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The Tori Amos thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ladygagaogaga, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. I'm not big on Cornflake Girl, to be completely honest. It's a good song but it doesn't click with me as much as Silent All These Years or Crucify.
  2. I adore Tori's setlists. It's truly unique each time you see her, and it makes following her tours even just online a fun experience. I've loved seeing the posted setlists from each show so far. Then looking up any recordings of songs you wanna hear. Lots of Tori forums locate decent quality bootlegs too - but that's been going on between Tori fans since she started!

    I've been a Tori kick since UG came out. Relistening to each of her albums slowly but surely. Played each of these probably 10x more than most albums in my iTunes but still.

    The Beekeeper - I will still defend. Sleeps With Butterflies as mentioned has suddenly leaped up in my estimations. Forgot/never knew how much I loved it. Think it could be cut down as an album but I enjoy all the songs and think it was her last solid and well-produced album for many years.
    Under The Pink - Obviously a wonderful album but one I never listened to as much as the other 90's ones she put out. Every song is pretty damn gorgeous, with some absolute stunners and classics like Cornflake Girl too. There is something though about both this and LE - compared to the three albums that came after, they feel more like a collection of great songs than a cohesive album. Just a little.
    To Venus and Back - Played this a lot and have a lot of memories associated with it. The production here is really crazy - she really lets herself get lost in those synths sometimes and it's wonderful listening. The squelchiness of it reminds me of when I got it - I was in Florida in 2007 and it always reminds me of the sun and heat, but...swampy heat. Which feels fitting. Love it but it doesn't quite have the polish of Choirgirl.
    Little Earthquakes - Like UTP, perhaps this is an underlistened one for me. Probably because each song is such a classic in its own right I own multiple versions of many (live etc) and have heard them so many times. But it really is a stormer of an album and you can see why this launched her. Raw, personal, beautiful, sad,'s all here.

    Looking forward to doing the rest of my mini reviews. I might actually write fuller reviews but it's so hard...I've spent many years with these albums and songs and they mean so much to me.

    My next one (listening now) is Abnormally Attracted To Sin. Urgh. Something about this album... Let's see.

    My general ranking (a mix of what I think is 'best' what is my 'fave') would probably look like:

    Boys For Pele
    Little Earthquakes / Scarlet's Walk (LE used to rank lower but it feels unfair)
    From The Choirgirl Hotel
    To Venus And Back
    Under The Pink
    The Beekeeper
    Strange Little Girls
    ---Y Kant Tori Read---
    American Doll Posse
    Unrepentant Geraldines
    Night Of Hunters (I never listen to it but probably hear. I'll listen to it in full again soon)
    Abnormally Attracted To Sin
    Midwinter Graces
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  3. Tori's in this month's Q and lists her five essential albums as :

    Blue - Joni Mitchell
    Rickie Lee Jones - Rickie Lee Jones
    Purple Rain - Prince
    Boxed Set - Led Zeppelin
    So - Peter Gabriel

    Nice to see the Joni & Rickie nods, Tori's definitely a musical descendant of them.
  4. It's so so good. Suede is one of my all time favorites.
  5. I've never really got into her, but her song Butterfly from the Higher Learning OST always amazes me. I love the piano melody.
  6. It's funny you mention that, I swear 'Oysters' is like a sequel to 'Butterfly'. At least sonically, I feel they are from the same batch.


  7. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    Ooh, I love Fire on the Side! For a while it was my favourite Y Kant Tori Read song (but in the end all four of the ballads are amazing, so I'm not sure I have a favourite anymore). I always really liked the lyrics to this.
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  8. I adore the Y Kant Tori Read album, especially 'Pirates'!
  9. Cool on Your Island is wonderful.
  10. Y Kant Tori Read is great, especially On The Boundary.
  11. [video=youtube;zQTUVGcVVFg][/video]

    This song/performance is everything.
  12. I've been looping 'Bliss' quite a bit. That chorus... so immense.

    And I love 'Here. In My Head.'
  13. She hasn't performed 'Bliss' live for a while. I am confident she'll pull it out the bag on this tour.

    - So many amazing moments and she is only about twenty shows in?!
  14. About a month ago I really came around to the Dakota version of 'Hey Jupiter'. I feel like it probably set up her overall sound for Choirgirl Hotel? And before then I really hadn't liked the song, but it's one of those ones that "sounds" better after you probe the lyrics.
  15. I can't believe how good her voice sounds this tour. I HAD to listen to the Frankfurt (I think it was) show where her two covers were Boys of Summer (my god!) and Real Men (!). I would have been a mess.
  16. So I've been pretty much obsessed with Tori for going on a month now. I can't believe I slept on her music for so long.
  17. Have you heard her version of 'Frozen' from this tour yet?

    I think my favourite performance from the tour is the 'Voodoo' performance she did in Hamburg that led into 'The Long and Winding Road'...


    and the 'I i e e e' she did that same night. Soooooo good.
  18. Playing 'To Venus And Back' properly for the first time. Definitely underrated - perfect late night listening.
  19. Wait until you get to Dātura. It's one of my favorites on that album.
  20. I've got the vinyl coming soon of that album. 'Suede' is one of my all-time favourite songs.
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