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The Travel Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, May 23, 2012.

  1. I like Le Tango. It's like your friendly local gay bar.
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  2. Catania is amazing if you're into baroque architecture and churches. If you go there, make sure to go to Bar Savia and get a "cassatella", it's a typical sweet and it's delicious. You can eat it in Villa Bellini, which is on the other side of the street and it's beautiful.

    If you go to Sicily during summer, take a trip to Aeolian Islands, Lipari and Vulcano are my favourites.

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  3. That looks fab. I'm booked to fly into Palermo...but I haven't figured out whether to do a few days in Palermo yet and come back or whether to take a train and go to Catania and fly from there instead. Those pictures are really great!
  4. Travel plans have changed for the better I think--Barcelona was a little ambitious.

    3 days in London
    2 days in Amsterdam
    1 day in Brussels
    4 days in Paris
    3 days in London (working during the day for all 3)

    In early September.

    Does that make sense? Tried to avoid the headache of flying as an American through the Eurozone and stuck to destinations readily available via Eurostar this go-around. Considering knocking a day off of the first London leg or Paris and doing a day in Antwerp or Rotterdam, but I figure I could decide that once I arrive and book a hotel if I decide to go that route.
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  5. Is it your first time in those places? If so skip Brussels.
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  6. Whew I lived there and honestly tea.
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  7. Yeah, first time to Europe--is Brussels that bad? I figured it'd be a nice way to break up the train ride between Amsterdam and London, and could be good for a low key day/night of architecture gawking.

    What would you recommend I do with the day instead? Tack it onto the Netherlands?
  8. Bruxelles is actually very fine for one day, it just pales in comparison with the other four cities. I don't know which kind of architecture you like, but I'd strongly suggest Rotterdam instead. It's a quite unique city.
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  9. Go to the Marolles for a nice antique market stroll, go up to the Palace of Justice for a nice view, go for a drink at Fontainas (this part is the most important). You'll have a nice day.
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  10. Rotterdam and Amsterdam are awesome. I am a Dutchie.
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  11. Can someone give me the lowdown on Berghain? Is it worth it? And is going clubbing on a Sunday morning not weird?
  12. I'm going to be in Nice for 3 days this summer. Any recommendations for stuff to see/do? I'm going to try and sneak down to Monaco for a day trip.
  13. 2 days in Amsterdam is definitely not enough! I'd try and do at least 3 or even 4 if possible. I was there in October/November for 5 days and even that wasn't enough.

    Get a ticket for the Anne Frank House if possible. Seeing it in person and exploring the attic was very surreal and emotional experience (for me at least). Also go across from Anne Frank House to Westerkerk Church Tower for an amazing panoramic view.
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  14. I've set a goal to move abroad later this year. I finish a diploma in web development in October, and I'm done with living in Ireland. I haven't yet settled on a location, so I was wondering what opinions people had on the following in terms of job prospects/quality of life.

    Paris - I speak French, and have lived there before so it's not so much of an unknown.

    Madrid - been there on holiday and loved it. My Spanish is basic, and I'm happy to improve it.

    Lisbon - I've never been, have some friends over there and hear great things. I speak booty call Brazilian Portuguese.

    I'm also considering Prague because the economy is on fire there, so my chances of getting a job quickly are high. The downside is I lived there before and found it very dull.
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  15. Quick how do I do two days in Taipei by myself I’m on the plane right now and realize I don’t really know what I’m going to do when I get there!
  16. Sounds like an authentic Berlin experience.

    When I went to Berlin I felt like an old yuppie comparatively. What area did you stay in?
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  17. Taipei is awesome. Check out the night markets. Go to Tamsui for sunset. Chiangkaishek memorial. Climd elephant hill for a panorama or the city. Wouldn't bother with Taipei 101.
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  18. LP


    I highly recommend this company for a day cruise to Sainte Marguerite. You can get the ferry and tickets (by the same company) at Nice Port. The Ferry will take you to Cannes where you get on the Catamaran. It's a full day trip, reasonable priced and you feel like a star.
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  19. Last night I booked a trip to Perth in December?!

    Crazy excited about it. Australia has been on my bucket list for years, and for some reason I've always felt drawn to Perth.

    In a very "treat yoself"-moment I even booked business class sfjksfksfdsk.
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  20. Shöneberg. At the Axel and the Lulu Guldsmeden once the Axel's thing got a bit stale.
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