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The Tori Amos thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ladygagaogaga, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. nn me checking my itunes rating and seeing I gave 3/5 stars to all of them. Lyrics are not my main focus in general so I suppose that they are the best thing about the relative songs you listed. There are indeed beautiful melodies/moments here in there, for example in Wild Way, the middle-8 of America, the outro of Wedding Day, but they are not enough to make me come back to the album.
  2. @Andy French is spot on about Pele. I bought it on clear vinyl on release day, only to get home and be horrified when I listened to it (Caught A Lite Sneeze and Talulah aside). So much so that I didn't bother to buy it on CD for some time. However, it's probably the album that has increased my love of it the most with repeated listens. It truly is worth persevering. Horses, Marianne, Muhammad My Friend, Hey Jupiter, Doughnut Song and Putting The Damage On ended up being some of her most affecting songs for me. They're utterly wonderful. Plus The Dakota Version of Hey Jupiter makes it even better. Yes, it has a couple of stinkers (Little Amsterdam, Not The Red Baron), but overall it's a glorious experience.

    It's funny, but quite often my favourites from her later albums tend to be everyone else's least favourites. Cars and Guitars, 500 Miles, Promise...all wonderful to me! I also think Scarlett's Walk is highly overrated, although A Sorta Fairytale and Taxi Ride are some of her best.

    I really need to give Unrepentant Geraldines and Native Invader more of a chance, the latter especially. I don't own Gold Dust and have only listened to Night of Hunters once, so my list doesn't include them:

    To Venus and Back
    From the Choirgirl Hotel
    Boys for Pele
    Little Earthquakes
    Under The Pink

    American Doll Posse
    Unrepentant Geraldines
    Native Invader
    Scarlett's Walk

    Strange Little Girls
    Midwinter Graces
    Abnormally Attracted to Sin

    I have to say that, despite being a cover, Rattlesnakes is one of my favourite Tori songs ever.
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  3. Gold Dust's only true crime is the very safe song selection, as all the songs were the most symphonic-ish even in their original form. I would have loved to see what she could have done with, say, Caught A Lite Sneeze or Raspberry Swirl.

    Having said that, Cloud On My Tongue is still stunning and Marianne is actually beefed when compared to the original, so I'd give it a listen.
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  4. The butchering of her vocals on The Beekeeper through to Midwinter Graces (and Gold Dust) automatically plops them to the bottom of my rankings. Using too much "noise reduction" compressed her vocals so she had no breath and her vocal ended up sounding thin and nasal.

    Unrepentant Geraldines and Native Invader are glorious in comparison as she sounds alive and not Fori-bot.

    Night Of Hunters isn't an album I enjoy a whole lot now, but I respect it so much as I think it reignited something in Tori that she had lost.
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  5. Oh, we're talking favorite Tori albums now? Lemme pull up a chair.

    1. Scarlet's Walk
    2. From the Choirgirl Hotel
    3. To Venus and Back
    4. Boys for Pele
    5. Y Kant Tori Read (that album is cheesy as FUCK but god I love it)
    6. Under the Pink
    7. Little Earthquakes
    8. American Doll Posse
    9. All of the rest

    ....and none for 'Gold Dust' bye
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  6. I do like Scarlet's Walk but I think it was the start of when the tracklistings started to get way too long.
  7. It seems like she traded in b-sides for overlong albums.
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  8. Yes, she's admitted that herself.

    I was shocked that apparently 'Starling' was considered a "b-side" to Tori!
  9. I met Tori once.

    My friend took me to see her play at the Savoy just after American Doll Posse came out. We went to see where it was during to the day and it just happened that was the time she was at the stage door doing a little meet and greet. My friend said 'hi Tori, this is James' and she said 'hi James' and I got goose pimples. Then, later on, Patrick Wolf was sat in front of me in the audience being really tall and annoying, constantly getting up and sitting down.

    It was an excellent show though.

    Little Earthquakes will always be my favourite.
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  10. What was really disappointing about Gold Dust was that it came after the great tour with the sting quartet, where they did some amazing versions of Tori classics, like Cruel and Siren, I forget what else, with just her on the keys and them on the strings. I was expecting something similar with Gold Dust, so what we ended up with was underwhelming, to say the least.
  11. Agree that her vocals are... worse since that album (I'd add 'Strange Little Girls' and 'Scarlet's Walk' too).

    Honestly, with the way she enunciates words combined with her voice since then, she often reminds me of Bugs Bunny. And I love Bugs Bunny. But not on her records.
  12. For me it’s something similar, I find a lot about it to admire rather than enjoy.
  13. Boys For Pele is ultimate Tori for me. I just love it. It was the first album of hers I bought and I could listen to it for days.
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  14. Yes, but the strange thing is she was on fire with the orchestra for the live shows!
  15. Been slowly checking out her albums. Choirgirl is fantastic, Venus is consistently solid, and what I've heard from Scarlet's is encouraging.

    Tentative Tori Top 10:
    Cool on Your Island
    A Sorta Fairytale
    Fire on the Side
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  16. China was the first Tori song I heard and it kind of put me off investigating more. It seemed all a little too bland Beverley Craven to me at the time so as she wasn’t really played in radio too much I didn’t have an inclination to investigate further. I had read articles name checking her with two of my faves Polly Harvey and Bjork and thought as if. Then Cornflake Girl and Pretty Good Year were the next things I heard so bought Under The Pink saw her live and realised she was delightfully off kilter (that record is still one of my all time faves) so went back to Little Earthquakes and loved it too (bar China).
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  17. 'China' has a nice video, and the single had some great B-sides and artwork. But as for the song... it's a tad beige. Though she has done much worse, since.
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  18. China is like a prototype for Sleeps With Butterflies. The only difference being I actually like the latter.
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  19. Ugh. I had totally blocked 'Sleeps With Butterflies' out of my mind.
  20. I've spent the last week or so digesting Scarlet's Walk and it's really lovely. I get that it may be a tad beige, but she was really on the ball melodically here. I'd say it's in my Top 3 with Earthquakes and Choirgirl.

    I can also add To Venus and Back into the "Tori albums I really like" category. It's strange because I feel like Under the Pink and Boys For Pele are huge fan favorites, and yet they are my two least favorites out of the ones I've heard.
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