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The Travel Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, May 23, 2012.

  1. Ah, I stayed in an airbnb in Neukölln and the area was populated with hipster kids and Turkish immigrants. It was ages away from any decent morning food (i'm Aussie so I like a big fresh breakfast and great coffee in the morning - something Europe doesn't really accomodate). Did a quick little trip to Shöneberg - went to KaDeWe and noticed my Grindr blew up. We're heading back spring 20 so will probably stay in that area next.
  2. Quokkas on Rottnest Island are a definite highlight.

    Margaret River is great too.
  3. HELP. I'm going to California with my two best buds in July, Staying in San Fran from 10-15th of, then L.A. from 15th to 21st of, then one night in Vegas from 21st to 22nd of July. (three nights prior to Janet starting her residency, d'oh)

    We try to make it as gay as possible.
    I know OUTfest is happening when we're in L.A., might check out the Peaches Christ stage show at Castro Theatre, thinking about doing Yoga and hiking up Runyon Canyon, checking out Love Connie at La Casita Del Campo and doing the Rainbow roller rink in Glendale.
    Anyone got any suggestions for exciting things going on in that timeframe that the usual tourist guides won't mention? (Of course we're doing the normal MOMA, LACMA etc. stuff as well)
    What are great clubs to go to in San Fran/L.A., can be alterna-queer-beardy types not into the usual muscle hunk-ish crowd. Any ideas for good gay beaches/gyms/swimming pools/cafes/shops? Thinking about hitting up Santee Alley. Vegas in particular, no idea what to do there except for just taking in the scenery, maybe going to Piranha.

    Any help will be appreciated.
  4. Does anyone ever go on holiday alone? I've always wanted to go solo but always been scared as I always rely on my friends to sort everything out. I'm thinking of a few nights in Spain somewhere this summer.
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  5. I literally don't even travel with other people now. Sometimes my friends try and mooch in but I have a nice set of excuses at the ready. The flexibility and freedom of doing whatever you want is great.
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  6. Oh really? Do you ever get bored? Or do you make friends out there?
  7. Literally don’t, ever. If I make a day plan then I follow the plan, if not I wake up and google what to do wherever I go.

    If I want to meet people I stay in a decent hostel OR boot up Grindr and make new friends. I have friends from all over the world that I met on there. Not everyone is out for sex all the time on it.
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  8. Anyone have any accommodation recommendations or general tips on going to Ibiza in August on a budget? I know, it's a cliché and overpriced, but my friend really wants to go and I said I'd go with her.
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  9. Get a spray tan
  10. Ooh, thank you! :)
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  11. Was there anything non-tower related to do in Pisa? I have always wondered.

    Siena is ridiculously lovely too. I still have indigestion from all the truffles (and cheese, cream etc).

  12. Usually when I travel abroad, I plan to go solo. I have a friend that lives out in Finland and, if he's able to, he joins along but, like @James2009 mentioned, having the freedom and adhering to your own schedule is a luxury. I can be social but that part of usually comes out when I am in a new environment and out of my comfort zone.

    Where in Spain are you planning to go?
  13. There was not. It was nice to walk around for a few hours because it was super quiet outside of the immediate 'tower area', then I headed on to Florence.
  14. I went to Japan for two weeks on my own. It was great. A little weird at first and at times lonely, as I'm so used to traveling with friends, but the overall experience is incredibly positive! Since then I've always tried to do a short trip somewhere once a year on my own, even if it's for a couple of nights.
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  15. I just got back from Namibia which is also my 50th country! Granted, it was for work, but it still feels awesome to get to that milestone. When I was a kid, I pretty much just wanted to travel the world, so I consider myself very fortunate to be able to see so much.
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  16. Any Bay Area friends willing to give me tips for where to go dancing with a bachelorette party? 'Tis me, my gay husband, and four straight women who won't be annoying, but I'd imagine a sash could be involved... (Packs shredder.)

    The gayer the better, but we don't want to kill any gay vibez by being "that" party.
  17. Gyurls, what are some of the best Berlin clubs/bar at the moment? I'm heading over in a couple of weeks and want to schedule. Danke!
  18. Berghain obviously. I also went to Suicide Circus and Griessmuehle and had a fantastic night in all.
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  19. Only bother with Berghain if you're prepared to queue for 3 hours and then still be turned away because you look too enthusiastic.

    My favourite place is Schwuz in Neukoeln. It's 3 different rooms, retro pop, slightly dancier pop, and pop. The walkway between the retro room and the unisex toilets functions as an open darkroom, but people are very polite. One guy took his dick out and waved it at me, I said no thanks and he zipped up and said no problem. Very civilized.

    Barwise, Mobel Olfe has a nice vibe as well as Bar zum schmutzigen Hobby. They would screen the German version of I'm A Celebrity in Schmutzi, because apparently Germans are nuts about it.

    Also, Indian restaurants usually have happy hour cocktails and they do not skimp on the alcohol content.
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  20. Or go on a Sunday A.M.
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