The Traitors (BBC One)

I was tempted to apply but when it asked for my social channels and to say how many followers I have, I realised it wasn’t for me.
I can't imagine that casting will be much different given how much praise the show has had for this in particular. They will want this information to check that the content is ok and to ensure that they have a mix of people - not just wannabe influencers.
Loved the Reunion.
But the faux-indignation from the faithfuls, like they weren't all playing the same game, and would have had to try and do the same in Cirie's shoes.
I think they're more jealous they wouldn't have done it even half as well.

The BBC need to take note and give us one for Season 2.

I must say on gameplay the Australian one beats the rest, but UK had the best cast, and US the best winner, so there we are.
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Cody had his feelings all hurt, he played it cocky thinking his Big Brother strategy would work again and it blew up, so of course he's going to make it personal. His ego's bruised. I felt bad for Andie, they wore their heart on their sleeve, which would make for a brilliant contestant in a different show (someone get them on BB asap), but that doesn't work for this format. Still, Cirie and Andie were the heart of the show and their reconciliation was beautiful.
Has anybody tried the new-show-from-the-makers-of-The-Traitors on C4, Rise & Fall?

They've thrown 16 players into a building where 6 live in the penthouse and 'manage' the other 10 through tasks that build the prize pot, but have to vote out one 'ruler' and bring in one of the followers throughout.

Lots of 'I know how to get people to do what I want!' egos already, and Greg James is no Claudia, but it's interesting so far.