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The Tori Amos thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ladygagaogaga, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. Sorry to bear bad news, but Tori already confirmed this year that Choirgirl isn't happening. I'm gutted. She did say look out for her at Barnes and Noble next year, though.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. The single remix of Crucify is pretty great, I've decided to keep both it and the album version (most times I'll replace an album version with single mix, unless it is substantially different). I've played the Crucify EP half a dozen times already, it's just that good. The fact that Crucify and Winter are my two favorite Tori songs, paired with the 3 excellent covers, it makes for such a perfect listen. I also picked up Choirgirl for $1 Saturday, though I've yet to play it. I'm hoping it's more Earthquakes/Pink than Pele, which is the only album of the three I've explored so far that I don't really enjoy at all.
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  4. Oh you'll love Choirgirl. It's probably her most accessible album ever, and it's bursting with with those Tori moments that make your spine tingle (Playboy Mommy, Northern Lad, Jackie's Strength), but also contains some of her most interesting productions in Iieee, Spark, Raspberry Swirl and Hotel that manage to still maintain that Tori magic. It's utterly brilliant.
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  5. I'd suggest you to track down somehow the unedited remix of Crucify (It's included in the Piano box set) as it's the only remixed version that doesn't cut down the middle 8.

    As for Choirgirl, the first half is full of hooks so you should enjoy it. It's probably her "loudest" album in terms of production as there are more drums, guitars and synts than her usual. Black Dove and Raspberry Swirl are in my Tori top5 I believe.
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  6. The extended version is on the Party Of Five soundtrack. I got it from a poundland a couple of years ago!
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  7. Yes, it has been cancelled, I read on unforumzed.
  8. I've never seen this!

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  9. What. The. Fuck?!
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  10. As a relatively new fan, I have never heard Tori speak before. I watched like 5 interview compilations last night after this. Gaga who?! The pretentiousness jumped out! Rambling, nonsensical queen.
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  11. Ddd I do love listening to Tori ramble on. She even has her own "there could be a hundred people in the room" with her "as a minister's daughter".

    I think about this moment way too often

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  12. She really won the game when she decided to call her songs "girls" and talk about them like they're living humans.
  13. She got worse over the years. I often wondered whether it was a calculated persona from her. She did come across as lovely in a lot of her Native Invaders promo chats.
  14. I love this though;

  15. I liked her kookiness in interviews during the first two album eras, but then it became a bit stale when she started talking about lip gloss, shoes and wine around the time of 'Boys For Pele'. It got even worse around the time of 'Scarlet's Walk', and then I stopped reading her interviews.
  16. Tori has her ways, but she isn't silly and can laugh at herself...

  17. Eh, Tori’s interviews even at her ~quirkiest don’t really bother me - although most of them from 2007 through about 2010 or so are a bit tough; I think that period was a really rough time for her and thankfully she’s come out on the other side of it.

    Her speaking voice is so calming, and she’s a lot funnier than she’s given credit for. The video she did for Pitchfork during the Native Invader promo cycle is amazing

  18. I need to meet her again on the next tour, it's been too long. She's literally my Jesus figure in life.
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  19. I listened to From the Choirgirl Hotel last night and wow. Y'all were right that I was bound to like it if I liked her first two but didn't connect with Pele. Spark, Iieee, Cruel, Hotel... I think I may prefer it to Pink but will give it more time.
  20. Honestly, my favorite Tori album changes every other week at this point so I feel you. Glad you liked it!
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