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The Ultimate SAW/PWL Rate- No 19- Iconic

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. Odd how in this day and age, video content can still be region specific. Annoying too at times.
  2. You would be quite happy if Scarlet Fantastic were blocked in the UK too!
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  3. Of course! Your point being?..
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  5. I'm hoping for a good showing for Plug Me In (To The Central Love Line). Brilliant song and an amazing vocal by Dame Maggie De Monde

    What a screengrab! What a woman!
  6. Right I'm gonna try and sit down and do this on Sunday, I hardly know any but I do love discovering new SAW. I've actually become quite obsessed with the singles from Jason Donovan's 2nd album and greatest hits after reading 2 of @gezza76 SAW threads and various 90s sales threads of his. Apart from When You Come Back to me I wasn't really familiar with any of the original SAW singles post WYCBTM.
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  7. That did work, thank you very much! Embarrassingly I have the 12” but it’s boxed up and I think I only listened to it (and “Stay” for that matter) once before filing it away. I have to say it’s better than I remembered!
  8. So far the only other one has been Shakin Stevens but I found a vid of his TOTP appearance instead. And all his vids in the last rate were blocked too! Something I suppose I and all America should be grateful about haha.
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  9. I think I chose that as a custom thumbnail.

    Why did they essentially leave if off the album? Because it flopped? It's not like there were other 'hits' on the album.
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  10. It’s just bizarre. “Plug Me In” is so much better than most of the album tracks. From this same rate Scarlett & Black’s “You Never Understand Me” was left off their album as well even though it’s better than almost everything else on the album. I guess 80s record bosses be like “Well it wasn’t a hit so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯“ lol.
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  11. "It wasn't a hit so let's just pretend it doesn't exist."
  12. That sounds about right to me!
  13. And such a disservice to fans when singles had such a limited shelf life. On another thread I asked the same thing about Climie Fisher’s excellent “Love Like a River. It was left off the “Coming in for the Kill” album yet wound up being a bigger chart hit than any of the album’s actual single releases.

    “Plug Me In” is even weirder to me though as it seems like someone at the label must have really believed in it given the time and money spent on variants. On Discogs for the UK release alone they show standard and colored 7”s, a boxed 7” with postcards, standard and colored 12”s, a remix 12” with concentric grooves on the A-side (which I find annoying lol but is still a selling point), a single sided promo 12”, plus one of the mixes was used as the B-side for the “Stay” singles. (And I’d take “Plug Me In” over “Stay” any day tbh.)
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  14. If only 'Plug Me In (MTV Unplugged)' could have happened.
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  15. 4 sets of votes in so far. The leader has changed three times already!
  16. I can imagine there's going to be a wide spread of opinion on these songs.
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  17. Will get mine in soon, I promise!
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  18. Scores all sent! Some good, some great and alot of bad...
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  19. My feelings too.
  20. One of those Boy Krazy songs was not was I was expecting gotta say.
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