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The Tours/Concerts/Live Shows which shape your life.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MrJames, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. I am fascinated by every aspect of a concert tour. I spend half of my life thinking about popstar concerts and setlists and costumes and staging and I find that I'm often influenced by the same tours and concerts over and over again. My judgement of whether or not a show is good is measured by how it compares to these shows:

    That sense of complete, unrelenting euphoria throughout this concert is obviously what makes it stand out so much. I've chosen Do It in particular because the partner-choreography is some of my all time favourite.

    Obviously Steps are very en vogue on the forum at the moment, but I must have watched this concert several hundred times in my childhood and is buried deeply in to my psyche now.

    It's funny looking back on Showgirl as at the time I thought it was completely normal for shows to be this grand. The scale of the staging, the various lifts and contraptions... it's opulent yet simplistic, it's full-on yet flows beautifully. Probably my all time favourite tour(s) from any artist.

    Obviously the whole of the Confessions Tour is staggering but I'm thinking very specifically about that first section: Future Lovers - Get Together - Like A Virgin - Jump. Like a whistle stop-tour on How. To. Be. A. Popstar. And I've always felt that the first section of Tangled Up Tour has a very similar vibe to the first section of Confessions. Huge Opening (Future Lovers/Sexy! No No No) - Song to 'welcome' the crowd with no choreography (Get Together/Girl Overboard) - Old classic performed in a new way (Like A Virgin/SOTU) - Big climax (Jump/Close To Love).

    Other mentions go to The Return The Spice Girls (for the scale and complexity of the staging), The Sticky and Sweet Tour (I love the circle stage at the end of the catwalk), MDNA Tour (for the way the whole stages rises up at different levels) and KYLIEX2008 (minimalistic yet spectacular).

    How about you? It doesn't have to be one that you've been to see. Most of these shows I didn't get to see live, but it can just be ones you've admired from afar.
  2. Bugger. I meant to put this is in the Lists section. Move it there if you want!
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