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The US #1s of the 2000s Rate (Part 2: 2005-2009 - Your #1 Is...)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, May 22, 2016.

  1. I'm pleasantly surprised at the final result. It really is a great song (even if I don't always connect with it personally) and you could just about make the argument that it represents the latter part of the decade the best. There was a time when Timbaland and his alt-R&B/Pop stylings were inescapable, and it wasn't a bad time to be around at all.

    This was fantastic fun @Ironheade! Both parts were so well planned, and your write-ups are full of so many informative bits and pieces which makes for amazing reading. And don't worry at all about handing it over; you handled the transition seamlessly. And thanks again @ohnostalgia for picking it up, and sending it off with a bang! I adored the Kanye theme, and your dedication is truly appreciated. Take a giant bow, both of you xx
  2. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    And all is right with the world.

    Thanks @Ironheade!!!
  3. Thanks so much @Ironheade and @ohnostalgia for bringing me back to my childhood! One of my favorite rates ever.
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  5. Now this is what I live for. Based on 42 voters, if I had given Umbrella a 9 for sure (possibly even an 8) it would've won. YES!
  6. *NSYNC and Christina were so robbed.
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  7. If I had taken part in the first part, I might have thrown Christina a 10 at least.
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  8. I wish you had! Justice for pop princesses and teen pop in general.

    (Probably wouldn't have helped *NSYNC, though, would it?)
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  9. Thanks for much for putting so much work into both brilliant rates, @Ironheade, and of course thanks to @ohnostalgia for finishing this off so proficiently. It's been a pleasure to follow along and Say It Right snagging that title is truly the cherry on the cake.

    I do hope someone is brave enough to guide us through the 90s as seeing what did and didn't make the cut is so immediately fascinating.
  10. The rate has been awesome; sad to see it end.
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  11. I'd be down for a 90s rate for sure!
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  12. Yeah I don't think I'll ever understand what people hear in Say It Right m'fraid, kinda wish I hadn't upped my score from 5 to 7 at the last minute now.

    Hey ho, at least I can take comfort from Gaga beating Mariah. Thanks for all the hard work put into this from both @Ironheade and @ohnostalgia, it's been super fun!
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  13. Yay I win another rate! No idea how many that makes now, long live me and my populist taste.

    Of course the real winners are @Ironheade and @ohnostalgia. Thanks guy and gal!
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  14. K94



    Umbrella really deserved it seeing as it's the defining song of the decade let alone that half of it. Say It Right is a worthy winner however. Thanks bbses @Ironheade and @ohnostalgia!
  15. Fucking yaaaaaas at Bey punching out all the other girls with the two top spots of the decade. And with a considerable lead too!

    Popjustice. Crazy in Love is the song of the '00s, and Say My Name is still more relevant than songs released a week ago.
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  16. Yeah, I went into more detail about it in the Rihanna rate. I didn't feel like regurgitating everything.
  17. Ugh, I had a feeling this would happen. I get why people love it but it's still the worst single off Loose.

    Fab hosting, thanks both @Ironheade & @ohnostalgia. See you again for 2010-2014? I'm already hurt by how Gotye will be done wrong.
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  19. I don't get why people love "Say It Right" but I'm determined to listen to it on repeat a bunch of times before the next Winners' Rate until I crack the code. If fourteen people gave it their 11, there must be something I'm missing...

    Anyway, great rate all around! Thanks to both @Ironheade and @ohnostalgia!
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