all for the Beekeeper love, it isn't choirgirl Tori but it is a genuinely lovely album with some beautiful songs on it.

    I'm absolutely in love with UG, it has me hook line and sinker right now.
  10. Did anyone go to the concert she did the other night in London? I totally missed the fact that it was happening.
  11. I've been going through a real Tori resurgence as of late. I'd forgotten how much I love the Choirgirl and Earthquakes records, and all those b-sides. What an incredible pianist.
  12. I adore SLG. The production is so immaculate. Her voice is almost uncomfortably front and and centre in the mix, a lot of it is very...clean. Almost clinical There's a sinister theme running throughout, both explicitly and implicitly. It's both restrained and over the top.

    Rattlesnakes is one of my most played Tori tracks. Gorgeous. I'm glad she still gets that cover out.

    New Age is an amazing opener. I think Raining Blood is freaking FANTASTIC and one of the most atmospheric things she's ever done.

    TIME. (See avatar)

    Real Men, again, is absolutely stunning.

    I can see people framing it as a bit of a curio, and to an extent I do too, but she makes every song her own. It's a hard listen in a way with the tone of the whole thing, but individually every track is solid for me.

    I Don't Like Mondays is actually the only one I could do without/differently. I just don't like how she did it. I don't think it works well.
  13. I see a lot of hate for Strange Little Girls. It's just not praised as much as the first 5 and Scarlet to make it on the finest/classics list.

    I love half of it, but find the rest incredibly draining to listen to.
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  14. An updated albums ranking since I'm about 95% done with her discography now:

    Strange Little Girls = From The Choirgirl Hotel = To Venus And Back > Under The Pink = Boys for Pele > Little Earthquakes = Scarlet's Walk > Abnormally Attracted to Sin = Gold Dust > The Beekeeper

    I still have to go through American Doll Posse (listening now, I don't mind it so far), Night of Hunters and Unrepentant Geraldines, but I'm glad I decided to get into Tori, she's pretty damn great.
  15. SYBT

    SYBT Guest

    I guess your ranking goes along with most people's now apart from Strange Little Girls being where it is.

    I'd say Unrepentant Geraldines will find itself in my top 5 with Choirgirl, Venus, Beekeeper, Pele.
  16. I did.

    She was flawless, I nearly passed out a couple of times during 'Sugar' and 'Little Earthquakes'... it was incredible. I still think the best I've ever seen her though was with the orchestra in 2012.
  17. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Moderator

    I've just worked out that in the eight times I've seen her over the last eighteen years (eek!), she's played exactly 100 unique songs. Which is kind of amazing.

    She's also played Precious Things, Cornflake Girl and Hey Jupiter five (each) of those eight times, but still.
  18. I love how much she switches up her setlists.

    I've seen her live 3 times, and the only song she did each time was Silent All These Years.
  19. SYBT

    SYBT Guest

    Those songs you mention though, Precious Things, Cornflake Girl, Hey Jupiter and Silent all these years, are probably her most famous with a couple of others, so you'd expect her to perform those as the staples.
  20. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Moderator

    According to the Tori Amos Setlist Database, she's performed Precious Things and Cornflake Girl faaar more than anything else - like almost twice as much. Silent All These Years and Jupiter both quite a lot as well, but not as many times as Me and a Gun, Horses, Crucify, Winter, Caught a Lite Sneeze, Leather or God.

    (Sorry, I'm a bit of a stats geek).
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