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The Tove Lo Discography Rate |#37 - a song that I really should have scored higher

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Aidan, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. I'm happy to be this rate's ray of sunshine (kitty). Really surprised this one's already out! I thought it would be PJ catnip.
  2. Worst Behavior is a bop, but it is pretty standard for both of their styles. I kind of expected it to do a little better not gonna lie.
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  3. I honestly think it might be one of the worst album covers ever.
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  4. Hot
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  5. ddd I can't tell if this is shade or if you don't know that she finally released her album this month.
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  6. I honestly had no idea... anyway time for the next elimination!


    Crave - 7.06


    Oh I really liked this one, it was definitely one of the stronger ones in the songs included in the extended/bonus edition of Queen of the Clouds

    We'll start off with our 11 scorer @DJHazey who says: "When this album was a part of the first Swedish Princesses Rate way back in 2014, can you believe I only gave this like an 8 maybe a 9? Basically, the album was pretty new for me and the bonus tracks were all brand new. It didn't take long for its chilled back charm to take me over and the chorus to keep smacking me in the face with its wave-like quality. Pretty soon, Crave became an obsession and stormed its way past all the other bigtime favorites littered on this album. I scream every word to it like the first time I realized I was in love with it and the "party day Hazey, oh baby" line will stick with me for the rest of my life.", @saviodxl imagines a conversation between Tove and her label: "I can imagine this talk happening: "Shall we discard this song" "Hmmm. Maybe just include it as a bonus track in the deluxe edition or whatever", @R27: "One of her most low key tracks, but it’s subtle hooks makes it a slow burner that benefits from repeat listens". @OspreyQueen: "I always forget this exists, and then fall back in love with it for a few minutes when I rediscover it. Will be sad to see it inevitably leave at #71 or whatever.". @daninternational: "this album is very sonically consistent, which doesn't serve the weaker tracks well". @livefrommelbs: "This could've easily slotted in the upfront 'The Sex' section. Such a brilliant song.", @Solenciennes: "The woozy oohs underpinning the chorus are the best bit." @RUNAWAY: "some of these bonus tracks are just that..." and @blissteria says:"Definitely more of an album leftover, nothing special."
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  7. Wait... really?
  8. R27


    This rate is not going well for me.
  9. I'm...not too mad considering I figured it would be out within the first ten tracks. I'll never get what others don't hear but that's a different conversation.
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  10. Wow, already two elevens out! Sorry for y'all's faves.
  11. I'm kinda losing too many faves in this part of the rate. Queen of the Clouds will be done so dirty.

  12. Lady Wood gets it's first elimination...


    Vibes (feat. Joe Janiak) - 7.1
    Highest score - 10x2 (@Guy, @Marquis)
    Lowest score - 3x3 (@Serg., @Phonetics Boy, @2014)

    Ouch this one hurts a lot but I'm not surprised it went out earlyish. I love how the the verses have these acoustic guitar feels to it and then goes into this electronic drop when the chorus comes round, kinda feels like it's meant to represent when the drugs hit you and you have that peak.

    @Guy starts us off: " “I want you to lick my wounds” is so sexy ddd. This acoustic ditty pops off way more than it has any right to. Probably my favorite song on the album, bar the singles" , @Marquis thinks its a good song: "an amazing song", @blissteria is a fan of the guitars: "I like the Mirwaisesque guitar and the melody is nice." whereas @RUNAWAY is not a fan of Joe's voice: "fucking hate Joe Janiak’s voice...he totally brings down the overall score of the song with that whiny ass voice.". @Fortune says: "This will go out earlier than it should because ‘UGH A MAN’, but it’s a nice duet.", @Solenciennes : "Cute duet, though I’ve never thought to find out if Joe Janiak has done anything else before or since that I might like.", @daninternational tells us the best way to listen to the song: "This sounds SO good loud...", @saviodxl isn't too keen on the track: "This is the only track of Lady Wood I find somewhat boring. Probably Joe Janiak's fault?" and @R27 rounds us off with this: "I think this is better than some give it credit for (it’s certainly not the worst track on the album), but it is a step down from the string of great tracks it follows"

    Check back later for another elimination!​
  13. How DARE Vibes be out this early!

  14. Honestly, I'd forgotten how this sounds like and had to Youtube it to see what people are talking about. But looking at people's scores, I feel like I was way too generous with my points dd
  15. Vibes was the only acceptable Lady Wood song to cut this early so I can take the loss. Still kinda reeling from The Way That I Am going so early but given the quiet reaction to that one I guess I’m alone nn.
  16. 60.

    Over - 7.23

    Highest score - 10x4 (@daninternational, @Crisp X, @Music Is Life , @Remorque)
    Lowest score - 3x1 (@Aidan)

    Ugh I utterly hated this song, it was just so generic and faceless for me which was a problem for many song for songs on Queen of the Clouds for me but some of you seemed to love this

    @OspreyQueen isn't a fan of Over: "Always thought this was the dud of the Truth Serum EP", @R27 is a bit critical of her songwriting:"Feels like she wrote this in her sleep, but it still slaps pretty hard.". @blissteria: "Nice bittersweet track with a pretty great chorus", along with @Solenciennes saying: "-A capable sad banger that would have been welcomed on the standard edition of the album over some of the less interesting cuts that made it." and finally @livefrommelbs says: "This one just kinda gets lost in the crowd for me. It's a quality tune, but doesn't reach the heights of others"​
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  17. I like it, but like a handful of songs from the album that still remain, Crave was much better.
  18. Before I announce this next elimination let me get my anger out first at the song I'm about to announce

    Now that I've done that time to announce the next song


    Scream My Name - 7.24

    Highest score - 10x5 (@Aidan, @UncleDeSeanAli, @2014, @Crisp X, @Music Is Life)
    Lowest - 3.5x1 (@Dangerous Maknae)

    Okay I am mad that this song is our 16th elimination. I was expecting this to get to the top 20 at least. It's a such a great song that came from the excellently curated Hunger Games soundtrack by Lorde. It captures the essence of the film really well with the chorus which you could easily imagine to be about Katniss taking down District 1

    @OspreyQueen says: "An awful lot of good songs are condemned to those Hunger Games soundtracks.", and @R27 echoes that Lorde did that with the Hunger Games soundtrack: "Lorde and the girls were not fucking around for this Hunger Games soundtrack. I also like the call back to Habits with the “oh-ohs” intertwined throughout the song.", @daninternational is fan of the song: "love the vibe, lyrics, song", @Solenciennes sees into the future:"Pre-chorus into the chorus is just wonderful, “when I’m dead and gone, will they sing about me?” Tove asks. Yes luv, we will." and @blissteria isn't much of a fan: "Another slick ponderous power ballad. I can see this working in the context of the film, but it’s pretty boring otherwise."​
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  19. Why the fuck is Timebomb still in...
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  20. welp I thought I was in the Kylie rate and was like "eh it's a bit extreme to call for it already".
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