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The Tove Lo Discography Rate |#37 - a song that I really should have scored higher

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Aidan, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. I'm SWINGING if it's the Sean Paul collab!
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  2. R27


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  3. Scars is... a song. That's all I have to say.

    About the 50 Shades mention, Lies In The Dark deserves to be at least in the upper half of the rate. Such an underrated song.

    I never really went into detail on which songs I want to see go, but I'll bite this time. Run On Love and Scream My Name are the only songs left in the rate I don't listen to, so seeing them gone soon would be cool.
  4. RMK


    Scars is the definition of Tove Lo on autopilot, which is something we rarely see.
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  5. Fingers crossed that it’s Timebomb
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Drag my taste but I stanned Scars really hard when it came out
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  8. The song is great and the film series is amazing, I won't accept the slander towards it.
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  9. I gave Scars a 9. It's a big bop, though I get the "Tove on autopilot" comments. Not something I ever really listen to myself, but I like the production and melody, especially for the pre-chorus.
    I've never seen Allegiant, cause I'm kinda scared to, but I loved the first two movies.
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  10. With the rerelease of Sunshine Kitty, I realised that I underscored I'm Coming. So I hope that the rest of you gave it a good score, I don't want it out yet.
  11. The strong darkwave vibes on Scars hooked me in from the first few seconds alone. I didn't expect it to be eliminated this early, even if I do understand the criticisms thrown at it.
  12. nñn we have two songs getting eliminated because they got the exact same score, and when I say the exact same score they both got 6.8085106
  13. 65

    Romantics (feat. Daye Jack) - 6.8085106


    Highest score - 11x1 (@AllGagaLike)
    9x3 (@Aidan, @Petit nain des Îles, @Music Is Life)
    Lowest score 2x1 (@LGStan93)
    My score - 9

    I thought this quite an interesting change from the rest of the first half of Blue Lips and sets us up for the comedowns lyrically that where set up in the first half of the album which gave us the highs (if that makes sense). Did it deserve to go out this early? Not in my eyes

    @AllGagaLike, our 11 scorer, starts us off: "
    Whew, the 180 I've done on this! Never really gave it much time back in 2017 and I've no idea why, it's such a slice of sultry, trappy goodness. The best (re)discovery of the rate." @livefrommelbs: "Another gem I'd forgotten over the years. Love the chorus, and Daye Jack really adds the right kind of energy for it too." @Solenciennes: "I don’t think this is bad but it’s so deflating after ‘stranger’ and ‘bitches’". @blissteria is not a fan: "I hate it when songs start with their chorus, but this chorus is pretty terrible so at least I don’t have to wade through 45 seconds of mediocrity before hitting skip. Basically no hooks and really uninspired production.". @daninternational: " The tempo feels a bit too slow, even if that was what she was aiming for", @Fortune however is a fan of the song: " ‘We could be romantics for life / Go wild with our scars unhealed’ is a really good line. This is probably the song on the album that coheres the most with the contemporaneous pop landscape/could maybe be a mild success if recorded by literally anyone else, but it does the job pretty nicely." and @OspreyQueen finishes us off: "
    This one is bound to fall by the wayside midway through the rate [ddd], which is a shame because it’s still good. It’s a nice moment of respite from the more challenging parts of the album."​

    Second song will be posted when I get back from work later tonight
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  14. Now by all means, Romantics does absolutely nothing for me. But I’m quite surprised it went out so early given that’s usually the half of blue lips that people give more credit to.
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  15. Romantics had/has a lot of potential and I do like it, but I agree with @daninternational saying that the tempo feels a tad too slow. It could use a good remix.
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  16. Wow, I'm starting to feel like an outlier. With this one, I think going through Halsey's discography put me in the mood to give it a 9, as it sounds right out of Badlands. I'm dreading the next elimination... again.
  17. I didn't think Romantics would go out this early, wow.
  18. I wasn't expecting this at all. It's definitely top 30 Tove, in my opinion.
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  19. This is surprising indeed, I honestly thought that most of the extras will be gone first, along with some tracks from Queen of the Clouds, before anything from Blue Lips will be eliminated
  20. Certainly not one of my favorites from Blue Lips, so I like to see it.
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