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〔 The TWICE Rate 〕#103

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, May 17, 2021.

  1. Ah, memories of me as a baby subforum member misguidedly sumbitting HO! as my super-whatever of that year only to be hilariously dragged when it left in the bottom three.

    I stand by my ten points, but I can understand why people might not like this one. However, the draggings of that mini album as a whole.......I do not accept that.

    Also, @Slice of Life & @Vixen, you have top tier taste.
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  2. M24


    All this negative talk about the What Is Love EP makes me really worried for Dejavu, which is one of my highest scores of the rate...

    Anyway, I do agree it's among their lesser works, though still pretty decent and I think I prefer it to Yes or Yes.
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  3. Teebs... this song has just gotten better with age for me. I view it through the lens of TWICE tackling the bratpop/noise sound ff. Do It Again from their first album kinda has a similar vibe, but the mixing on that is just horrific.
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  4. Just the title "Shot Clock" had me worried it would be too cheesy before I listened to the album but it really revealed itself as a true highlight of Eyes Wide Open for me.
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  5. I thought Shot Clock was the worst on the album, sounds so dated.
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  6. Shot Clock definitely is the worst one in its album but Queen and Bring It Back aren't too far behind.
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  7. Shot Clock is fine. It may be the worst song in the album, but that doesn't mean it should be getting eliminated anytime soon.
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  8. aux





    10 x2 (@Serg., @RUNAWAY), 9.5 x1 (@thommyh)

    4 x3 (@Shockbox, @BeingNormal, @nikkysan), 5 x2 (@soratami, @eatyourself)

    AUX's score

    "Brand New Girl" was released as the b-side to the Japanese single "Candy Pop", it was later included in the tracklist for BDZ. This is one of my favourite Japanese songs from them, so I'm a bit miffed as to it leaving now. It's such a fun, fever rush of a song. The production is taking the aegyo concept *explosion sound* to freedom. I'm not the biggest fan of "Candy Pop", so part of me wishes this was the single instead of it.

  9. It's okay to go, but Be as One should already be gone too.
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  10. I think YOU should go. Be as ONE is the best song on BDZ nn
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  11. Over BDZ and Candy Pop? No maam.
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  12. aux





    10 x1 (@thommyh), 9.5 x1 (@Slice of Life)

    3 x1 (@eatyourself), 4 x1 (@Salami)

    AUX's score

    Bye boo. I'm sorry, but I just don't have time for this song. "Shot Clock" is the ninth track on TWICE's second studio Korean album Eyes wide open. I just find this too grating and bombastic for my taste, it doesn't feel rewarding in any sense. The production sounds like a marching band on steroids and it sounds completely out of place on Eyes wide open - which overall is one of the best K-Pop releases ever, so having this there takes it down a smidge. I think @Salami nailed it best out of all the takes on "Shot Clock", saying it sounds dated for a song which came out late last year.

    The song has never been performed live so here's a "Empty Arena Version" I found on YouTube which makes it sound like it is being performed live.

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  13. hmm today I will cause violence
  14. Eh, I'm unphased by that one. It's not the worst thing ever but I don't really care for it much.
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  15. "Empty Arena Version" sounds so shady nn
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  16. I can understand the arena being empty if all they play is Shit Cock.
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  17. aux





    10 x2 (@thommyh, @savilizabeths), 9 x3 (@nikkysan, @Luck, @RUNAWAY)

    4 x3 (@BeingNormal, @Salami, @ysev), 5 x2 (@Shockbox, @eatyourself)

    AUX's score

    "WOW" is the fourth track on TWICE's debut Korean album twicetagram. To be wholly honest, I don't mind this track, I just find it very repetitive and forgettable. The bridge is easily the best part of the song. I'm not too mad about this leaving us, it's sadly on the weaker side of their fantastic first album which dare I say is underrated.

    There's no "WOW" live performances so everyone, give it up for LOONA's "WOW" xx

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  18. Middle of the pack Twicetagram but it still could've hung on a tad longer, as for Shot Clock, we're wrong for making it the first cut from Eyes Wide Open but I'm not surprised considering its detractors were calling for it.
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  19. I decided not to give my 11 to WOW this time around. That song, of all things, got me through one of the worst periods of my life. The album as a whole but especially WOW. To this day it makes me happier than I can explain, even though I know most people don't get that. I didn't give it my 11 this time around bc I knew the result would break my heart but it's still my 11 in my soul.

    You high scorers, thank you for existing and hearing what I hear in this song.
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  20. Oh my god, if you'd lost your 11 here too I would pull an MNET and fabricate the results to make So Curious go a bit higher. You don't deserve so much suffering! I'm glad you picked another one though.

    If it comforts you, the next 11 to leave the IZ*ONE rate is mine :((
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