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The Travel Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, May 23, 2012.

  1. I got robbed and food poising within literally minutes of stepping foot in the city so my experience is more than a little biased.
  2. I'm going to Madrid in may (instead of Greece, way cheaper) for 15 days.

    Night life? Places to eat? Any kind of recommendation will be appreciated, thanks!
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  3. Chueca is lots of fun, I think I went to a bar called Bearbie there.

    I also went hiking in Peñalara, it's pretty accessible by public transport and it's gorgeous.

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  4. I just came back from Krakow and it was not the tea. Auschwitz was moving / interesting though.

    Looking at a Porto / Munich / Brussels (or some combo) next.
  5. Porto > Munich >>>>>>> Brussels
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  6. *sips tea*
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  7. Is 17 days enough to fully 'do' London, Paris, Berlin, and Barcelona (and does that itinerary even make sense) in the end of September? Was planning on doing 5 in London and Paris, 3 in the other two, but unsure if that timing makes sense.
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  8. My advice is to not try to pack in so many places into such a short time. I did Milan, Split, Sarajevo, Budapest and Berlin in 2 weeks 2 years ago. I could barely even walk by the time I got to Budapest.

    Where are you visiting from? I would recommend Barcelona over Berlin. Berlin is fun, but it's ugly with unpredictable weather, and there's only so much World War 2 and the Wall you can take.
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  9. No tibbs. I'd cut one (maybe London depending on what interests you).
  10. How did you get to and from Sarajevo? The air links don’t look great but I haven’t looked THAT hard into it. I’d love to go.
  11. I got the bus from Split, it took about 7 hours because we stopped in every tiny village on the way. I flew from Sarajevo to Budapest with Wizz Air.
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  12. I'm visiting from NYC, so fairly accustomed to walking, but point taken! Berlin is up there for the nightlife and historical stuff, but probably last on the list, so if anything was getting cut, that'd be the one

    I'm an urban dweller through and through, so I'd have a hard time cutting London I think, especially with the FX rate being so favorable currently.

    What if I extend the trip to 20 days? 5/6 days in each city is enough for a first visit, surely? I'd be flying everywhere, if that changes anything (why is airfare cheaper than ground transport?)
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  13. If you're into the idea of traveling by train, check out the eurail pass -
    You can buy passes that let you travel on a certain number of days within a month (let's say 5 days within a month).

    Since most of your stops would be 6-7 hours total travel time from each other, it could be a nice way to do it. Otherwise flixbus is really cheap and has connections all over the continent

    If I were doing it, I'd go London-Amsterdam-Paris-Barcelona. It's a fairly short flight from London to Amsterdam, which has great nightlife, is prettier than Berlin and has tons of history too.

    You can get a flixbus to Paris from there from as little as 15 euro according to the search I just did.
    Then get a flight from Paris to Barcelona because the train usually requires a long transfer in Toulouse.
  14. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I'm going to Berlin in a couple of weeks for a stag do screech, any suggestions of things we could do/places we shouldn't avoid? xx
  15. I'm sorry to hear that, Italy is full of great places to visit and Rome is no longer one of them (sadly).

    I would probably do 4 full days in each cities so you could chill more in Barcellona and Berlin (given those two would be the last you'll visit). Of course 4 days for London would be a bit short and there's lots of things to be seen in Paris as well (but I've seen most of Paris in 2 full days - take in account that if you want to visit the Louvre you'll need to take a full day just for that).
    Sounds like a good trip of Europe.
  16. I will be going to London for the first time this Saturday! I am working on a list of things to do and see but would like to read what some of you folks have to suggest or recommend in terms of gay bars, quirky/off the path activities, your favorite places, etc.
  17. Skygarden is free, you can book it online so you don't have to queue on the day. You get an amazing view of London up there.
  18. I landed in Naples an hour ago and I got robbed by a cashier in a supermarket. She only gave me a tenner out of 13 euro change.

    I thought the online guides were exaggerating when they said Naples was ugly, but it's rotten.
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  19. Sis it happens everywhere all the time with tourists.
  20. I gotta tell you, Italy has some the greatest disrespect toward tourists that I've ever encountered.
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