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The Ultimate Popstar Countdown 2017 - #450a

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mvnl, May 8, 2017.

  1. YAY to whoever picked Mis-teeq and double YAY for going with their obviously superior UK garage sound rather than the watered down RnB of the 2nd album.

    They were fucking great but as with most British acts of their ilk the British music biz managed to fail them spectacularly.
  2. Because it's rubbish and forgets entirely what made them so great in the first place. It's a tradition with UK RnB acts to make an amazing debut album that sound fresh and interesting and uniquely British only for the follow up to have a watered down American sound in an effort to crack the States but just managed to lose everything that made them unique in the first place. Never works.
  3. That Mark Ronson song choice is spot on.
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  4. I haven't watched the last two videos but I've missed loads, so this post is probably going to be a mess.

    Did I vote for Ashanti? If so I do love her and she's a classic act to me. I know she flopped away into obscurity but when she was at the top she was at the very top. If I did vote for her I'm not sure why I voted for that song but oh well! I really need to get a new charger for my MacBook and check my votes...

    Vengaboys classics were amazing. Iconic pop. Nu'EST I don't really know bar their current stint in P101. I feel like Pledis did them wrong.

    Mario must have been me too. I literally love him, I had such a big crush on him back in the day. His Go album is a nice slice of RnB.

    LADIES' CODE. I love them so much that was definitely my vote. Aside from the terribly tragic accident that sadly killed two of their members their music has been so exciting. Their comeback as a trio totally caught me, just really dreamy music.

    Poor Leona.

  5. I used to be properly obsessed with Le Kid for a while. I wanted their debut album SO BAD, and when it came out I listened to very little else. I haven't listened to Oh Alright for years, though -- it's become slightly stale over time, and I don't really go for that sort of sound anymore.

    That said, they're still a great group.
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  6. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Sara Evans was my pick! Incredible talent vocally. Awesome in concert too. Real Fine Place To Start is such a great country-pop song. Perfect for when your driving in the summer. Outside of that one this is my other favorite by her:

    Some other favorites include:
    No Place That Far
    Backseat of Greyhound Bus
    Suds In the Bucket
    As If
    A Little Bit Stronger
    Slow Me Down.

    Bryan Adams has so many great jams. He was on my long list. Great pick @unnameable
  7. Yas Suds in the Bucket is that bop.
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  8. Mis-Teeq with the bump 'n' flex

    One of the best UK girl groups. That singles run!
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  9. Finally caught up! I'm so glad my picks have warranted at least one post saying they had discovered something new!
  10. Yes to whoever put Eels on their list! They made my long list. Mark Oliver Everett is such a fascinating figure. To go through the absolute shit he and his family has been dealt and to turn such horrible things into frequently beautiful and often downright funny music is truly awe inspiring. The Electro-Shock Blues album is his masterpiece to me.
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  11. Vengaboys could've been @iheartpoptarts, I know she loves Boom Boom Boom Boom.

    Great pick for a Leona song, mildly surprised by her early exit.

    Shocked by Tove Lo's dismissal. Everybody loved Queen of the Clouds, but it seems like she fell off the map for those same people with Lady Wood. I don't think the album did so much negatively.

    Impressed that Najous made the list. My favorite from her:

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  12. Oh I forgot about Minmi!!! I think I might have voted for her in the last one and not this time. I love her, Hoshi no Love Letter is that summer jam.
  13. Yes, I very much do! I didn't vote for them myself (they're one of those acts where I've obsessed over songs here and there but don't feel like I know them well enough in the end), but I'd love to find out who did!

    Can't wait to finally get caught up with this soon!
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  14. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    We might have reached another little break, since I just lost my entire music collection harddisk, and thus my mind.
  15. Oh my... Hope you can get it back! Do not want to think of that happening to me again
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    Hope you recover it!
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  17. I read his memoir and oh my god! The things he's been through. Awe inspiring is right.
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  18. What a tough situation to go through, just hearing about it makes me anxious. I'm going through troubles with my computer right now and I'm about to troubleshoot, but I'll be sure to add my latest mp3s to my flash drives first (my peace of mind).
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  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Hope so, people are already throwing things around like 'we can see what we can do.. it might take a week or two... for a mere 800 euros' (!!!?)

    I still have a backup from last year, but that's lacking over 20k songs, plus a whole lot of tracks changed tags and thus file locations since. If it's absolutely sure nothing can be done I'll find a way of fixing it, but right now it's uncertainty all around which I do not deal with very well AT ALL.
  20. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Oh no! Fingers crossed for you.
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