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The Ultimate Popstar Countdown 2017 - #450a

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mvnl, May 8, 2017.

  1. This kind of shit doesn't help !!
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  3. Hold Me Now was such a Eurovision moment.
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  4. Alright here we go. I was Solid Base. I am all about Eurodance. Most variations of it. However, I'm also very selective about the songs I like from many artists, that's why only a few made my final cut. This is especially true for the 90s brand of Eurodance, where most of Solid Base's music comes from. "Love" is kind of an anomaly for them in that it's a slower, emotional dance-ballad at times. But in a way that's kind of Solid Base's way when their music varied from album to album, single to single.

    Sometimes you'd get "Love", sometimes you'd get a more classic 90s eurodance song like Mirror Mirror:

    (This is the video @Mvnl pulled from because "love" wasn't a single)

    They also had handfuls of 90s beach summertime party jams like the aptly named This Is The Summer:

    Also adding in songs that were essentially rap songs with a nice hooky chorus. One of my all-time favs "Trust":

    And then often times they'd just go all out bubblegum-dance with things, like they did with I Do:

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  5. While in a youtube, broadway vortex the other night I came across Heather Headley while trying to work out if Jennifer, Fantasia or Cynthia sing I'm Here, better. I think I came to the decision that it's Fantasia who's acting is out of this world.

    Anyway I digress, what I'm trying g to say is Heather has been playing Shug Avery in The Color Purple on Broadway.
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  6. A few 90s eurodance bands barely missed the cut and I'm not afraid about them getting spoiled because honestly I'd be surprised if anyone has even heard of them, let alone add them to their all-time Top 40. There are a couple bigger acts that did make my list so I'll obviously leave them out. First of all Reset from Norway. They only had a couple albums and I only really go back to maybe five songs from them, but my God do I love those songs with every fabric of my being. "Say I'm The One" even made my Ultimate Popjustice song list and is always going to be my #1. It should be the soundtrack for every love scene from every romance movie like from ever. Seriously, this one always give me feels.

    Then the always "stop me in my tracks" because I'm ready to be entranced by the anthem..."Calling You" which has a better chance of hooking a new listener:

    The act that just missed my Top 40. We're talking about final days, hour even here. Canada's Capital Sound.

    "Your Love Is My Energy" was my bridge into them and it always going knock a new listener straight onto their ass within the first minute. Trust.

    They have a handful of songs that are admittedly samey, but amazing all the same so I never cared. My favorite among those is "Higher Love".

    Finally, they can also come at with the anthemic choruses and this one goes into the same category for as "Love" with the style of chorus and how it mixes in with everything the guys do in the song. Such an perfect blend of the 90s rap/hook template. "Loves Comes Around"

    Eurodance stan out. Hopefully somebody gets something out of these last two posts.
  7. Well I would have thought Erykah was me but I can't imagine putting her above Luther or Dinah. Actually did I put Dinah above Luther ?!! God knows what I'm playing at
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    Erykah was you as well!
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  9. A thing I only recently learned: the System of a Down song (my vote) that baffled and disgusted many in the last thread was featured in a trailer for "The Secret Life of Pets" two years ago. Sorry guys this means it counts as pop now.
  10. System of a Down is one of my all-time favorite nu metal bands ever. I decided not to add metal into this though. If I had to pick a trinity for System of a Down, it'd be:

    The obvious:

    The buried gem:

    The "before they were big"

    How about yours @Filler?
  11. I miss Samantha Jade's bops era. I say miss loosely because I discovered them well after the fact. This will always be the one for me.

    And damn, she is one of the sexiest singers I have ever laid eyes on in my life.
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  12. Yassss glad to see Tove Styrke get some points. Really sad to see Erykah out this early though (I didn't give her points so I shouldn't complain).

    Double yas that my list remains unscathed.
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    Yeah, you're doing extremely well for someone who hasn't even got that much of a mainstream list!

    Tove actually feels like an act who would have deserved a few more votes, but I'm guessing she's too niche, not really because of her music but because she hasn't released anything outside of her county untill recently.
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  14. System of a Down is one of my favourite bands I decided to not include any Rock or Indie bands in my list cause I wanted to focus more on Pure Pop Acts. But if I was making a list of Rock music System would be in my top 10. Toxicity is my favourite album by them, probably followed by Hypnotize and Mesmerize those three albums were the soundtrack to my years in Uni.

    Tove Styrke made my longlist, Kiddo is an amazing album it scored highly from me in the Scandi Pop Girls Rate.
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  16. That's why I like nu metal for the most part and not the other kinds because it's pretty much the metal version of pop music.
  17. Thanks! I'm surprised she only got my one vote if I'm honest...

    I've become quite a fan of her post Pipettes. Also great avatar pic, I forgot to include the Delays (duh!) so I'm hoping they get other appreciative votes
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    So after saying goodbye to our first 190 acts (including quite a few new ones) it's now finally time to pick things up where we left them last year, with all new reveals!

  19. Etta James... shameful they got Beyoncé to play her!

    Love both of Tove Styrke's albums, excited for her new one this year.

    Merill Bainsbridge (is that her name?) I've wrote down as somebody to look into - as I know I will love her work.
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    It is, minus the S!

    When did Beyoncé play Etta?
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