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The US #1s of the 2000s Rate (Part 2: 2005-2009 - Your #1 Is...)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, May 22, 2016.

  1. Whoa Nelly was big in the US too but Folklore did absolutely nothing. Loose was seen as the comeback. And the finale, I guess.
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  2. Totally appreciate the sympathy @ohnostalgia! Though I'm really not mad, because I had absolutely no idea it would even make the top 10 in the first place. I know everyone stans Say It Right and I thought I was the odd one out here, but it got really far, so I guess not! I really do love this song though, gosh.
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  3. Damn right, I'm an individual. Though I'm probably tired, but if "fake David" was meant for me I don't know what it is. #BlissfullyUnaware?

    Anyhow, I will definitely take this elimination as I watch the superior Nelly song continue to rise.
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    David and Goliath....
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  5. My one and only Nelly song?

  6. Bleedin' love, indeed.

    Nothing left to say about "Promiscuous". It's a 10 and the beatwork is immaculate, even if Nelly feels a little bit like the guest artist here. Quick, someone post GIFs of her dancing in the video to make us feel better!
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    Which track will be our unlucky #6?



    #6. Bleeding Love (8.857)

    Weeks at #1: 4 (2 consecutive)
    Highest Scorer: 11 x 1 (@Kyle.) 10 x 22 (@2014, @A$AP Robbie, @beyoncésweave, @Conan, @constantino, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @dylanaber, @GhettoPrincess, @HeartSwells, @Jeffo, @K94, @LA Hallucinations, @Lost In Japan., @LPMA, @Mikl C, @MollieSwift21, @ohdenny, @Remorque, @Robsolete, @sexercise, @Sprockrooster, @SuperNerd)
    Lowest Scorer: 3 x 1 (@br0dy)

    That's a lot of 10s. I honestly don't understand the fervent love this song inspires in some people. Leona is lovely, sure, but I'm getting above average Ryan Tedder ballad teas. I feel like the story behind Bleeding Love is pretty well known, but I'll humour you all. Jesse "Beautiful Soul" McCartney and Ryan "White Mediocrity" Tedder cowrote this for McCartney's third studio album, but the label passed. Heartbroken Ryan stumbled upon a Leona website and fell in love. He pitched the song for her debut and the rest is history. I must confess: the bleeding love metaphor lowkey irritates me. Jesse wrote it about his girlfriend and she must be nicer than me, because he didn't keep it. I was clearly in the minority, however, as Leona's single was so massive it ranked #17 on Billboard's End of Decade chart. One could say.... she'll always have this.

    @DJHazey (7) was personally victimized by Bleeding Love: "I love some of her later songs now, but I wasn't the biggest fan of hers at the time. Definitely a case of being overplayed, because I was done with this. You have to sympathy with the fact that literally every one of my co-workers also loved this and played the damn thing on repeat, every day; I couldn't escape it. The chorus has never been mind-blowing to me, but the pre-chorus is admittedly a moment of pop glory." @wackseed (6.5) is serving disappointed mother: "The most inferior of all the Leona songs, and tragically the biggest US hit she's ever had. It appealed to the melodrama of teenage me, but now I'm just disappointed it wasn't one of her better songs." I have no idea what @Plethorya (6) is talking about, I need the Leona stans to translate: "I expect nothing less than perfection from Leona after hearing Happy. NOTHING. LESS." I can always count on @iheartpoptarts (7.5) for her consistency: "Love the song itself, always wished it had poppier production and a poppier vocal." Thankfully, @Filler (6) has the solution!: "I might have preferred Leonalicious."

    Next we get a string of comments illuminating the "not as bad as I remembered" effect: @Animalia (9): "Oooh this hasn't aged as badly as I kinda thought it would! Still a fantastic little song, easily one of the best to come out of X Factor. Half a point deduction for Leona inflicting her presence upon the end of Final Fantasy XIII though. I will never forgive her for that." @KAG (8): "This gets covered all the time on talent shows but it's been ages since I've heard the original and it's actually a lot better than I remember it being. I've never been a fan of Leona Lewis because she's too plain and safe but this was a great debut for her and she sounds beautiful. " @K94 (10): "WHAT A SONG. I’d honestly forgot how brilliant it is from the production to the vocals with that big finish. She couldn’t have got a better lead single (shame it’s now all gone to shit." Perhaps poor @A$AP Robbie's (10) friend is the ultimate example: "When I was at university, a friend of mine made an alternate music video for Bleeding Love, which was meant to highlight how shallow its lyrics were and what it should really be talking about. He realised after about 4000 listens in editing that actually that doesn't matter and that the song is amazing. A true road to Damascus moment." Did you mean road to Stockholm?

    Let's check in with Planet @constantino (10): "FUCCCKK! So incredible! Even though I prefer some of her other songs (Better in Time, Run, Forgive Me, Take A Bow), this is grade-A pop right here. The video is absolute garbage but I’ll let that slide because she looks SNATCHED. I’m always startled by how graphic the lyrics are, they’re pretty bold in retrospect. Make me nauseous, QUEEN!" Which video though? I detected a bit of ballad shade from @LA Hallucinations (10), I did: "A flawless ballad that actually evokes some emotion and serves flawless vocals." Somehow I don't think this would've been the case with Jesse, right @Jeffo (10)?: "And to think Jesse McCartney/Hollywood Records passed this one off." Ha. Speaking of flaws, @evilsin (9) hears one: "Dammit, Leona! I never really liked the strung out ending showcasing her vocal, but other than that the song is great." But @strangekin (9.5) is awed: "You can't really deny that it's a brilliantly written song. The kind of song that's so good that it kind of transcends time, and would probably still be a mega-smash if it were released today with 2016-production." @SuperNerd (10) a-mens: "One of those gloriously perfect pop moments where lightning strikes and the perfect artist comes to the perfect song at the perfect time."

    Oh, it's time to lament her career, is it? This seems very limiting, @ohdenny (10): "Nothing else she has released is as good as this." Not to be outdone, @Sprockrooster (10) says: "A song she will never top, even if she would try hard. Not that she is trying hard lately. I love how iconic that first verse and it is outshaded by the second one. And then that chorus. Especially the chorus transitioning into the middle-8 and outro is a musical blessing." @sexercise (10) bleeds: "Excellent. God this song was EVERYWHERE. I'll always love the good sis Leona no matter how hard she flops," but @Remorque (10) bleeds harder: "It’s a shame that her career is in such a sorry state for the moment, but she’ll always be remembered for this wonderful ballad. She gives it her fucking all and one of my favourite things to do in the car is to “imitate” those ad-libs… *bliss* "

    Last word to @Kyle. (11): "Everything about this song felt like a huge moment. It was different to everything else at its time and still leaves a huge impression. A real modern classic. "

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  9. No! Oh well, at least it made the top 10.
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  10. Decide for yourself:

    I like his version but Leona's is definitely superior, I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_
  11. Tell it like it is, queen.

    Wonderful top 5! I think I'm rooting for Just Dance or We Belong Together, but all are worthy winners.
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  12. Awwww, I heart Jesse McCartney. He does have some better stuff, though, at least if you ask me...

    (This is the most played song on my old iPod or close to it and I'm not even kidding.)
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  13. Wow, forgot about this song. (Those Motorola phones in the video I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_.)
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  14. 2014

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    1 Say It Right
    2 Umbrella
    3 Just Dance
    4 We Belong Together
    5 Poker Face

    I really hope a Gaga track doesn't win, I don't think either deserve it! It has to be Say It Right or Umbrella.
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  15. 1. Say It Right
    2. Poker Face
    3. We Belong Together
    4. Umbrella
    5. Just Dance
  16. UGH. How did this go so wrong, so quickly?

    I'm only rooting for two songs now, and they're both only 8s.
  17. 1. Poker Face
    2. Say It Right
    3. Just Dance
    4. We Belong Together
    5. Umbrella
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  18. Any of those could win and I'd be happy. Well done everyone!
  19. Hey. Ryan Tedder's alright. "Counting Stars" is a TUNE, I don't care what anyone says.

    Anyway, "Bleeding Love". Leona's a bit of an enigma - on the one hand, she has one of the best voices of the modern pop realm, and on the other hand, pretty much all of her material is deadly dull without exception. That said, "Bleeding Love" is decent - good chorus, good melody, but I have no idea how it got this far. I gave it a 7, and I have four 10s and a 9 left, so this has gone pretty damn well.
  20. Say It Right, We Belong Together or Just Dance for the win, please.
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