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The US #1s of the 2000s Rate (Part 2: 2005-2009 - Your #1 Is...)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, May 22, 2016.

  1. This one!

    In general, though, I'm much more of an E=MC² stan.
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    Oh, I forgot to put this in the writeup, but does anyone else fear for Mariah's safety when her train is on the road? That seems likes a good way to die.
  3. That is my fave song too. It was on the radio a lot despite being a single when I was in the US. I always thought it was a single because of it. It should have been!
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    Today I reveal our bronze medalist.



    #3. Poker Face (9.11)

    Weeks at #1: One
    Highest Scorer: 11 x 3 (@Conan, @DJHazey, @GhettoPrincess) 10 x 20 (@aaronhansome, @Animalia, @A$AP Robbie, @br0dy, @iheartpoptarts, @Ironheade, @Jeffo, @LA Hallucinations, @LPMA, @Number, @ohdenny, @ohnostalgia, @Pinkieshy, @Pinkladyisf, @Posh Spears, @Remorque, @Robsolete, @Sprockrooster, @SuperNerd, @wackseed)
    Lowest Scorer: 4 x 1 (@MollieSwift21)

    Here's the deal: if I see even one comment questioning Lady Gaga's bisexual identity, not only will I leave this rate in limbo, but I will shame your biphobic ass into the next century. Considering this forum's questionable track record on the matter, I feel this is a fair deal. Anyways. Poker Face. What a tune right? I cannot believe we live in an age where Gaga simultaneously invented the Vagina Monologues and penned one of our greatest bisexual anthems. Really makes you think. I'm not always here for synthpop, but Gaga brings so much of her own personality to it that I get swept away every time. How could I not love a song where she continually references her muffin and thinks about being with women while sexually frustrating annoying men? That is prime life goal material.

    @Posh Spears really needs to stop: "I don’t want this to win. But it might. And it should I guess. Like how am I supposed to deny that it’s a 10?" Other people didn't have this problem - @sexercise (7): "I haven't listened to this in years. Queen," @Plethorya (8): "It hasn’t aged terribly well, but this was the first real appearance of Gaga the star in all her glory (and shoulder pads)." @constantino (8): "Wait at me liking this more than I remembered…I was not expecting the chorus to knock as much. Production wise it has aged horribly and the video looks pretty cheap in hindsight." @evilsin (8): "Gaga's first magnum opus, to me though it's chorus is a bit too repetitious." @Filler (8): "Among the best intros, verses, middle 8s, post-chorus hooks, and "mah mah mah mah"s in the rate. Pretty good score for a song with a chorus that I do not even slightly appreciate ." @Kyle. (9): "Where it's at."

    Time for @LA Hallucinations (10) to show up and make me feel old: "One of the most iconic and memorable songs of my childhood. This was my jam, the whole country’s jam and will never not be a ginormous bop. " @Remorque (10) brings up another bop creator: "This was such a fucking triumph, wasn’t it? It’s just a fantastic slice of synthpop with just the right amount of ‘dark’ added to it. Kudos for the Boney M. reference too." @Sprockrooster yells in our ears: "MAAA MAAA MAAA MAAAAAAAA. And it is a 10." @SuperNerd (10) answers his call: "The first 30 seconds of this song are the best, i get chills thinking about it." @Animalia (10) owns his stan card: "Rose-tinted stan glasses aside, this is still an absolute gem. "Check this hand 'cause I'm marvellous" is iconic. Yeah the album version drags on a bit at the end but with a chorus that immense who are we to complain?" @A$AP Robbie (10) joins ha: "As good as Just Dance undoubtedly is, this is the first indication that Gaga was going to be Gaga, and it's still pretty special " @br0dy (10) calls it "probably Gaga's finest moment," while @iheartpoptarts (10) reminisces: "Lady Gaga was such a great thing to happen to pop back then." @wackseed (10) preaches the Gospel of Gaga: "Remember when I was talking about revolutionary and Gaga earlier? This is what I was referring to. This song not only made Lady Gaga a worldwide star, it basically changed the face of music – it was synth and vocals and avaunt-garde and ballad combining to make something that was absolutely original, thoroughly unique and utterly irresistible. Honestly, almost a decade later this is still the best Gaga has ever been, except for Bad Romance, maybe."

    Finally, we have our eleven givers. @DJHazey: "My 11 could've gone to Big Girls Don't Cry or Say It Right, but a certain forum-alliance served as the tiebreaker. (The songs are all literally tied). I usually go with an emotional attachment when choosing my 11, but I'm just going with straight-up nostalgia and good vibes here. Lady Gaga should get my 11 when I really think about, because as an artist she is and always be in my Top 5. I was still becoming a fan when I first heard this and it actually took a few plays for me to even like it and a few more to be stanning away. I love how much she clearly gives no fucks what people think about her in the videos, which was a trait that definitely helped draw me in at the time. I'm not going to get into analyzing the song too much, we all know how massive it is, so I'll just choose a couple of personal highlights. I was really into remixes at the time and this particular one (I can't recall who's it was) really amplified the "ah-ah-ah" backing vocals. Listening to that mix a lot, really made that part of the song so epic for me and I get swept away by them near the end of the standard song. My favorite part is the middle-eight rap section though and once I was able to get all the words down in time with the music, I fucking lived for it with every play. Yes, her music has come a long way and some fans choose to leave this era in the past, but I don't and recognize just how much it changed the sound of pop at the time and my opinion it was all the better for it. She doesn’t get enough credit for affecting the landscape of pop and she deserves it. It's no secret that pop music got a nice kick in the pants when it came to dancepop and I'll never be able to thank her enough for all the artists she influenced and all the basic bops I got from this era because of it. Whether it was her producers or not, it was still her as the popstar and the icon that sent waves through the pop music industry and this song was a key part of that."

    And @Conan: "One of my all-time favourite songs."

  5. Poker Face being in the top 3 is fine with me. I will keep my fingers crossed now that Say It Right is the winner even if it's predictable, it's just right.

    I didn't really do any commentary at all but I will say that Poker Face is a special song to me. Visually it made Gaga exciting to me. The amount of parodies I saw of the song helped make it even more iconic. It's a song that I got sick of but revisiting it just made me appreciate the genius behind it. It's an amazing bit of music that has an unforgettable hook.
  6. My favourite Poker Face performance

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    Who will prevail?
    Will I avenge Kanye?


    Will Crazy in Love top the combined rankings?

    Stay tuned.​
  9. I can't believe Say It Right made it top 2!

    @DJHazey, I believe this is the remix you were referring to?

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  10. A duo of Crazy in Love and Umbrella ruling the decade just feels right, y'know?

    With the former taking the overall top spot for being *the song* of the decade.
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  11. But I don't want either of the remaining songs to win! Now what do I do?

    'Crazy In Love' is better than both.
  12. Say It Right to challenge that other song that won part one.
  13. Okay, if the trend continues then whichever song I root for will be come in second, so which should I not root for?! Hmm.
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    Yesssss my DREAM top 2. C'mon Nelly!
  16. I didnot expect this! I thought @DJHazey would go for Say It Right, but reading why he choose Poker Face makes perfect sense.
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  18. Umbrella is just slightly better.
  19. *Puts on Loose*

    Hopes it is a good omen for the victor!
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  20. Well We Belong Together should have won but Say It Right is only the third best single from Loose so c'mon Umbrella.
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