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The Ultimate Popstar Countdown 2017 - #450a

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mvnl, May 8, 2017.

  1. That Leonard Cohen song is so good, again reminding me I need to get that 11-CD box!

    and that Heather Headly song seems really familiar?
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  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I never heard of Heather or Kelela before, but both sounded like they're worth to check out.
    Definitely a taster of what might be in store when we get to the all-new reveals.
    Hoping this topic will gain a little more life than as well, compared to last year especially @Eric Generic and @Zar-Unity have been very quiet. Also @MollieSwift21 and @Baby Clyde actually.
  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Alright people, here we go.
    From tomorrow on the reveals pick up where I left things last year. As for now: here's one more reminder of acts that are already out.

  4. Samantha Jade very nearly made my list, but I'm happy to see her included. Sweet Talk is such a cute bop.
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  5. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    For me it's still all about

    What a song.
  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    As for Tove Styrke: no clue what her obsession with her name is, but people: check her out!

    (Has the Call My Name video seriously been removed to make people focus on Say My Name??)

  7. Roxanne Shante was me. Not sure why I chose Bad Sister I'm pretty sure that's not my favourite song. Practically every track on her first album is amazing especially Live on Stage, Independent Woman and Have a Nice Day.

    She is the original female rapper, she wrote and recorded Roxanne's Revenge at the age of 14 and was the instigator of the infamous Roxane Wars (Somehow she managed to do all of that without taking her clothes off !!)

    Despite this being a fairly parochial affair within NY hip hop circles and involving records that didn't touch the charts, I distinctly remember this being a topic of conversation at my Kent primary school in the mid 80'season. Somehow her influence had reached 10 year olds in Maidstone !! @Baby Clyde will probably remember the name of the hip hop compilation tapes we all used to listen to (well we didn't but some of the cooler kids had them). God knows where we got them from.

    I just found out there's a new film out about her, produced by Pharrell and Forrest Whittaker and starring Mahershala Ali and Nia Long, will be out later this year.
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  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I never heard of her before, her song sounded nice, but reading such a comprehensive write-up on her makes me want to check out more of her. (And even if I don't it makes for a great read, so thanks for that!)
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  9. I do love a bit of Alexander O'Neal's If You Were Here Tonight. My favourite song of his just marginally ahead of classic Criticize.

    The video is hilarious though. That slightly rapey slightly awkward stare is a problem.
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  10. Luther was me. Best male singer of all time and I will continue posting this until everyone agrees

    I feel like Mika would make a perfect boyfriend if only he'd stop with his bloody awful singing
  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Hahaha. We're gonna need a seperate countdown for that!
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  12. I've not had the (mental) free-time to really get invested in the countdown yet, so I figured I would only join in when I was fully "here", as it were.
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  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'm not completely sure what that means, but I hope things are okay mentally!
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  14. I'm not good at multi-tasking lots of different if I've got stuff going on in real-life, plus other music projects, something has to give. The Countdown is best enjoyed (for me) when I can check out all the video montages and then discuss the acts in more than just a perfunctory way.

    I even missed the entire 2017 World Snooker Championships, the first time I've skipped them in about 20 years.
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  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah, that's exactly me, around this time last year. (Sorry guys!)
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  16. Leonard Cohen was me. At least this time :-). I especially like the 2001 album "10 New Songs". To me A Thousand Kisses Deep represents Leonard Cohen with his music and his poetry best ...

    And @Mvnl didn't you promise it will get better with my entries? I bet my next one ist out sure as hell as well ... (But never mind: glad to remind of / introduce those great musicians :-) )
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  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah, sorry.. it might take a little while before things get better. I'm not gonna spoiler when, but your votes definitely weren't in vain. At all.
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  18. I LOVE Johnny Logan. 2 of the best Eurovision songs ever but I prefer

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  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    By the way, did I already mention merely 1 vote could have made for a completely different number 1?
    Things are about to get very intense, starting tomorrow.

    Both last year and this year watching things change at the top of the list has been positively nervewrecking.
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  20. I'm Dinas Washington. The most effortless, distinctive, tone, I could listen to all day.
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