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The US #1s of the 2000s Rate (Part 2: 2005-2009 - Your #1 Is...)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, May 22, 2016.

  1. Island

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    Weren't there pictures of her buying baby stuff?
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  2. Every pregnancy is different okay some of them last for like 5+ years stop shaming her.
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  3. Alrighty, people. We've got 11 sets of votes thus far - better pace than last time, good job everyone - and you have THREE WEEKS LEFT TO VOTE! Get yer scores in.

    But in the meantime, how about another two SONGS WE ALMOST HAD TO RATE?


    After her first album, a #1 coronation single and the cinematic masterpiece that was From Justin To Kelly, it was time for American Idol's first winner to show and prove. Did she have the longevity to sustain a career, under the watchful eyes of all those who saw her as a manufactured pop star? Indeed she did, and all it took was a little boost from Max Martin and Dr. Luke. "Since U Been Gone" debuted at #70 in December 2004, before climbing to a #2 behind "Candy Shop" in April 2005 - the first top 2 from a non-R&B/hip-hop female artist since Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful". It went on to stay in the top 10 for twenty weeks, topped the Mainstream Top 40 for seven consecutive weeks and the Pop 100 for six. It also scored the #4 position on the year-end Hot 100 - outranking "Gold Digger", which, need I remind you, was #1 for ten weeks! But it had no #1s elsewhere in the world, oddly enough, although it did make #2 in Canada and score top 10s pretty much everywhere except New Zealand. Poor them.

    (Fun fact: Kells is also one of ten artists to have entries as a lead in both halves of this rate. Good for her!)


    Ah, but of course. How could I let this feature pass without the first favourite band of li'l Ironheade? (And I think they still hold up, actually. But enough about me.) "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" had a more than respectable run on the Hot 100 by itself - it was another song held off by "Candy Shop", spending five consecutive weeks at #2. But that pales in comparison to its absolutely staggering crossover success. It's one of four songs in history to top five separate Billboard charts (the others being "I'll Make Love To You", "Somebody That I Used To Know" and "Blurred Lines") - not only was it Green Day's seventh #1 on their home territory of Modern Rock, spending sixteen weeks at pole position, but it also topped the Mainstream Rock (14 weeks), Adult Top 40 (11 weeks), Pop 100 (5 weeks) and Mainstream Top 40 (4 weeks). It was also Green Day's first song to place on the Adult Contemporary chart, at #30, and walked home with a Grammy for Record of the Year in 2006. Worldwide, it got a smattering of top 10s, including a #1 in... the Czech Republic, oddly enough.
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    If I never had to hear "I walk a lonely road, the only road that I have ever known" again, I'd be set for life.

    Guess I need to hate less on Candy Shop for saving me.
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  5. And then you can bring back your hate reserves because it kept "Since U Been Gone" from #1.

    (For the record: "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" gets an 8 from me, purely on nostalgia points. Forget conjuring up my first kiss or graduating from high school or whatever, it makes me remember hanging out at the mall without adult supervision for the first time! Hells yeah!)
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  6. Since U Been Gone would be an easy ten. But at least I didn't have Green Day inflicted on me. Didn't enjoy them then, unlikely to now
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  7. Not that I really find myself craving Green Day but Wake Me Up When September Ends and Holiday were always my main takeaways from that album/era for them. It took me years to appreciate it because it was ridiculously overplayed but I'm fine with Boulevard now.
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  8. Green Day's random hold on US radio during that era was terrifying and nothing they have come close to since. You could NOT escape them during American Idiot, they were absolutely everywhere at all times.
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  9. I bought American Idiot secondhand a few months back because it was cheap and I kind of figured that despite my general ambivalence to them back then that my inner high school pop-punker would actually probably enjoy listening to it now and yet... it was only alright. I'm pretty sure I have it in my to-sell-eventually stack now.
  10. I distinctly remember turning the radio dial once to find they were playing on three different stations. And a fourth was playing "Wake Me Up When September Ends". Of course, I was a 12-year-old fanboy, so... happy days. Dookie >>>>>>>> American Idiot though.
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  11. This happens to me, like, once every few weeks. I even remember it happening to me with that god awful Honey I'm Good song once.

    Fuck US radio.
  12. The worst offender for me was fucking Shut Up and Dance last summer.
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  13. I'm concurrently working on both Monrose and Texas, but I'll start this over the weekend. This should go quick since I know most the songs.
  14. American Idiot is a great concept album, but it was clearly Green Day's peak because every album since has been mediocre to awful.
  15. By the way, Boulevard is incredible. Would've been an easy 10.
  16. And if that wasn't enough, it's only just begun its reign of terror on the wedding receptions of boring straight couples.
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  17. I'm thankfully not usually invited to those.
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  18. Surely somewhere within a 10-mile radius of you there must exist an Ashleigh who has at some point told her boyfriend/fiance/husband/fuck boy that it's like the song was written just for them.
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  19. Two stellar songs!
  20. There is some absolute trash here. I'm living.
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