The Traitors UK (BBC1)

Things that have stuck with me from the finale:

- Andrew getting stuck during the abseil and proceeding to flailing his way through the water cave
- The sheer obnoxiousness of plonking a Homebase fire pit in the middle of the round table
- Evie packing not one but two blue and green off-the-shoulder gowns for The Traitors
- Claudia's face when Mollie found out
I watched all of The Traitors Oz S2 in three days over the weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed it! Rodger Corser is a fantastic host and I love the persona he has in this, and the idea that it's all his family estate. (His portrait made me cackle every time I saw it, too).

I did find most of the contestants incredibly obnoxious at the start, but warmed to most of them quite quickly. I also genuinely LOL'd several times an episode, and thought some of the tasks were great. (Climbing up and down the hill, being blindfolded in the antiques space, etc).

Yes, the Faithfuls were 'dummies' - Sarah was thick as mince, and did anyone else notice how she kept jumping and crying out when someone entered a room? I get that it's tense, but come on.

And it was truly shocking how there were so many planned takedowns of
which then fizzled,
but I was still entertained. The male eye candy was pretty good, too - both Paul and Luke were very hot, IMO, while Sam is undeniably pretty.

And that finale was sensational, and SO satisfying!
I was certain that Camille would opt to share, but good on her for going the way she did. It was incredible to see Sam actually gulp when he realised that all his plotting was for nothing. But in fairness to Blake, he was in a lose/lose situation - he couldn't opt to share, knowing that Sam would opt to steal, and I'm so glad he didn't because the way it played out was delicious.

Here ends my TED talk.
I truly think he'll never recover.
On one of Camille’s Instagram posts, she says she wanted to work with Blake and split the money with him but that he was adamant about it being all 3 of them at the end and not voting Sam out.

Blake got the ending he deserved.

She also drags the faithfuls too.

‘Being a Traitor allows you to get to the end. You have so much power. The Faithful’s were also so hopeless and clueless I couldn’t work on that team anymore,’ Camille said.

‘Playing with this cast was one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever had to do.

‘They were not even edited to be hopeless. They really were. I think they maybe had different agendas and wanted to increase their followers on social media or their celebrity status.’
Thanks so much for sharing those, @Stewart Adds a whole new dimension to what went down!

Gosh, Blake really did deserve everything he got, then!

I really respect Camille for how she has handled herself overall. She was about the only one who didn't accept a drink on the hill task, whereas Sam happily threw away silver, so confident was he of his game plan. I do think Camille is correct that the boys underestimated her as an older woman. I wish that after their final votes were revealed, that we'd seen Camille tell Blake and Sam about her career in the federal police. That would have tipped them over the edge!
I still find it funny that
got to the finale when she was close to being banished in the first episode. She’s symptomatic of how poor the faithfuls were at the game most of the time.

And yeah,
calling the faithfuls flaky is a bit rich coming from her when she only got it right twice, even then the first time was more because most of them voted for Ash and she joined the bandwagon.
I just finished UK Season 1

Kieran exposing Wilf was super cringe. It's not technically against the rules, but it definitely goes against the spirit of the game. But at the same time, Wilf shoulda known that his best move was to banish Aaron and take Kieran to the final. It woulda went like this:

1) Aaron is revealed as a faithful, Hannah and Meryl know there's a male traitor among them
2) Hannah and Meryl vote to banish again
3) Kieran is banished because they trust him less than Wilf
4) A male traitor being banished gives Hannah and Meryl the assurance they need to end the game and Wilf takes the entire pot.

Also future seasons of the show need to figure out a way to make the missions/challenges relevant to the game itself. The shields aren’t enough. There are no stakes when it’s in all players’ interests to maximize the prize pot. They could designate a player or two as saboteurs and have them win any cash the other players fail to add to the pot, idk. But as it stands you can cut the mission segments out entirely and not miss a thing.
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I agree that the challenges are the least essential part to the series. I had to catch up on UK1 as it was airing and skipped a lot of them and I don’t feel I missed much. Watching them in US1 and UK2 was fine but I didn’t really care that much. Some tinkering definitely needs to happen to make them a bit more compelling to the overall arc of the series.