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The Ultimate SAW/PWL Rate- No 19- Iconic

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. There’s only one of mine that I think could even possibly a contender. I mean, I don’t know which song but I think it’s safe to say that Kylie is a pretty sure bet for victory, right? But even if the others have no chance of winning, they’re all songs I was completely obsessed with at one point or another and that I still totally, totally love.
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  2. On my first listen to the songs I don't know and currently getting my life to Debut De Soiree

    This is the content I come here for.
  3. Pete Hammond turning the production dial up to a 10!
  4. Total PWL euphoria - I can't stop playing it! Send help!
  5. If you like Debut De Soirée look up Graffic Princesse Ma Folie, mixed by Pete Hammond and is a gem! The follow up Dance Balanse isn’t bad either
  6. Yep, that's great too!

    It sounds so much like a Sonia song which is never a bad thing in my book.
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  7. @berserkboi will be pleased with you! @WhatKindOfKylie? less so haha
  8. Oh My heart...! I hadn't really paid attention to the deadline, and I've had so much going on I've not been on here for a while, just logged on now and saw my mention - thought I had missed the deadline!
    I will get on to it this week.
  9. Debbie needs you
  10. I found that Début De Soirée video on an Italian VHS compilation I snapped up on eBay, circa late 2010, which I bought primarily for the 4 or 5 Sabrina clips it had on it. But it was packed with some great stuff, like some non-'Voyage Voyage' Desireless videos, 3 Début De Soirée (who I'd never heard of before) vids... Actually I'll just copy and paste the contents of that folder:

    \1\PAL\VHS source\Official VHS source\The Best of Video Disco (Italy)
    Amanda Lear - Follow Me.VOB 260 MB
    Amanda Lear - Made In France.VOB 158 MB
    Amanda Lear - Ça M'Est Égal.VOB 295 MB
    Cerrone - Top Dance Medley.mpg 315 MB
    Desireless - John.VOB 294 MB
    Desireless - Qui Summes Nous.VOB 280 MB
    Desireless - Voyage Voyage.VOB 297 MB
    Début De Soirée - Chance.VOB 233 MB
    Début De Soirée - Jardins D'Enfants.VOB 278 MB
    Début De Soirée - La Vie, La Nuit (Nightlife Remix).VOB 272 MB
    Inga Humpe - Do I Have To.VOB 268 MB
    Kraftwerk - Radioactivity (The Mix - edit).VOB 267 MB
    Michael Cretu - Samurai (Did You Ever Dream).VOB 329 MB
    Sabrina - All of Me (Boy Oh Boy) (version 1).VOB 264 MB
    Sabrina - Boys (Summertime Love).VOB 262 MB
    Sabrina - Hot Girl.VOB 246 MB
    Sabrina - Yeah Yeah.mpg 308 MB
    Secret Service - Let Us Dance Just a Little Bit More.VOB 260 MB
    Supermax - African Blood.VOB 338 MB
    Supermax - Love Machine.VOB 299 MB
    Supermax - Night Groove.VOB 278 MB

    \1\PAL\VHS source\Official VHS source\The Best of Video Disco (Italy)\performances
    Amanda Lear - Enigma (Give A Bit Of Mmh To Me).VOB 331 MB
    Amanda Lear - Fashion Pack (Studio 54).VOB 253 MB
    Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (Musikladen).VOB 214 MB
    Desireless - Voyage Voyage (TV version).VOB 310 MB
    Eruption featuring Precious Wilson - I Can't Stand the Rain (Musikladen).VOB 222 MB
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  11. I have had Chance by Debut De Soiree on my iPod for years but had never heard of La Vie La Nuit till last night and it was love at first listen. I'm a sucker for that late 80s Eurobeat sound.
  12. @gezza76 - Are 10.5 scores allowed? In the past two you specifically called out that they were not. I don’t see that in rules for this bout but wanted to confirm. I’m still struggling with my candidates for eleven!
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  13. @gezza76 I think this is the PWL remix of the second Debut De Soiree track -

    The one you've embeddedon page 1 seems to be the original, non-PWL version.
  14. @MixmasterRemix sorry 10.5 is not allowed as per usual.

    @ohnoitisnathan yes sometimes I've had to include the non pwl 7"version of a track if I can't find it on YouTube. Only a few are missing I think.
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  15. The Début de Soirée and Graffic songs are so good! There were a lot of great French tracks that got PWL remixes. A couple others I love (first two sung in English):

    Charlie Makes the Cook’s “Boys and Girls” remixed by Phil Harding

    Le Look’s “Shock Banana”remixed by Pete Hammond.

    And France Gall’s “Ella Elle L'A“ with a downtempo Dave Ford mix.
  16. @Maki - France Gall was mentioned here!! JOIN!! LOL
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  18. Gonna try and get my scores in by the end of the weekend. Lots on this month so no time for commentary this time apart from my #11 choice I'm afraid!
  19. The video for Scarlet Fantastic “Film Star Kiss” isn’t loading for me. Is anyone else able to load it? Just wondering if it’s a country specific issue or not.
  20. Yes another non uk poster couldn't access it. There is another version on youtube if you search for album which has been uploaded in full. I checked the other day and is fine for me so I assume it's country specific.
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