The Traitors (BBC1)

The way Hannah and Aaron just knew as Daddy Kieron was getting cryptic, and his vote confirmed it...

That first fire pit was maybe my TV Moment Of The Year

(Sawry Euphoria Musical and White Lotus Coolidge Boatness)
Absolutely loved that. Really satisfying conclusion. My heart was pounding - I haven’t felt like that with a TV show in ages. And Aaron, Meryl and Hannah are worthy winners. They kinda embody the essence of the show in that they’re sweet and easily led. It’s cute.

I think the opening 5 or 6 episodes were literally some of the best reality TV I’ve seen in years before lagging a bit for a few episodes but then it really brought it back with the ending. Hugely entertaining watch and I can’t wait for the next series.

I hope they throw caution to the wind with the next series. In fact, I kinda hope they make their USP that they change the format up a bit each year. They can’t just replicate the same beats as this year, and it’s that rare programme that can really go nuts with some of their twists. I’d love a secret traitor that even we as the audience don’t know, for example.

But yes great TV! Also shoutout Claudia! She was a great host. I can’t think of anyone better suited the job. Like she was lowkey the MVP, imagine if it was Ant & Dec or someone annoying like that.
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Remember when I said that this had gone to shit last night? I never said that, The Traitors is my friend.

What an ICONIC hour of television. Kieran realising even attempting to save himself was pointless and deciding to take down Will with him was the gag of the season finale.

Also, the way they could have just had the contestants picking either a sign saying 'end game' or 'banish again' but instead had them choose a pouch that was thrown into a fire and burnt a different colour flame? This is the level of camp that all shows should aim for.

Meryl somehow stumbling her way to victory, Hannah finally seeing through Will and King Aaron getting 33k? Yas.
I didn't realise how starved I'd been of good reality gameshows until this appeared - as others said, nothing's been this brilliant or watchable since the peak of Big Brother or X Factor.

I hope the success of this ushers in an entire new era of stuff.
I see plenty of people pressed on Twitter that Kieran apparently “cheated” by revealing Wilf but honestly, Wilf just got played at his own game. If he’d stuck together with Kieran he’d probably have walked away with £50k. The absolute gag of “parting gift” and that final glance at Wilf for Hannah’s benefit after 15 minutes of him skulking round the castle being ignored was high camp.

Watching Hannah putting it all together after Kieran pure wrecked Wilf’s head and sent him into meltdown was great. That fire pit smoke reveal was delicious.

Meryl was so stupid fff she really didn’t contribute a single thing to catching any of the traitors.

Sweet himbo Aaron getting to win the money for his mum was lovely, I’m happy for him!

The best TV I’ve seen all year. I’m gagged and can’t wait for series 2 and what fresh twists they’re gonna pull.
I don’t see how anyone could argue Kieran broke the rules. The ‘parting gift’ line was maybe a little on the nose but he could’ve just as easily spent the entire round table deliberation turning on Wilf and arguing a case against him (just as Wilf did to him), doing every bit as much damage to Wilf’s credibility and been well within the rules for doing so.
I know we are all eager for a second season but I hope they don’t rush into it filming it off the back of the immense success.

Film it again during the summer and air it around the winter like they did this year. If Drag Race or any other reality show in the last 10 years has taught us is that over saturation kills all the fun. Give us time to miss the show and then it’ll feel more like an EVENT when it returns at the tail end of 2023.