The US #1s of the 2000s Rate (Part 2: 2005-2009 - Your #1 Is...)

So. I'm not letting go of this feature - time for more SONGS WE ALMOST HAD TO RATE!

There were a lot less this time around, and still less I actually liked. Anything I have to say about either of these two would probably get me run off the forum, so I shall simply let the data stand.


Ah, but of course. The not-actually-debut single (their first was "Sway" back in 2004) for the US of A's few serious entries in the 2000's girl group stakes. A somewhat odd assemblage of writing credits here: Cee-Lo Green (who wrote it for his protege Tori Alamaze, and her version did make the R&B charts), Busta Rhymes (achieving his highest chart position - his biggest solo single reached #3), and Sir Mix-A-Lot (for sampling one of his songs). Originally, it was also offered to the Sugababes (!!!) and Paris Hilton (!!!!!). "Don't Cha" had a slow start, debuting at #95. But it clung on tenaciously, cracking the top 10 in its tenth week on the charts and peaking at #2 in its sixteenth, where it stayed for three weeks, stuck behind Mariah's mammoth success "We Belong Together". However, it did top the charts in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and several European countries, as well as topping the Pop 100 for seven weeks and Hot Dance Club Play for three. It can also boast the second-longest run on Hot Digital Songs, at 68 weeks (the joint winners being "Yeah!" and "Since U Been Gone", with 74).


Like what we're having right now! Thoughtful of Miley to think of us raters, isn't it? Anyway, this is one of the biggest hits a Disney girl's ever had, at least while she was with them - looks like the combination of Jessie J writing and Dr. Luke producing paid off. "Party in the USA" debuted at #2 (the highest debut for a female solo artist since "Inside Your Heaven"), and went on to spend sixteen weeks in the top 10 and twenty-eight on the Hot 100, while also getting some action from Mainstream Top 40 (a #1 there) and a #13 on Adult Pop. Despite never topping the charts, it was the sixth highest-selling single of 2009, and has sold over 5.5 million downloads in the US, putting it among the top 100 highest-selling singles of all time. It also peaked within the top 10 in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but just fell short of the UK top 10.
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Aw, Don't Cha would have been an easy 10!

I've been loving working my way through this rate. I only really got into pop music around 2009 so there are a lot of songs here that I know, but never really got to enjoy properly. Then again, there's also a lot that I'm very glad I never experienced at the time...

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Don't Cha would've been an easy 11. As it is I'm struggling to tell what's bad and what's overplayed, and all the 10s are fairly level.
Totally didn't click with me that "Party In the USA" was crafted by the one-two-punch of Dr Luke and Jessie J. A PJ unholy alliance if there ever was one. How is it so amazing?

Anyway I have six contenders for my 11 here...and five of them are by men. What a twist!
I'm not ready for Makes Me Wonder to be done wrong. How odd that this was their first number one and This Love or She Will Be Loved weren't, though.
I can't at this blatant hate of Hey There Delilah -- I'll grant you that it was overplayed but it's got a wonderful melody. It should be said that the original album version is better than the "new version" with the strings (ie. the one most people know). It just works better with the acoustic guitar alone.

Seeing it go #1 was such a bizarre moment for me back then. I remember buying their first album with it after hearing another of their songs on that fucking MySpace Records compilation, like, a year before it broke. I even knew someone named Delilah at the time it was breaking. She didn't feel the same way about the song as I did.

The only time I've been more flabbergasted in that sort of way was when Call Me Maybe went #1.