The Ultimate SAW/PWL Rate- THE WINNER!




Well hello again my hit factory friends. So you’ve cast your critical eye over their major canon but we both know there’s so much more to the S/A/W and PWL legacy. Here’s your chance to catch up with their minor works, non UK singles, and anything else I missed in parts 1 & 2 and there’s some crackers in here I promise.

So what’s included?

All remaining S/A/W singles not already rated including overseas releases, planned singles and promo releases.

Plus the work of Pete Hammond (post 1986- early 1991 when he left) in addition to works by Curnow & Harding (up until they left in early 1992) and Daize Washbourn. Note: Only written and/or produced or co-produced tracks will count.

To help me decide I used good old Discogs, and books by Mark Elliott, Phil Harding, Pete Waterman, and Mike Stock

What’s not included?

Tracks produced by Tony King, Mike Duffy, Dave Ford or any other PWL tracks- why? Well nothing that was left out was essential and I wanted to keep the rate well under 100 tracks- I could have easily filled 4 rates with all the track otherwise- so if your favourite was one of them then apologies.

Rules of the thread:
  • Listen to each track and rate out of 10 (half points are permitted)​
  • DO NOT reveal your scores for any track until it has left the rate​
  • You may select one song to receive your 11 (though this is not obligatory)​
  • Commentary is encouraged as it greatly enhances the quality of the reveals but it is not compulsory​
  • Don't troll any particular artist (that's just naughty)​
  • PM your results to me by Sunday 29th September 2019 at midday (GMT)
Part 1 of this rate can be found here:
Part 2 of this rate can be found here:

With all that in mind let's share a secret with Kylie:


Ponder on how strong a man Rick was:


And wonder how good Bananarama were to us:

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I Can't Help It Bananarama
I Heard A Rumour Bananarama
I Want You Back Bananarama
Is She Good To You Bananarama
Love In The First Degree Bananarama
Love Truth & Honesty Bananarama
More Than Physical Bananarama
Movin' On Bananarama
Trick Of The Night Bananarama
Venus Bananarama
Can't Shake The Feeling Big Fun
Good Times With Bad Boys Boy Krazy
That's What Love Can Do Boy Krazy
The Harder I Try Brother Beyond
Brand New Lover Dead Or Alive
In Too Deep Dead Or Alive
Lover Come Back To Me Dead Or Alive
My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me To The Doctor) Dead Or Alive
Something In My House Dead Or Alive
You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) Dead Or Alive
In Love With Love Debbie Harry
Best Of My Love Dee Lewis
Ain't No Cure Delage
Voyage Voyage Desireless
You Think You're A Man Divine
It's Nature's Way (No Problem) Dollar
O L'Amour Dollar
I Don't Wanna Get Hurt Donna Summer
Love's About To Change My Heart Donna Summer
This Time I Know It's For Real Donna Summer
When Love Takes Over You Donna Summer
Mind Over Matter E.G Daily
Cross My Heart Eighth Wonder
Back In My Arms (Once Again) Hazell Dean
Love Pains Hazell Dean
They Say It's Gonna Rain Hazell Dean
Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) Hazell Dean
Who's Leaving Who Hazell Dean
RSVP Jason Donovan
Too Many Broken Hearts Jason Donovan
When You Come Back To Me Jason Donovan
Especially For You Jason Donovan & Kylie Minogue
Get Lucky Jermaine Stewart
G.L.A.D Kim Appleby
Better The Devil You Know Kylie Minogue
Everyday's Like Christmas Kylie Minogue
Finer Feelings Kylie Minogue
Got To Be Certain Kylie Minogue
Hand On Your Heart Kylie Minogue
I Guess I Like It Like That Kylie Minogue
I Should Be So Lucky Kylie Minogue
It's No Secret Kylie Minogue
Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi Kylie Minogue
Made In Heaven Kylie Minogue
Never Too Late Kylie Minogue
Shocked Kylie Minogue
Step Back In Time Kylie Minogue
Turn It Into Love Kylie Minogue
What Do I Have To Do Kylie Minogue
What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before) Kylie Minogue
Word Is Out Kylie Minogue
Wouldn't Change A Thing Kylie Minogue
Pistol In My Pocket Lana Pellay
Shattered Glass Laura Branigan
Happenin All Over Again Lonnie Gordon
How Could He Do This To Me Lonnie Gordon
If I Have To Stand Alone Lonnie Gordon
Positive Reaction Mandy Smith
F.L.M Mel & Kim
I'm The One Who Really Loves You Mel & Kim
Respectable Mel & Kim
Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend) Mel & Kim
System Mel & Kim
That's The Way It Is Mel & Kim
Turn It Up Michael Davidson
Heartache Pepsi & Shirlie
In The Heat Of A Passionate Moment Princess
Say I'm Your Number One Princess
It Would Take A Strong Strong Man Rick Astley
My Arms Keep Missing You Rick Astley
Never Gonna Give You Up Rick Astley
She Wants To Dance With Me Rick Astley
Take Me To Your Heart Rick Astley
Together Forever Rick Astley
Whenever You Need Somebody Rick Astley
All Of Me Sabrina
I Only Wanna Be With You Samantha Fox
Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now Samantha Fox
No Memory Scarlet Fantastic
Cross My Broken Heart Sinitta
I Don't Believe In Miracles Sinitta
Love On A Mountain Top Sinitta
Right Back Where We Started From Sinitta
Toy Boy Sinitta
Can't Forget You Sonia
Listen To Your Heart Sonia
You'll Never Stop Me Loving You Sonia
Stronger Together Sybil
When I'm Good & Ready Sybil
The Love I Lost West End & Sybil
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No 85- Shakin Stevens- The Best Christmas Of Them All
No 84- Peter Andre- Drive Me Crazy
No 83- TM Network- Get Wild 89
No 82- Hawk & Wonder- Baby It's You
No 81- Electra- Jibaro

No 80- On The Case Featuring Rachel Cousins- Shikisha
No 79- Scarlet Fantastic- Stay

No 78- B.B Queen- Blueshouse
No 77- Freedom- Obsession

No 76- Jesus Jones- Who? Where? Why?
No 75- Baby O- Ritmo De La Noche
No 74- Ellert- Something To Talk About
No 73- Jovanotti- Gimme 5

No 72- Ellert- Love Lies
No 71- Kelly Charles & James Bratton- Keep On Reachin

No 70- The Buckbeats- Daydream
No 69- MarcAlex- Quick Quick
No 68- Hazell Dean- Harmony

No 67- Kissing The Pink- Stand Up
No 66- T'Pau- Soul Destruction
No 65- Climie Fisher- It's Not Supposed To Be This Way
No 64- Scarlett & Black- You Never Understand Me
No 63- Big Fun & Sonia- You've Got A Friend

No 62- Big Fun- I Feel The Earth Move
No 61- Jon Otis- In The Middle Of The Night

No 60- Imagination- Instinctual
No 59- Scarlet Fantastic- Film Star Kiss
No 58- Big Fun- Why Did You Break My Heart
No 57- Scarlett & Black- You Don't Know

No 56- Johnnie O- You're My Everything
No 55- Giant Steps- Into You

No 54- Boy Krazy- Love Is A Freaky Thing
No 53- Jesus Jones- International Bright Young Thing

No 52- Big Smoke- American Dream
No 51- Fantasia- Tonight's The Night

No 50- Jermaine Stewart- Is It Really Love?
No 49- La Toya Jackson- Ain't Nobody Loves You (Like I Do)
No 48- Mandy Smith- Terry
No 47- Michael Prince- Dance Your Love Away
No 46- When In Rome- Heaven Knows
No 45- Rick Astley- Ain't Too Proud To Beg

no 44- Erik- The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
No 43- Bananarama- Set On You
No 42- Freedom- Like It Was, Like It Is
No 41- Tricia Leigh Fisher- My Heart Holds On

No 40- Debut De Soiree- Nuit De Folie
No 39- Yell!- Nothing Comes For Nothing

No 38- Lana Pellay- I Can Make A Man Out Of You
No 37- La Toya Jackson- (Tell Me) He Means Nothing To You At All
No 36- November One- Someone Special
No 35- Mandy Smith- Say It's Love (Love House)

No 34- Cherri- Magic Holiday
No 33- Sophie Lawrence- Secrets
No 32- Tommy Page- A Zillion Kisses
No 31- Scarlet Fantastic- Plug Me In (To Central Love Line)

No 30- Samantha Fox- Another Woman
No 29- Shanice Wilson- I'll Bet She's Got A Boyfriend
No 28- Dead Or Alive- Son Of A Gun
No 27- Jimmy Somerville- Run From Love

No 26- Hazell Dean- Devil In You
No 25- O'Chi Brown- Two Hearts Beating As One
No 24- Mel & Kim- More Than Words Can Say
No 23- Voice Of The Beehive- I Think I Love You

No 22- Respect Featuring Phil Oakey- What Comes After Goodbye?
No 21- Kylie Minogue- The World Still Turns

No 20- Kylie Minogue- Getting Closer
No 19- Debut De Soiree- La Vie, La Nuit
No 18- Debbie Gibson- Anything Is Possible
No 17- Rick Astley- Giving Up On Love
No 16- Kiwi & Tess- Give Your Heart

No 15- Lana Pellay- Pistol In My Pocket
No 14- Kylie Minogue- It's No Secret

No 13- Dee Lewis- Best Of My Love
No 12- Mel & Kim- System
No 11- Kylie Minogue- I Guess I Like It Like That

No 10- Boy Krazy- Good Times With Bad Boys
No 9- Rick Astley- It Would Take A Strong Strong Man
No 8- Delage- Ain't No Cure

No 7- Mel & Kim- I'm The One Who Really Loves You
No 6- Bananarama- Is She Good To You?
No 5- Kim Appleby- G.L.A.D
No 4- Kylie Minogue- Everyday's Like Christmas
No 3- Lonnie Gordon- How Could He Do This To Me?
No 2- Kylie Minogue- Made In Heaven
No 1- Kylie Minogue- Turn It Into Love
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No 100- Sybil- Stronger Together
No 99- Mel & Kim- I'm The One Who Really Loves You
No 98- Donna Summer- When Love Takes Over You
No 97- Kylie Minogue- I Guess I Like It Like That
No 96- Sinitta- Right Back Where We Started From
No 95- Dee Lewis- Best Of My Love
No 94- Sinitta- Love On A Mountain Top
No 93- Rick Astley- It Would Take A Strong Strong Man
No 92- West End Featuring Sybil- The Love I Lost
No 91- Lonnie Gordon- How Could He Do This To Me?

No 90- Delage- Ain't No Cure
No 89- Hazell Dean- Back In my Arms (Once Again)
No 88- Mel & Kim- System
No 87- Kylie Minogue- Every Day's Like Christmas
No 86- Princess- In The Heat Of A Passionate Moment
No 85- Lana Pellay- Pistol In My Pocket
No 84- Big Fun- Can't Shake The Feeling
No 83- Rick Astley- She Wants To Dance With Me
No 82- Jermaine Stewart- Get Lucky
No 81- Bananarama- Is She Good To You

No 80- Hazell Dean- Love Pains
No 79- Bananarama- More Than Physical
No 78- Boy Krazy- Good Times With Bad Boys
No 77- Sonia- Can't Forget You
No 76- Kylie Minogue- It's No Secret
No 75- Brother Beyond- The Harder I Try
No 74- Dollar- It's Nature's Way (No Problem)
No 73- Dead Or Alive- Lover Come Back To Me
No 72- Bananarama- Trick Of The Night
No 71- Kim Appleby- G.L.A.D

No 70- Debbie Harry- In Love With Love
No 69- Samantha Fox- I Only Wanna Be With You
No 68- E.G Daily- Mind Over Matter
No 67- Mandy Smith- Positive Reaction
No 66- Kylie Minogue- Word Is Out
No 65- Rick Astley- Whenever You Need Somebody
No 64- Dead Or Alive- My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me To A Doctor)
No 63- Lonnie Gordon- If I Have To Stand Alone
No 62- Dead Or Alive- In Too Deep
No 61- Kylie Minogue- Finer Feelings

No 60- Kylie Minogue- Made In Heaven
No 59- Laura Branigan- Shattered Glass
No 58- Dollar- O L'Amour
No 57- Jason Donovan- Too Many Broken Hearts
No 56- Mel & Kim- F.L.M
No 55- Scarlet Fantastic- No Memory
No 54- Jason Donovan- When You Come Back To Me
No 53- Desireless- Voyage Voyage
No 52- Michael Davidson- Turn It Up
No 51- Sybil- When I'm Good And Ready
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I'll work on putting the songs and links up this afternoon but the way the thread will work will be to first rate the all the tracks in this part of the rate and then at the end put the top 50 highest rated tracks across all three rates into a straightforward ranking system. I'll explain it all better when we get to it but for now the first part is a bog standard rate part!
Everyday’s Like Christmas is one of the very rare Christmas songs that I can actually enjoy no matter the time of year. Fantastic remix - I don’t even remember ever listening to the original, I love the remix so much.
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I should warn you some of the video clips are not the best but given we're not talking about the massive hits here that's to be expected. And I couldn't find some of the 7" mixes on youtube so apologies and all that.