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The Travel Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, May 23, 2012.

  1. Hi. I’m going to Buenos Aires for New Year’s Eve and need recommendations. Best bars, restaurants, gay friendly parties etc. There’s some specific place that I should definitely avoid?
  2. BA is wonderful. The whole city is super gay. Peuteo and Glam is a great night out. Feliza is a nice little alternative gay bar. Km Zero is ropey as fuck but it's the only one open every night and can be a lot of fun.
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  3. Anyone got advice for what to do in Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore? I've got a diving thing booked but otherwise I've got a little over a week to kill.
  4. I've not been to Phuket, but I've done KL and Singapore.

    KL - Batu Cave, a cool trip with some nice steps at the end. The best thing I did there.
    Patronus Tower, worth a look.

    Singapore - Gardens by the bay, Marina bay Sands (you can go up to the top for a drink in the restaurant), get a Singapore Sling, watch the lights show

    Neither location is really all that exciting though, but of the two I'd say Singapore's the nicer place to spend your time. There's a good choice of shops if you enjoy that and a decent range of restaurants.
  5. KL is pretty shit tbh
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  6. I hated Phuket dddd.
  7. Anyone have a strategy for narrowing down an itinerary? I have a two-week trip to Japan in March, and by researching everything I've decided on approximately nothing.

    It's overwhelming.
  8. Figure out what's important to you and build your itinerary around that.
    Something like 5d Tokyo 3d Osaka 2d Kyoto 2d Hiroshima/Miyajima. You could maybe stop in Nara or Nagoya on the way back. (One of my personal faves in Japan was Hida-Takayama, worth one night at least in my opinion)
    Look at the JR east rail pass, will almost certainly work out cheaper than individual tickets but must be purchased outside Japan.
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  9. Come to Greece.
  10. It’s difficult!

    We just had 2 weeks in Japan and the autumn foliage is so beautiful, will it be blossoming in March?

    I guess it depends on your interests and budget. We went to Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima/Itsukushima, Osaka and back to Tokyo and we tend to do pretty standard sightseeing, museums etc. If you are going to be travelling around the country the JR pass is a must. It’s pricey but not as expensive as individual train fares!

    We booked the first few nights and last few nights ahead of time as we knew we flying in/out from Tokyo. We then decided to book Kyoto for 3/4 nights. We weren’t sure if we might go to Mount Fuji but realised we could still go on the way back to Tokyo (didn’t make it in the end). Basically we left some nights unbooked to give us flexibility. We ended up extending our time in Kyoto because there was so much to see temples, bamboo forest, deer park, monkey park etc it has more historical/ scenic stuff. Public transport isn’t as good as Tokyo and everything seems to be centred around the main station so we stayed in a great hotel v close to it called Daiwa Royal Hotel Grande Kyoto - breakfast was excellent. We weren’t planning to do Hiroshima but my boyfriend went to the tourist information and got carried away with some advice he had been given to visit the island Itsukushima just outside Hiroshima. It was worth visiting and we spent a day in each place. I wasn’t hugely fussed with Osaka we had only left ourselves 3 nights there but we used it as a base to visit Nara and Himeji (short train rides). Well worth visiting.
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  11. 2019 was the first year in 6 years I haven’t been to Ios and I’m getting withdrawal.

  12. Flop fan! Rectify.
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  13. Has anyone been to Lisbon? I'm thinking of taking the squeeze there for a weekend getaway. Is there a lot to do? Where would you recommend staying?
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  14. Going in two weeks. Come I'll squeeze you both.
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  15. Eat pasteis de nata every day.
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  16. I would recommend walking everywhere. I loved getting lost and re-tracing my steps or finding new areas to explore...if I was truly unsure, I'd pull out the map on my phone or ask someone for directions.

    Also, check out the Chinese restaurant that's tucked away at this address:
    R. Guia 9 1, 1100-132
    The food is good and affordable (if you're on a budget). The dude I met while I was there introduced me to this place and we ended up munching our dinners here for about a week straight. There was also Annapurna ( I can get pretty emotional when I travel and I remember ordering coconut naan and crying, haha. I went here for lunch a couple of times and the lady working was also very lovely to chat with.
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  17. I'm scoping out a trip to Australia in September for a family wedding, which will take place a few hours outside Cairns. I'll be there for about 2 weeks, so my first thought is to not spend it flying all over Australia to see as much as possible, but rather choose 2 or 3 places to see.

    The first week I have more or less planned out, going to do scuba training at the Great Barrier Reef and then the wedding. For the second week, I am thinking of spending a few days in Sydney, doing the harbour bridge climb and seeing the nightlife there.

    Ideally I would be visiting Uluru but it's too expensive for this trip, so I am wondering if there interesting day trips to do in the Sydney area? So far I've looked at hikes in the Blue mountains, and they are gorgeous.

    Should I just stay in Cairns and explore more of the outdoors up there and only visit Sydney in the last few days before I fly home?
  18. I think between Sydney and surrounds and Far North Queensland (rainforest, incredible coastline/reef, wild animals, etc) I think you'll have a fantastic couple of weeks.

    That being said, I've never been north of Brisbane so I'll let more experienced posters give you their thoughts.
  19. I have a ticket to Hong Kong booked in 3 weeks...sure as hell ain't traveling with this Coronavirus. Just need British Airways to waive the cancelation fees. Might use the money to go to Sri Lanka or South Africa instead.
  20. It depends what you're into, and I cant drive so I was limited, but a few days in Cairns is enough in my opinion. Cairns is a very small town.

    Besides the Blue Mountains, the countryside between Sydney and Newcastle is pretty. I lived in Sydney for a couple of years, and I'm alswqys happy to recommend stuff - though the lock out laws severely damaged the night life, and while they're being reversed it will take a bit to see how it works out.
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