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The Travel Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, May 23, 2012.

  1. I was not prepared for all the sexy priests in Rome. I've never ever seen a priest who looked like these guys. It'd almost make me want to go to church.
  2. I hate to break this to you, but you're too old for them.
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  3. I, being a Homosexual Man, am going to Berlin in a few hours for the first time. I'm thinking of heading to either Prague or Cologne for Thursday and Friday, then back to Berlin Saturday and flying home Sunday.

    I'd love any tips from my fellow fun gays on Berlin, and anyone's suggestion between Prague and Cologne. I'm here with my husband. Great cocktails, cool, small restaurants, and pretending to be locals are some of our favorite things. Also, safe sexy time with new friends!

    Cheers for any help you all can give.
  4. Both Prague and Cologne are lovely but 4 days is enough just for Berlin? There's tons to do.
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  5. Thanks. Right now, I'd be there tonight through Sunday.
  6. 2 days in Prague is plenty. It's quite compact and easily walkable with great public transport for anything out of the way. Plus a beer costs a euro.

    If you don't drink beer, ask for a beton. It's a becherovka (a local bitter) and tonic. It's much cheaper than a gin and tonic and tastes delicious.

    Cross Club is a few minutes walk from Holesovice metro, it's steampunk themed so you could take some nice photos there if that's your thing

    Petrin Tower gives you a great view of Prague and is pretty cheap to visit

    Never accept the commission rate on the ATMs, it's always terrible compared to what your bank will charge
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  7. Has anyone ever been to Egypt? It's been my life dream to go and see The Valley of The Kings and various other historical sites and I've finally booked myself a week in Hurghada. I know that being Gay is generally unacceptable over there but I've heard of many Gay people travelling there without problems and I've thoroughly researched this as best as I can. I just wondered if anyone had any experiences.
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  8. Teddy Torres looked at my profile on Scruff so this is all a win.
  9. See, I did Krakow early last year (Jan) and absolutely loved it.
  10. It really depends what you want to do. I recently did:

    Paris-Nancy-Salzburg-Zagreb-Belgrade-Sofia-Istanbul in a similar time frame, but I was on minimum museum visiting. All the cities you're looking at are bigger, of course, but most European cities can be walked in half a day, so the rest is attractions. If you want to go to the Tower of London and St Paul's, for example, that's pretty much a full day gone. If you're going clubbing you're not going to be up at 8am, etc.

    Do not go to the Checkpoint Charlie museum in Berlin, it's the worst museum I've been to (and I've been to some sketchy museums)
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  11. I just got back from my first visit to London and I had such a blast with my friend who met up with me. The people were lovely, the culture was rich and we got to walk thousands of steps each day. It's still so surreal to have visited Rough Trade, G-A-Y, Electric Brixton and other UK establishments and buildings I've read about on here these past few years or in the history books. We ended up seeing Panda Bear and I was emotionally throughout the show.

    Usually when I travel, I like to compile video clips and piece 'em together on the plane ride so if you guys fancy a look, Lily's demo of "LDN" is soundtracking our trip in the vid:
  12. Thanks so much for suggesting I stay in Berlin. That's what we did and it was the trip of a lifetime. Best meal of my life, gorgeous weather, liberating sexual experiences, a thousand friendly gays, and a renewed resolve to do whatever I can to stop the rise of anti-other policies and sentiment at home in the US. Am a better person for this week. Yay!
  13. Tell us more sis
  14. I like how nearly everyone I know's first time in Berlin begins with them worrying about how to say 'please' and 'thanks' or getting into clubs and by the time they need to catch the flight home they're out of their mind getting fisted at 6am in the middle of a REWE supermarket.
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  15. Ya know. Axel, massage, Boiler, Lab., naked in the park, etc. Kissed and blew Teddy Torres. So. Try to tell me shit!
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  16. So this year I've done Rome, Venice, Florence and Pisa. Currently planning Milan and Lake Como and Sicily for next month maybe? I was reading through the Milan shade, but I think it might have enough to keep me occupied for a weekend? I could either tag a trip to Catania or Palermo onto the Milan trip or take a week in July to do it? First world problems lol.
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  18. I stayed at Cascina Respau in Como, and it's one of the loveliest hostels I've ever stayed in. It's up a hill, you call them when you arrive and they'll come down to pick you up. It's super chill up there, but also within walking distance to Como, and they make delicious food.
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  19. Planning on Milan and either Mykonos OR Santorini and DAMN, Vas makes a good case for Mykonos. I want good scenery but I also don't want to be bored off my tits.
  20. What are the good gay bars/clubs in Paris?
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