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The Tori Amos thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ladygagaogaga, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. I am relistening to Tori Amos.

    Boys For Pele is probably my favourite records from her, sure it is pompous and it drags a bit, but it is soo visceral, vulnerable and flawed, to me it's Tori Amos at her most open, and this live is hauntingly beautiful, her voice did suffer from it, but she really brought it in the 90s.

    Under The Pink is excellent, but it does slightly pale in comparison to its predecessor, Space Dog and Yes, Anastasia are excellent though.

    To Venus and Back... I don't know, I like it, some of the songs are solid and beautiful and her flirtation with electronic music did pay off (I mean Juarez, Riot Poof and Datura...), but the song are a bit bland, even Bliss, they are nice (Spring Haze is transcendent though), but not amazing, but the live disc is so amazing! I love how they arranged Precious Things and The Waitress especially.
  2. I really like China. I don't know why but I've always loved it since I first heard it (along with the rest of Little Earthquakes).

    As much as I like Scarlet's Walk, I don't always feel the urge to listen to it because of how long it is, a similar problem I have with Tori's other albums from the 2000s. I have to set aside a lot of time to listen to those.

    Under the Pink might be my least favourite 90's Tori album, even though I still love it (her 5 90s albums are probably my Top 5 Tori albums in general).
  3. I love when we agree, which is thankfully a lot.
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  4. It sits proudly atop my Tori best of playlist. It may well be my very favourite.
  5. To Venus and Back is one of my favorite albums of Tori's. I even named my main email address after the song Riot Poof. It's a shame that Zero Point got left off of it, because that is a phenomenal track.
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  6. This is true, I think removing Wampum, Vegas, New York, and Gold Dust would greatly improve it. Not that I even dislike any of those four.
  7. You. Monster. I could live without New York, or even Vegas. I've always thought that Sweet Sangria and Pancake (despite the awesome lyrics/themes) sort of drag the album down as well. But it's much more solid overall than any of the bloated albums that came after it.
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  8. Absolutely not
  9. I will say, I struggled to pick something from the second half of the album (I love the first half) so went with Gold Dust for it's length. I do really like it (and Vegas/New York actually).
  10. Virginia is underrated. I feel like no one ever talks about it, but it's one of the finest moments on Scarlet.

    Your Cloud is my least favourite from the album and I can live without Pancake and Wednesday, too.
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  11. Absolutely!

    But this? This is blasphemy. The way the melody lilts and glides against the delicate drums, and that undulating phrasing on the lower end? And that countermelody? Queen of doing all the things while making it appear effortless and subtle. The text painting and chord voicing on the song are gorgeous. It actually sounds cloud like.
  12. Removing songs? from Scarlet's Walk?


    It's a beautiful album from start to end. The only track that I probably seldom return to is "Mrs. Jesus".

    Also, Your Cloud is gorgeous and that's the tea on that.
  13. Strange is an underrated gem. Or at least it's always felt that way.
  14. And so are you.
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  15. A Sorta Fairytale, I Can't See New York, Your Cloud and Taxi Ride are my top favorites on Scarlet.

    Pancake grew on me after a while. I fucking love the line "seems in vogue to be a closet misogynist homophobe".
  16. I particularly love Strange, Carbon, Crazy, Your Cloud, Mrs. Jesus and of course A Sorta Fairytale. It is a firm contender for my favorite Tori album (so far).
  17. I have the opposite opinion on To Venus and Back - I don't care much for the live disc at all, other than 'Precious Things'. I never listen to it, but I did like the studio disc... sans '1000 Oceans', which I think is just awful.
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  18. Scarlet Walk may be a bit overlong, but the songs are probably up there with her 90s material, it's so warm and welcoming, to me it really mark the end of Tori and the beginning of Fori.
  19. Virginia could be my favourite song from Tori.
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