The Ultimate PJ Flop Rate - THE FINAL

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Today it begins.

Elaboration coming later...


The full list is as follows!

Lady GaGa - Marry The Night
Britney Spears - Criminal
Marina & The Diamonds - Radioactive
Madonna - Girl Gone Wild
Alesha Dixon - Drummer Boy
The Saturdays - My Heart Takes Over
Beyonce - Run The World (Girls)
Alexandra Burke - Let It Go
Mini Viva - One Touch
Rihanna - You da One
Nadine Coyle - Insatiable
Nicola Roberts - Beat of my Drum
Cheryl Cole - The Flood
Nelly Furtado - Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)
Avril Lavigne - What The Hell
No Doubt - Settle Down
Jennifer Lopez - Papi
Nicki Minaj - The Boys (feat. Cassie)
Sugababes - Freedom
Leona Lewis / Avicii - Collide
Mariah Carey - Triumphant
Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight

Please rate the songs on a scale of 0-10 with ten being the highest score and one being the lowest, of course. The songs are being rated based on their quality and not their levels of success. Voting closes on the 11th November.
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I was one of the chosen disciples. The list is....interesting, to say the least. Feathers will be ruffled!
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It's going to be an interesting rate. Some of the songs in the preliminary list deserved all the floppage they got, whereas some were unfairly shunned, should-be-pop-classics.
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I'm entirely confused as to what on Earth this rate is about but anything with the word 'flop' in it sounds good to me.
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The picture grid featuring all of your favourite artists shall be up within the hour. The ten anonamous advisers and I pondered over these choices long and hard and it's fair to say every fave is about to be named and shamed. Of course not everyone will agree and even some decisions between advisers were conflicting but this is as representative of a collective opinion as I could get and y'all should remember it's all fun and games.

There are no appearances from Keri or Ciara.
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I completely understand why Ciara and Keri aren't in it. You'd have to cite almost every single they've ever put out.

Also, I have a very strong feeling already of who is goSAY!ing to win this...
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“Flop”. Along with ‘Amazing’, ‘Dead’ _____ and a whole host of other terms, it’s use within stan culture has become somewhat of a self parody. If the latest Rihanna single isn’t #1 within the hour “it’s a flop”. If Lady GaGa’s album finishes in #2 of the year’s bestsellers behind Adele “it’s a flop”. Hell, if Christina gets out of bed “it’s a flop”. However, as with all terms it’s relevancy is sometimes spot on. Sometimes hype and hysteria build us forum members up to a certain level of expectation, only for the public to simply not feel the same way and for the song to flop. Stans argue for months, if not years, over whether or not a song is a flop and although they can wave all the Slovenian chart statistics in the hater’s faces all they want, sometimes a flop is just simply that.

However, this is no rate for your every day flop. Keri Hilson and Ciara, who are the dictionary definition of flop within a pop aficionado’s mind, will not be present as when these girls flop, nobody bats an eyelid. This is a rate for those flops which, whether shocked or not, affected the acts whose fans hold on to chart positions and sales figures as though their life depended on it. As stated above, it’s hard to get people to fully agree as to what officially constitutes a flop and so after selecting the twenty candidates, they were pre-released to ten forum members, via PM, to deliberate their credentials. There were tears, anger, sweat and receipts and yet I stand here today with the official candidates for PJ’s flop rate.
There are mitigating circumstances surrounding each and some are more deceptive than others, for example one ‘Single by an X-Factor songstress seemingly acceptable chart position of #4 hiding the fact that it had no longevity, low sales and resulted in a 12 month postponing of it’s parent album. Similarly, people may argue that since ‘Song by popular Non-Girls Aloud girl group’ was never released it cannot be defined as a flop when in fact it’s lack of release says far more about it’s flopdom than any chart position ever could. Upon elimination, each song will be accompanied by a story/explanation as to what exactly makes it such a flop with a few additional commentaries from the users who helped define the song’s placing in the rate. Each song has a strong case and with the help of the ten deliberators, this game intendeds to pit against one another the twenty songs which have defined the use of the word “FLOPPPP!!!11!” in recent times. Try to keep in mind that this is all fun and games, also, and that bitching and throwing irrelevant receipts my way will achieve very little. It’s a tounge in cheek ‘verses rate’ intended as a break from the more formulated yearly/artist rates and the collection of songs are so varied that it should be interesting, no?

Anyway, since this aims to see “The ultimate flop” it’s obviously far more interesting, in a similar style to the horror of the ‘2010 UK #1 Singles Rate,’ to reveal the results in reverse order. The first song revealed will be the song which achieved the highest score and therefore is safe from being crowned “PJ’s ultimate flop”. The song with the lowest score will not only be a miss with the public but an outcast within the PJ community and officially “Popjustice’s Ultimate Flop”. Any questions?
Let the games begin!


Official shortlist coming in about an hour but above are the basic clues and most are pretty decipherable.
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Oh bollocks, I'm going to have to listen the Flood and One Touch now, aren't I? I suppose it had to happen eventually...

(How on earth did you manage to narrow down "floppiest single" for Nicola and (as much as I love her) Marina, though? Some task!)
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Keri is reading this from her dial-up connection in her bedsit and weeping. She probably got so excited when she read the title as well.
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From that picture it all looks like a bunch of successful singers to me? And a few of the dreaded PopJustice forum favourites..
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From that picture it all looks like a bunch of successful singers to me? And a few of the dreaded PopJustice forum favourites..

Oh, it's not about flop artists. It's basically the flop songs, from generally PJ loved artists, the forum was concerned with.
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So many faves in one image. This is going to be... testing.