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The US #1s of the 2000s Rate (Part 2: 2005-2009 - Your #1 Is...)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, May 22, 2016.

  1. Umbrella is only the sixth best single from Good Girl Gone Bad/Reloaded, so c'mon Say it Right.
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    This has been proven incorrect rate after rate, but keep lying. It's not going to make it true.
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  3. Um, I was posting my own opinion after the opinion posted right above. Where on Earth is Say it Right the third best single on Loose? I didn't see that called out.
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    And I was replying to it with my opinion. That's how a forum works.
  6. "This has been proven incorrect" doesn't come off as an opinion, but rather that's you're wrong """"factually"""" and here's my proof.
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    Can you just not tonight.
  8. Should've left it alone...
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  10. Why don't we just do this instead?

    1. Maneater
    2. Do It
    3. Say It Right
    4. Promiscuous
    5. All Good Things

    (No idea what the other ones are... who knew this album had so many singles?!)

    1. Shut Up and Drive
    2. Hate That I Love You
    3. Disturbia
    4. Don't Stop the Music
    5. Umbrella
    6. Rehab
    7. Take A Bow
    8. If I Never See Your Face Again
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  12. Thank you.
  13. Not quite the finale I hoped for, but it’s respectable nonetheless. Umbrella had more #impact but I think Say It Right is the better song, so come thru Nelly gorl!
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    It's coming. I'm just a bit busy with this high vault competition right now.
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    when you're the absolute best you get hated on the most.
    - rihanna

    i am god's vessel
    - nelly furtado

    by fifty percent more influential than any other human being
    - rihanna

    i am a pop enigma
    - nelly furtado

    i will go down as the voice of this generation, of this decade, i will be the loudest voice.

    i am so credible and so influential and so relevant that i will change things
    - nelly furtado

    i feel like i'm too busy writing history to read it
    - rihanna

    i understand culture. i am the nucleus
    - nelly furtado

    you don't think that i would be one of the characters of today's modern bible?
    - rihanna

    i'm doing pretty good as far as geniuses go
    -nelly furtado

    i am the number one human being in music. that means any person that's living or breathing is number two.......


    #2. Umbrella (9.20)

    Weeks at #1: 7 consecutive
    Highest Scorers: 11 x 3 (@KAG, @K94, @Pinkieshy) 10 x 21 (@2014, @A$AP Robbie, @constantino, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @dylanaber, @Ironheade, @Jeffo, @LA Hallucinations. @Laura Vanderbooben, @Lost In Japan., @LPMA, @Mikl C, @MollieSwift21, @Number, @ohnostalgia, @Plethorya, @Remorque, @Robsolete, @sexercise, @Sprockrooster, @strangekin)
    Lowest Scorers: 4 x 1 (@DJHazey), 6 x 1 (@iheartpoptarts)

    when the sun shines, we'll shine together
    told you i'll be here forever
    said i'll always be a friend
    took an oath, i'ma stick it out 'til the end

    now that it's raining more than ever
    know that we'll still have each other
    you can stand under my umbrella
    you can stand under my umbrella

    What an absolute pop masterclass. You ever wonder about all those unsuccessful songs, relegated to the perpetual discount section of iTunes? Well Rihanna stole all their hooks and mixed them into a fantastical musical kaleidoscope. Originally written for Britney Spears, the song eventually made its way to Rihanna. Upon hearing it, our Bajan Queen saw the holy light: "When the demo first started playing, I was like, This is interesting, this is weird. ... But the song kept getting better. I listened to it over and over. I said, 'I need this record. I want to record it tomorrow." Approximately five hundred ella ellas later the world was blessed with this treasure. Plus an iconic music video featuring dancing in the rain and silver body paint. Best friend anthem. 2007 Song of the Summer. Grammy award winner. Pitchfork #25 Best Song of the Decade. UK Weather Curse. Your #2. Oh baby it's raining raining; come into me, come into me.

    Speaking of curses, I can't deal with this @Posh Spears (9.5): "An excellent song. Will this win maybe?" I already told you @DJHazey's score (4), but you can read his justification if you'd like: "I'll give it the actual score this time and not the troll 0 I gave it in the Rihanna rate. I've always hated this song with a passion. Sorry." I'm beginning to wonder if @Filler (8) liked anything in this rate: "Good chorus. Bye." Sorry, @iheartpoptarts (6): "I don’t dislike it enough to torpedo it, but I hope somebody else does." As you'll see from the next post, Umbrella came very close to taking the crown. See, even when people don't stan it, they can't hate it- @wackseed (7.5): "This is one of the sillier Rihanna songs on this list, but it's so much fun! It's so catchy and sort of innocent, in a way! It's hard for me to genuinely dislike a Riri song, let's be real here." @evilsin (8) missed out on the power of SOS apparently: "This is a mammoth of a song, but I just can't rate it higher. It made me listen to Rihanna's music, still she has better songs." @Animalia (8) brings up a certain other rate, which reminded me that both of our finalists were already champions: "I've grown to appreciate this a little more since the Winners' Rate, thankfully! That chorus is just pop perfection."

    @constantino (10) needs to just embrace the goat: "An absolute classic of our age, even today that chorus just takes you. The video, the hair, the LOOKS…it all just comes together and screams ‘STAR!’. Everything just falls into place and the perfection is overwhelming. My only complaint is that her vocals are a bit goat-ish in the verses." Trust me. @LA Hallucinations (10): "Still brilliant," and @sexercise (10): "A defining moment" are short but sweet. Even after the ordeal that was the Rihanna rate, @Laura Vanderbooben (10) is still complimentary: "Such a sensationally good pop song." Wait, is this @Remorque (10) praising a Rihanna adlib?: "Her best song up to that date and it was such a fucking triumph. I just love the synthy production, she herself gives a stellar performance and I don’t even mind Jay-Z on the track. That bridge is brilliant and I love her ad-libs at the end." Well I'll be. @Sprockrooster (10) manages to show some questionable opinions within the truth nugget: "A truly iconic song, and that for a leftover. The only song I come back for from that era." And @Plethorya (10) preaches: "The song that confirmed we had a star, here to stay. "

    Here to send us off, we have @KAG (11): "Almost a decade later and this is still absolutely phenomenal. I genuinely think it’s one of the greatest pop songs ever, and unlike some of Rihanna’s other singles; it hasn't lost any of its appeal after all these years. The beat's great and she sounds great but it's the lyrics that I love most. They're so clever, so uplifting and so universal. It doesn't necessarily have to be about a lover but just standing by someone, anybody through thick and thin. Everyone involved in crafting this song and everyone who contributed to its mammoth success should be proud of themselves."

    I might just be a bit emotional.

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    So yes!

    Remember when I predicted this?

    Hand to god, I didn't get a sneak peek at the spreadsheet.

    Right, @Ironheade?


    #1. Say It Right (9.29)

    Weeks at #1:
    Highest Scorer: 11 x 11 (@2014, @constantino, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @Jeffo, @LPMA, @Number, @Plethorya, @Robsolete, @Sprockrooster, @strangekin, @SuperNerd ) 10 x 11 (@Conan, @DJHazey, @evilsin, @GhettoPrincess, @Ironheade, @K94, @LA Hallucinations,,@Mikl C , @MollieSwift21, @ohdenny, @Remorque)
    Lowest Scorer: 5 x 3 (@Aester, @HeartSwells, @wackseed)

    You might be looking at the sheer number of elevens Say It Right amassed and wondering how it just squeaked past Umbrella (I know I did when I first opened that spreadsheet). Well you can thank (or blame) its victory on that swarm of elevens bestowed by its most ardent fans, because Umbrella had more consistent scores across the board. However, there was a crew determined to propel Say It Right to the top and they accomplished their mission. #RateItRight You'll notice my conspicuous absence from the high scorers. I'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about this song, because I won't do it justice, but here's what I'll tell you. According to Nelly Furtado, Say It Right is a "spooky keyboard driven pop sound" inspired by the Eurythmics' Here Comes the Rain Again.

    I'm not 100 percent sure what [Here Comes the Rain Again is] about, but it always takes me away to another place, and I love it. / It is a kind of a magical song. It has a mystery to it, that I have not quite figured out. It has a haunting twist to it.

    Nelly wrote Say It Right because of U2. I'm serious. One night Timbaland told Nelly to go home because she was tired. But the good sis remembered that U2 wrote most of their songs in the studio control room so she started a jam session to prove him wrong. As Nelly sang, they moved the microphones around the control room, creating dimension. Timbaland then added the vocal effects. No doubt this contributed to the minimalist production that so many of you love.

    Let's open with the always topical @sexercise (9): "The singles run from this album is legendary." It seems like one @wackseed (5) would disagree: "I genuinely love Nelly's voice, but I never cared for the monotonous beat that this song has. Meh." That was definitely my original impression, but it's grown on me. Well at least your higher score won, right @iheartpoptarts (8)?: "I don’t love it like some of you do, but it’s pretty for sure! " @br0dy (9) delivers a resurgence of our favourite musical ship, Nimbaland: "Timbaland and Nelly were a great combo ever since his remix of Turn Off The Light. He could kind of do no wrong at this point." @Animalia (7), however, is not a fan: "I'm fully prepared to be dragged for this again after the Winners' Rate, but I still don't get what's to love about this song. It's not bad, it's just not great either. Those "eh"s are mildy irritating, too." But @K94 (10) tells us: "Masterful and a career high for both involved." Controversy!!! Poor poor @Posh Spears (8) continues their curse: "I want Promiscuous to get more attention." Well, I gave it more attention when making the cover art? Does that count?

    @evilsin (10) is so proactive: "Mother of god, this is so immaculately crafted. Take my weave, Timba." @LA Hallucinations (10) laments: "I miss Nelly Furtado, this is probably her best." Meanwhile @Remorque (10) is getting sleepy, very sleepy. But in a sexy way: "This is just such a hypnotic and sexy song. The hook is one of the catchiest in her discography and she sounds so lush here." @DJHazey (10) is the first of our many monologues: "I will be rooting for this as much as any 11. This song is one of the main reasons I started to become a proper fan of pop music. (In the same category as Avril's "Keep Holding On") With that said, it's always going to hold a very special place in my heart. Nelly literally sounds angelic in this song, mixing so well with that dream-like backing track. Here's a dirty little secret, I thought she was saying "you don't need nothing at all, but me" when I started stanning for this song...but hey that could still work right? Whichever way you hear that words in the chorus, it's delivered as pop scripture. What's really interesting though, is that the song is extremely simple when you think about it. Minimalism can be an art when it's done right and this a prime example. Lessers take notes. " Not to be outdone, here's @constantino (11): "ICONIC FUCKING STOIC ANTHEM. I live for the melancholy and the opulence, this is one of the chic-est bops ever made. I mean, how can anyone keep their edges intact when you see Nelly with her razor-cut bangs in the video. I stanned so hard for Nelly during her imperial phase (the Loose era) and it was an amazing period in pop music history, I miss ha." @SuperNerd (11) calls it: "One of the most downright sexy songs I can think of."

    @Plethorya (11) gets me in the feelings: "I really wanted to put this on a mix CD for my first boyfriend, because I feel it nails a feeling little explored in pop- or anywhere, really. The feeling that someone you barely know could be the most important person in your life, if only things go right. So you offer all of yourself, trusting them to take it on and giving you themselves in return. Unfortunately, I was worried he wouldn’t listen to the lyrics closely enough and take the “you don’t mean anything to me” line at face value. I left it off the mix, and we eventually broke up, but this is still one of the most beautiful songs I know." I see @strangekin (11) dropping their name: "Yeah this song is insane. I really can't think of any other song since that sounds quite like it. Actually, it wouldn't sound totally out of place with the current moody-dancehall sound that's so in, but there's still something so captivating and special about Say It Right that no other song has.The perfect example of a strange and brilliant song going #1 with no explanation other than it being amazing."

    @Sprockrooster (11) will be thrilled he's not the rate villian! "#14. That is the placement for this song in my all-time list for track plays on LAST FM. There are songs in this world, you embody. They eat you alive and slaughter you down. And there are songs that define your musical identity. Say It Right belongs to the latter group for me. There are several small rock elements that make it the perfect missing link between my huge love for pop rock on one side and R&B on the other side. This is Timbaland prime work in my opinion. But this could not have been anyone's song. This song strongly incorporates Nelly Furtado's early work. This is her personal link for her pre-Loose work and the foundation for her Loose album. I was in the United States when this album came out. As part of tradition I always buy an album to remember an abroad stay with. Loose was the album for this trip. Back then I could not have known it would be such a monumental magnum opus in my library. And even then, Say It Right manages to rise above on album I so extremely hold dear. Say It Right is the perfect song to create closure with a relation ship and move on. A scorned woman who says 'you don't mean nothing it all to me', but doe snot feel it that way. You still can feel her pain cutting you in several pieces when she asks you 'do you really want to go'. You are left without answers. Accompanied with a simple, but striking music video this is an 11, without hesitation."

    Let's close out with @CorgiCorgiCorgi (11): "If this doesn’t win… " Well. I guess we'll never know how that sentence ends.


    Original Queen of Charts @Ironheade will post the ultimate combined rankings. #soon.​
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  17. @DJHazey I really believed when you said you gave Umbrella 0.
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    I exposed his score a week ago hun.

    Shady apes.
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