The Traitors UK (BBC1)

Just finished Aus s1.
God what a great season and cast. The constant gags
To be honest, Aus S2 isn't that bad. Yes Sam is a twat and the faithful are cowardly cutlets, but it was still quite exciting.
Maybe binging it helps, as week on week, I would have been so angry.

Liam's anger was actually hilarious as he realised he'd been played, as was Sarah's face being told she was in the final with three traitors.
Great for Camille, causing Sam and Blake to implode infront of the cameras. Horrible men.
If they ever do some kind of global All-Stars series, I'd love to see her come back, with Sam from S2 but make him suffer as a Faithful.
Just finished Aus S1 & 2 ... both great, though near all of the round tables were scream-at-the-telly level frustrating!

S1 Theresa is a legend - would definitely tune in if she appears on anything more.

S2 Su Pollard's journey was not what I expected - fair play!

Rodger Corser, while being no Claud (who could?) was, I thought, a cracking host.

The Aus choice of location really shows the lavish production values of the UK version pay off hugely - am sure it's a lovely hotel and all, but it lacked some of the cinematic elements and dramatic visuals of the UK version. I may be wrong, but can't imagine there are too many 'spare' castles in Aus, so perhaps they did the best they could with what they had available?

I thought the decision to put them all in identical tracksuits was an odd one - we already see too little of their identities in the UK one, but allowing them to wear their own clothes for most of the time helps create a sense of getting to know each of them a bit better - the Aus series had them as a homogenous herd of bright red man-made fabric!

I'm also glad the UK version is civillians and not populated with 'celebrities.'

I'd be interested to read others thoughts but the Aus series being merged with the UK thread, I can't be bothered sifting through 200 pages to find any comments - perhaps if it returns, the Aus version can deserve its own thread - we have 400 different 'Housewives' threads after all.

I wonder if the Aus series does well in other territories (such as the UK), might it sway producers to bring it back, as it's clear from the final voiceover at the end of S2, the intent at that point was for a third series. I do hope so.
It got cancelled.
Yes, I know - that's the point I'm making - the voiceover at the end talks of welcoming people back, so at that stage the intent would have been a third series, but then the viewing figures came in and from what I read, it's not been explicitly cancelled, just not renewed, with the possibility that it could return at some point in the future, so will be interesting to see if viewing figures and the positive reception for it internationally result in a rethink.