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The Tove Lo Discography Rate |#37 - a song that I really should have scored higher

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Aidan, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Ffff Romantics is boring.
  2. R27


    There are some much worse tracks left in the rate. Romantics isn’t even the worst song on Blue Lips.
  3. Romantics is the worst song on Blue Lips for me but I gasped when I saw something from Blue Lips has been eliminated, since I didn't really expect anything to go from album 2-4 before some of the dead weights still left.
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  4. Of course she would drop a new song as soon as the rate began....
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  5. WHAT? I can't believe anything from BLUE LIPS is out already, and romantics really doesn't deserve it. The production pops off a bitsy, but it still keeps it's downtempo vibe throughout, she sounds great, Daye's verse is perfect for the song, nd he's wonderful throughout the chorus is crazy catchy and it all ties together as the perfect beginning to the comedown half of the album. What the hell?
  6. 66 (part deux)

    Freaks of Nature - 6.8085106


    Highest score - 10x2 (@The Hot Rock, @Music Is Life, @Phonetics Boy)
    Lowest score 1x1 (@Laurence)
    My score: 8

    I don't really have much to say about this other than it was cute but it was filler which we needed to be cut so bye bumpkin!

    @Verandi says: At this point of the rate I almost forgot what real instruments sounded like nn. A welcome change of pace. @daninternational gives us 'Everybody vs Mimi Imfirst' by just saying: "Something has to be first out". @OspreyQueen says: "A cute midtempo, but the fact that THIS is the song they chose for the Tove feature when there’s so many actual bops on the album is a hate crime." @Solenciennes: "I wasn’t familiar with Freaks of Nature before this rate, a nice discovery! Drags on a little bit but it’s a nice wail along emo/electro mid-tempo bit of whatever innit?" and @blissteria finishes this elimination off with a positive note: "Gorgeous ballad I’d never heard before."


    The Way That I Am - 6.95

    Highest Score - 10x1 (@Aidan)
    Lowest score - 3x1 (@blissteria)

    Okay this one hurt, this is one of my favourites of the album. It was dark and brooding with some great production which apparently y'all weren't much of a fan of.

    @blissteria starts us off by saying how much they dislike it: "
    Dull and irritating. The vocals are supposed to probably sound “raw” but they’re just awful." @Verandi is also not a fan of it either: "The first clunker of the album.". @Fortune comes for the song's production dd: "In 2020, this just sounds so unbearably dated, and it was already a year or three behind in 2014." @R27 says: "The way I am songs are rarely very good and this is sadly no exception. They try to spice things up a bit with the harder production on the final chorus, but this remains the low point of the debut for me." @OspreyQueen: "
    This was my favourite QOTC album track back in 2015, but it sounded dated even then and now it’s a damn relic." and finally @livefrommelbs rounds us off by saying something nice about the song: "It speaks volumes that a song this is good is one of the less memorable tracks on QOTC. I really enjoyed rediscovering it."​
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  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Aw Freak Of Nature is great in all of it's epic melodrama dd. That Broods album is really strong actually;

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  8. Two years ago I would've defended The Way That I Am to my death but today

  9. Surely the QOTC re-release/bonus/deluxe-whatever tracks deserve to go before 'The Way That I Am'?
  10. Oh I love The Way That I Am. That brewing storm of production is underrated.
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  11. Sorry for the delay, let's continue with a song that should have been out ages ago


    Heart Attack - 6.99

    Highest scores - 10x3 (@Laurence, @RUNAWAY, @Guy )
    Lowest score - 3x2 (@OSHi, @RainOnFire)
    My score - 4

    I'll be honest with you I had never heard of a Phoebe Ryan before this rate, the name alone screams Popjustice Flop who is destined to have a few rabid stans despite having an album which will never come out due to it being stuck in hell due to the record label refusing to release it or something like that. You can imagine the loud chuckle I gave when I checked her Wikipedia page to find out that she has never released an album. After listening to Heart Attack I can say that it's probably for the best. The song was nothing short of an assault on my ears, her vocals are not the tea and the song is basically a poor man's attempt at ripping off Carly Rae Jepsen and it sounds like Tove is restraining herself from not out-singing the poor girl which wouldn't really take much .

    But lets hear what the rest of you thought of the song, @blissteria starts us off by saying: "Love the instrumental, but chorus is a bit weak", @RUNAWAY is a big fan of the song: " Love love LOVE Phoebe and I was so anticipating this track when the Neon Gold compilation was announced, and they delivered. This song is so lush and perfect.". @Guy who raves about the song: "A real hidden gem in both of these ladies’ discographies. More people need to know about it!!​
    The melodies! The harmonies! The charm! 2:47 of pure pop bliss. That’s my baby, and I’m really proud" . @OspreyQueen: "Those glitchy synths…….Cindy my pussy is leaking", @R27 thinks that Tove sounds good on the song: "Phoebe Ryan is mostly a miss for me and while Tove sounds great here this is very clearly Phoebe’s show and all the weaker because of it." @daninternational says: "I like Phoebe Ryan but not the best match-up of singers" and @Solenciennes rounds us off with: "The frothy electronic bubbles are a bit uwu but a bop’s a bop!"
  12. On Phoebe Ryan, I really love James Has Changed.
    I also discovered recently that she also co-wrote Finaland's 2011 Eurovision song, randomly
  13. The Way That I Am is my biggest loss so far (since I probably over-scored Heroes a bitsy). Every song in the first ten tracks of Queen of the Clouds will sting minus Timebomb which is the only one I never got into as much as the rest. It simply sounds haunting in all the best ways, it's confusing that it gets pegged as being 'dated' because there's a couple dubstep notes..puhlease.
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  14. I don't even remember what this one sounds like.
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  15. Oh man, Freak Of Nature was a great discovery! I thought it was a nice little slice of emo pop, I love the way it builds in the production with the piano and their voices and the drums, and then with the second chorus when everything just flies and it's a wonderful, anthemic type feel. And the ending is a beautiful come down from it all. It made me feel like I really need to check out more of Broods' music.
    The Way That I Am is exactly the kind of song I love lyrically, cause I'm all about owning and not apologizing for or changing who you are, even for love. I gave it a 9, because as much as I love the lyrics, and the throbbing, percussion led-electronic production, and that second chorus that just drowns it all in synths and hand claps, it's not something that I use as much as my all-time faves from her, though I still think it's a great song on the debut, and it could've stuck around a little longer.
    Heart Attack is a cute little pop song. I gave it a 9, cause the production is a whole lot of fun, and it's easy to dance to and sing along with, cause the melody is so catchy and enjoyable, but I think I would prefer the song if it was just Tove. Phoebe is okay on it, but Tove could eat her for breakfast.
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  16. tea


    Sad I couldn't participate in this. I'll be following along!
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  17. 63.

    Worst Behaviour - 7.03

    Highest score - 10x2 (@Remorque, @daninternational)
    Lowest score - 3x1 (@Marquis)
    My score - 6

    *Bianca del Rio voice* Can someone please tell me what ALMA does successfully, quickly? All I can tell that her career has amounted to is that she wrote a load of songs with Miley (one being absolutely amazing) and the rest are stuck in some sort of album hell because Miss Cyrus hasn't released her album, her own album seems to be stuck in some sort of album purgatory as well and she seems to write songs for washed up celebrities who try and kidnap children. Worst Behaviour is just there, it isn't exciting, it doesn't go anywhere. It just plods along and despite being under 3 minutes it seems to feel a lot longer than that.

    @Dijah was shocked to learn that Tove actually appeared on the song: "deadass didn’t know Tove was on this song since they sound the same here, but her collaborations with ALMA don’t miss.", @blissteria: "I like the piano, otherwise it’s nothing special", @Solenciennes: "if you’re gonna be frequent collaborators, you’ve got to make sure the output is worthwhile. This is, but it’s not particularly groundbreaking for either Alma or Tove.", @OspreyQueen: "Not @Aidan doing more promo for Alma’s album than Alma herself.", @daninternational: "These 2 work so well together"
    @R27: "- I really enjoy this, but I wish the final chorus took off a bit more. It’s what stops it from being great for me." and finally @livefrommelbs continues to show love for all the songs which is really cute to see: "How in seven hells did I miss this?! It's so effing good. Really loving the Tove/ALMA dynamic."​
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  18. Freaks Of Nature and Heart Attack were some of my least favorite songs left so I don't mind them leaving. The Way That I Am and Worst Behaviour... I mean I don't love either but there are still about 10 songs that should've been out before.

    But maybe I just like Worst Behaviour because it's one of the few songs on Have You Seen Her? that I'm actually into.
  19. Eeks this is so triggering to me had a thing in my eye recently and it hurt like hell for a good 4 days. I felt it coming 2 days and then I popped it and when I woke up again it was full again and mess.
  20. Why, yes it is!

    And thanks for the painful reminder the album hasn't actually been released yet, and has been delayed for the fall. Ugh.

    Anyways, Worst Behaviour is great. I gave it a 9. It's quite the bop, and since they sound so similar, Tove and ALMA consistently sound great together. The lyrics are great, though a bit typical at least for a Tove song, and when it comes to their collabs, definitely my least favorite, but still something I'll consistently use.
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