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The Travel Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, May 23, 2012.

  1. Anyone have any suggestions of things to do in Hawaii besides lazing about on the beach? I have about 10 days.
  2. Listen to this:

    I seem to remember them mentioning some good food, and an app which sounds great - but maybe only when you're driving - it's been a minute since I heard this.
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  3. Eat lots of food.
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  4. R92


    So tomorrow I’m flying off to Shanghai for a ten-day solo trip. I’ve been excited for it since I’ve booked, but in the last day or so, there’s been a ton of nervousness and anxiousness arising over it. I’m realizing that it’s the first solo trip I’ve ever taken, considering I’ve only ever traveled internationally with family or for school, so it’ll be my first time being truly on my own. Does anyone have any tips or has been to Shanghai and can let me know if there’s anything I need to know?
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  5. Solo trips can be quite scary at first, but once you arrive at your destination all that anxiety and fear will soon disappear. You’ll have so much to see and do. Don’t forget to eat all the things!! Staying at a hostel can be a great way to meet new people.

    I’ve never been to Shanghai, so I can’t really offer any advice on that. Have fun and be safe!!!
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  6. I'm so enthused by how people are going out of their way to avoid Trump Tower in NY. The only people that are going up to it are not American
  7. Shanghai is awesome and a good choice of city for your first solo trip in China, as it's quite international/westernised.

    There are lots of nice walking tours (download routes online) that you can do around the colonial era buildings.

    Stroll along the Bund at night and see the lovely skyline. If you want to treat yourself, go to 'M on The Bund' for a cocktail (dress code might be smart casual) to see the skyline at night. It's a bit pricey, but the view is great.
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  8. Heading to New York for a week on the first week of March, never been there before until now, so if anyone has some tips on places to go-to, especially gay spots/bars/clubs for bopping, do let me know! Besides the usual tourist-y sights on my list, I'm kinda going over quite clueless haha.
  9. Has anyone here been to Japan? Next Friday I'll be heading off for close to two weeks and going to Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka. It's my first overseas holiday by myself so I'm a bit nervous about it. The food alone is a big reason I've been wanting to visit hehe.
  10. The good sis @Syzygyz helped me quite a bit a couple of years ago...
  11. How was the trip?
  12. I'm headed to Stockholm in April. Looking for recommendations on areas to stay in, fun sights to see during the day, and of course the best nightlife spots.
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  13. I haven't been abroad in almost three years and want to change that. I have a bit of money saved up and feel like just booking something on my own, but I know I'd feel lonely after a couple of days. Anxiety isn't fun.

    Toying with the idea of finally going to meet a friend who lives just outside NYC but perhaps something shorter (and cheaper) would be better first, like a few days in a European city.
  14. This is me apart from having money saved ha. I will be in a position to save and travel soon though and would love to just book something for myself, I think I'd be alright for the most part but dining in the evening alone would make me really anxious I'd probably stick to room service. You should look on AirBnB, People sell services (not like that) for example I wanna visit London this summer and there is a girl who offers a night out for people travelling on their own where she brings you to a drag or comedy show and brings you around Soho. Something like that with people who know the city would be really cool I think. Plus you can check their reviews to see they are genuine.
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  15. Gay Bars/Clubs/Parties
    Holy Mountain/Battle Hymn
    - THE trendy gay party every Friday (sometimes Saturday, sometime Sunday, follow Ladyfag on Insta/Twitter)
    MEAT - Pretty much the biggest circuit party you're going to find in NYC
    China Chatlet - Dim sum by day, drug den party venue by night. Isn't always gay, but when it is, whew.
    The Ritz - clubby on the weekends, more chill during the week
    Hardware - can usually get a good to great drag show Wednesdays-Sundays
    Barrage - SUPER laid back, cheap drinks
    Therapy/Industry - Across the street from each other. Your enjoyment will depend on what type of guy you like. Check your coat at Therapy ($1 coat check) and go across the street to Industry if you're not feeling it. Industry is cash bar only and both are very hot and sweaty, so dress accordingly.
    Paradisco - Cute party at Le Bain (The Standard hotel), it's a lot more fun in the summer when you can go outside, but it's a cute Sunday party

    I don't venture outside of Hell's Kitchen for nightlife too often (other than Brooklyn, but I don't imagine you're looking to venture out that far), so someone else would probably be able to help you with that (cc: @Synthline)

    Le Bernadin
    - Incredible food, very expensive, make a reservation now if you intend to go, make sure you're dressed the part, 3 Michelin Stars.
    Dovetail - Clean American eating. Moderately expensive (~$50-75pp),1 Michelin star.
    Cote - Upscale Korean BBQ/Steakhouse, incredible quality meats, expensive but worth it if you can get a reservation, 1 Michelin Star.
    Park Avenue Autumn/Winter/Spring/Summer - Curated nouveau Americana menu that changes with the season. Not super expensive, but not cheap. Go for Dinner.
    Mamoun's - Fantastic falafel, shawarma is a little less great.
    Halal Guys - Tons of food, super cheap, flavorful, and open til 4/5 am on the weekends.
    Chinatown Ice Cream Factory - Unpretentious, delicious ice cream. Black sesame is my favorite.
    Butter - Cute for a power lunch, has gone a little downhill in recent years since they closed their NoHo location
    ABC Kitchen - Trendy farm to table dining
    Obao - Trendy Thai/Asian fusion place in Hell's Kitchen, good for a weekday dinner.
    Ess-A-Bagel - Without a doubt the best bagel in the city. The line will be long, but I promise you it's worth it.
    Joe's Pizza - The best traditional pizza slice this side of Italy.
    Totto Ramen - On the same block as Therapy/Industry. Make sure you go to the one further east, the broth is much better
    New Wonjo - My favorite Korean place in the city (there's much better in Flushing, Queens).

    That's probably enough to keep you occupied!
  16. Oh my god, you are literally an angel for all of this, I couldn't thank you enough!
  17. Amsterdam. Brussels is dull.
  18. @papatrick I recommend this if you want something uniquely New York. You can read about it here and get a sense of what the scene is like here.

    I've only been to one China Chalet party and it was easily one of the best nightlife experiences I've ever had. It was Heaven on Earth, a monthly queer party that celebrates a different pop music icon. The two DJs have a very good ear for pop music and their playlists end up being one half amazing singles and album tracks by whatever artist is being celebrated, one half amazing pop songs by anyone else.

    Last month celebrated Gaga and Dua Lipa herself showed up at one point.

    The next one is on March 3rd and will be celebrating Rihanna:

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  19. Thank you, I just found out about China Chalet on the weekend while doing some research, definitely going to the Rihanna night on the Saturday, thanks for the heads up, so excited!
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