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The Travel Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, May 23, 2012.

  1. Awesome! Really appreciate the detailed post. I'll be sure to check all of that's mentioned.
  2. I just got back from Krakow, and went to visit Auschwitz. It's pretty intense listening to what happened there, and then some of the rooms really make you say what the fuck (there's a room with tons of hair that was shaved off the executed women to be made into fabric).

    Still, despite spending 2 hours walking around the camp sites and learning that whole families arrived from all over Europe on these rails and were immediately sorted either as workers, or sent straight to the gas chambers, people were taking selfies on the rail tracks with beaming faces. It felt really messed up.
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  3. I don't know where I should ask this, but I'll give it a try here. I have a friend who I met online a couple of years ago. He lives in Europe, I live in Latin America. Since I'll be traveling to Europe at the beginning of the next year, we've agreed to meet and spend a week together in one of the countries I'll be visiting. He is a guy, older than me , and I don't know if I'm doing things right by meeting him? I guess that even though I trust him, I am still kinda afraid

    Any experiences meeting online friends in real life, and abroad?
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  4. I have done it and it’s always been absolutely fine. I think as long as you take care, there’s no reason not to - you could have just met this person as a stranger there after all anyway? Meet in public, be sober, let a couple of people know exactly where you are, check in on social media (even with a picture of the two of you if it is not awkward), and have fun. Meeting new people is really what it’s all about and if you look after yourself, and if he hasn’t given you any cause for concern in your online chats, go for it.

    Edit - I might be misreading this, but I wouldn’t stay with someone you haven’t met before, for safety and for reasons of, if you just don’t click, you have ways of not ruining your trip by being tied.
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  5. Yeah, that is exactly the idea. Meet in a different country we both wanted to visit, spend the week together... He was going to take care of the accommodations
  6. Hmmm - I probably wouldn't do that to be honest. The likelihood is it will be safe but I would hate the idea of sharing a holiday with someone if I didn't like them. That said, there are plenty of 'solo' holiday companies that pair strangers up to share a cruise cabin etc, so its not unprecedented. Just make very safe decisions.
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  7. Thank you for your opinion, really. I'll see what I do!
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  8. Meeting somebody you know from online is totally fine, but booking a room for a week with someone you've never met is not a good idea (if that's what you're doing).
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  9. That's what I was thinking. Just be careful and have your own room until you know this person properly.
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  10. Does anybody here travel somewhere for Christmas? As I know rather many people like such way of celebrating it and I'm very excited right now because tomorrow we're (I and my husband) going to Lithuania for 10 days and we'll celebrate Christmas there too.
    We had such experience for two times before, in Holland and Spain, I think that it's an amazing decision for holidays but only with a careful choice of a destination. For example in Europe some countries are really boring for this and everything is closed for that time (like in Poland, in this country it's totally a family holiday) but on the other hand in many places there are many cool special events and amazing Christmas markets.
    We decided to try Lithuania for this time (had a great interest in Baltic countries for a long time), it belongs to the second type I mentioned , besides we adore historical architecture and sightseeings, and there's really enough of such things Considering our general time there, we'll be able to visit all interesting places and they won't be closed. Also we're planning to have excursions and separate walkings around Vilnius with visiting their local cozy cafes, as we heard they're really good too.
    Again, I can't wait for tomorrow!!
  11. I'm going to NYC in less than 3 weeks! The farthest north I've been is DC, so I'm preparing myself for the bitter cold. My round-trip ticket on Southwest was only $175 because of their year-end sale and I'm splitting an AirBNB with my friend in Bushwick for $180. I think it's a pretty good deal for such a last minute decision
  12. On a whim I booked a solo trip to Valencia in 2 weeks. I'm there from Sunday - Wednesday... anyone got any suggestions?
  13. There's an absolute fuckload of churches and beautiful cobbled streets to explore in Ciutat Vella (the 'old town'). You'll also find lots of cool little restaurants and cafes around here. I spent a full afternoon in one of the squares just drinking coffee and people watching. The Central Market is great to grab some breakfast in, and worth a look inside even if you don't eat there.

    The City of Arts & Sciences is an impressive bunch of buildings to wander around for an afternoon, like a futuristic village. The entire city is very cycle friendly too if that's up your street. I liked it a lot, though 2/3 days is definitely enough time to tick off most things there.
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  14. This is perfect, thank you!
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  15. Was planning on travelling up California in September. From San Diego to San Francisco but our party is leaning more on Florida. We have done Orlando a few times and love it but will probably only do it for a week. Then travelling down to Marco Island for a few nights and Key West. Any one been? much Gay?
  16. I'm looking at either Amsterdam or Brussels for a couple of days in September. Which would you all recommend?
  17. Amsterdam
  18. Amsterdam for sure, Im a Dutchie
  19. I'd do Amsterdam – lovely atmosphere, fun nightlife if you're looking for that, friendly people, and lots of cultural stuff to keep you busy during the day.
  20. The plan has now changed. I'm now going to New York instead haha
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