The Traitors (S2 USA) *SPOILERS*

If people would rather discuss the Peacock version in the BBC version’s thread then feel free to ignore this.

Otherwise, the first three episodes are out — as are four of the contestants (two murdered, two banished):

For work, I once had to interact with CT (back when he was “only” from The Real World) and it was a terribly unpleasant experience, so I inadvertently twitch any time he appears on screen.

Also, spoilers abound after this initial post, you’ve been notified.
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I just tore through the first 3 episodes. Parvati and Phaedra as Traitors together feels taylor-made for my faggy Survivor-Housewives brain.

I'm definitely enjoying this season more than the first so far. Thank fuck Johnny Bananas got sent out first cause he was fucking annoying as shit.

Disappointed that Peppermint didn't make it further but sis kinda threw herself under the bus dddd
I chuckled at Peter and Kevin attempting to give themselves airtime at the round table, with their genius plan of “coming for each other, with seemingly no one else knowing that they were even at odds to begin with”.

Also I feel like there was an incident on Big Brother during a comp where Janelle shoved somebody to get something? I need to confirm but if true, she is a menace!!

EDIT: I was right-ish! “It’s a little harm!”
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Also how am I just finding out that Parvati is queer?!

Queen Larsa!

I felt major transphobic vibes surrounding Peppermint’s elimination. I think that’s why she mentioned the trans community in her farewell.
I did too. It was frustrating to watch because Peppermint did nothing but that blonde targeted her because of one reaction. Especially when that question of "Who is more popular" and of course Peppermint would be more popular.

I also have to add, Peppermint seemed like she was having so much fun and enjoying the heightened drama of the whole thing. It's really a shame she was first to be banished.
I’m new to the show this series, so forgive my lack of knowledge:

Not that they would‘ve done this, but at the first roundtable, could they all just vote for, I don’t know, the person on their left and it would be a 20-way tie? And would there be no banishment as a result?

The “logic” being:
-They have so little information to go on
-They have a (at this point in the season) 90% chance of voting out a faithful
-Anyone who doesn’t play along with it now has a target on their back
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Is this season good? I couldn't finish the first episode of season one due mainly to the one guy who was definitely at the capitol on January 6th.
Ever since this cast was announced I've been praying that Phaedra would be a Traitor. This is giving me everything that I wanted after the light disappointment in some of the choices UK2 made cast wise. Traitors who are likeable, Faithfuls who aren't all entirely useless and iconic women leading the charge. How I'm going to cope with one episode a week I do not know.

Also spoiler for the mystery guest twist;

An icon returns!

Just caught up on this and oh my days this is giving me everything UK is missing
I was sad to see Maks go since he was the only one speaking some sense in the first episode saying going for Peppermint was just based off gossip and not fact. Then Larsa in the next episode cant remember her exact phrasing but just because someone is awkward or laughs at a wrong time doesnt make them a traitor. It is so refreshing to see at least a few faithfuls start to think outside the box. Dissapointed in Janelle so far she was my og reality girl stan and she just following the crowd. I havent watch any Surviour so didnt know Parvati at all but by the end of episode 3 laminate my stan card please. Phadrea is playing a amazing game so far
Also just on a shallow note Kevin is a absolutely beautiful man and I am staning Parvati's array of colourful headbands
Could just be an editing thing but I was honestly surprised
that Maks didn’t seem to do anything with his knowledge of being in the room when Marcus said that Dan was being suspiciously quiet at the roundtable, which would be a traitor move (to let the faithfuls go after each other), and then Marcus was the next one murdered. He could have tossed that out as a possible alternative.
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Anyone even vaguely familiar with Bravo should’ve had their red flags raised as soon as they saw Phaedra in the house. I knew she’d be a Traitor as soon as the cast was announced. She screams of the exact personality they would want to give the talking heads about killing people.