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〔 The TWICE Rate 〕#111

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, May 17, 2021.

  1. Signal was my favorite song of them until 2019 and it still is one of their very best for me. A misunderstood bop.
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  2. Taste of Love is going to slap. I hope y'all manage to send in your scores for the album because judging from the album sampler there's some strong top 30 material in there.
  3. aux


    Taste of Love is officially out! I've updated the Apple Music playlist and the opening post with the updated song list.

    I will be terrorising your inboxes later tomorrow with reminders to vote for Taste of Love and for those who haven't voted, with a lil' reminder to participate.

    Let me know how everyone is getting on with their ballots and if you need extra time!

  4. God, I'm way behind on this. It shouldn't be too hard but a little extra time never hurt anyone.
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  5. I don't want to derail your plans @aux unnie but I won't lie and say that a little extra time would be beneficial to me too. But I'm going to soldier on as if there isn't an extension so I manage to get it done.
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  6. I'll probably need some extra time as well. I'll see if I can start this on the weekend!!
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  7. aux


    In that case... Let me give you all an extra week from the original deadline, which means y'all now have about twelve days to complete the rate!

    25th of JUNE

    11:59 PM GMT

  8. Taste of Love scores submitted. SOS for highest placing b-side juseyo x

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  9. I'm definitely giving out a good handful of 10's, but not many in their early discography. Signal was the first obvious 10 in the rate when going chronologically. A MOMENT. Also @Serg. do me a favor and don't compare my scores for Twicetagram songs with your 3rd gen rate ddddd.
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  10. gyeote isseojweo I really really really really want !
    neoman ittamyeon

    Oooooh ! Oooooh~
    Baby baby eonjena idaero
    neoman neoman Only only neo


    Whew what a song !
  11. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  12. Just got to get through some of the Japanese stuff.
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  13. @aux I've got all my scores done but I only have 4 more albums and the Misc. ones to listen to to confirm scores -- so I expect mine to be in by Monday at the absolute latest!
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  14. Can I send my Korean discography ballot first then the Japanese one in another day? Or would you rather get them all at once?
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  15. Scores submitted!

    The Story Beings - 7.33 (two 9's)
    Page Two - 7.29 (one 9.5)
    Lane 1 - 6.86 (one 9)
    Lane 2 - 8.5 (one 9)
    SIGNAL - 8.91 (two 10's)
    twicetagram - 7.96 (one 10)
    Merry & Happy - 5 (one 6)
    What Is Love? - 7 (one 9)
    Summer Nights - 7.25 (one 9)
    YES or YES - 8.17 (one 9.5)
    FANCY YOU - 9.42 (two 10's)
    Feel Special - 8.92 (one 10)
    MORE & MORE - 8.43 (one 10)
    Eyes wide open - 8.73 (one 11/one 10)
    Taste of Love - 9.83 (four 10's) dddddddd
    BDZ - 5.6 (one 9.5)
    &TWICE - 8.15 (two 10's)
    MISC - 7.17 (one 8.5)
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  16. aux


    You can send them separately or all at once, it’s not a problem!
  17. What's up with the Spotify playlist cover nn

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  18. Huh? I see the Fancy You cover?

    From left to right:
    • Tzuyu
    • Nayeon (her onkle went *CLEEK* so she’s sitting down)
    • Dahyun
    • Mina
    • Momo
    • Sana
    • Jeonghyun (she overindulged lol)
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  19. FANCY YOU without Chaeyoung and Jihyo
  20. Why on Earth did none of the k-pop regulars who know I like TWICE tag me for this? In any event I've just started and will try my best to get them in before the deadline, good thing I'm off work this week and an extension was offered, the first time I've ever used an extension when voting dd.
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