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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robbietoxic, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. Oh why they did a two part album makes no sense to me. I was amazed that they didn't drop the title this year and then them tacking on the Night edition is awful as well - I understand for streaming, but it didn't need to be on the CD.

    They are amazing live though. This years tour was definitely the best show they have done and they always come across as so nice as well.
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  2. They are number one in the mid-weeks again and over 10k ahead of the number two, but it'll all be front-loaded so who knows.
  3. I still don't understand the whole Night Edition / Day Edition / Night & Day Edition mess with different tracks on every damn edition.

    There's a new album worth of material here, why couldn't they just name it something different to launch a new era? Or was this really the plan the whole time?
  4. It also annoys me that on Apple Music, two of the tracks are not playable (the features) and on another edition of the same album one of those two is playable. It's weird, it's annoying. I hate it.

    I'm going to have to create a playlist to be able to listen to all the tracks from this smorgasbord. And that really annoys me.
  5. No idea either.
  6. I tried to work it out using the wiki article for the album but I just got so confused by the whole thing.
  7. Think of it as two 10 track albums: Night Edition + the two deluxe tracks, and all the new songs on the Day Edition. I think the whole "Night & Day" thing is just so they technically count as the same album and appears to have more sales.
  8. *Asia O'Hara voice* AGREED! AGREED!
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  9. They initially conceived them both to be released last year which wouldn't have made it so weird. It is classed as a re-release even though there are 10 brand new tracks and they are pushing it as a new album. So confusing but I am loving the album so I suppose that's all that matters really.
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  10. There's also an Night & Day: All Night EP that houses separate new tracks completely.

    Night & Day: Day/Night: All Night Edition is the new Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up.
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  11. So this is available to buy in 5 different options. I already have the night addition so don’t need those songs tagged on the end.

    5 options are:
    Cd w dvd
    Brad edition
    Connor edition
    Tristan edition
    James addition

    Each disc has 3 different songs on them. Anyone recommend which has the better songs?

    Bloody rip off would rather have all the new songs tagged on the end of the cd w dvd edition and not the night addition added on
  12. Well the CD with DVD is the only one which has Personal on so part of it depends on how bothered you were about that song.
  13. There are so many editions of the album it feels like a daunting tasking attempting to listen to the album for the first time. I'm not even sure which version of the album is THE version
  14. I hope Spice Girls are taking note for the inevitable greatest hits reissue.
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  15. They did it last year with the night edition too - where each member had 2 songs on a personalized CD. One month later, they dropped those personalized tracks on an EP. I imagine they’ll do the same thing here - just is a shame that they use their tween fan base and then drop them on an ep that costs not even 1/4 of buying all 5 CDs.
  16. They’re number 2 this week in the album charts. Gutted for them but still a great achievement.
  17. Their shameless attempts at getting a good first week are a kii.

    I liked the singles I've heard from the last few projects but never sat down to listen to them. Sounds like the kind of basic pop I love so I'll give this album a listen soon.
  18. Surprised at how good this album is. Not a track I had to skip while I was listening to it. I never would have guessed a few years ago that the day would come when I enjoy both The Vamps' and 5SOS' albums.
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  19. I forgot they existed, saw this thread and remembered they have a song with Demi which I recall being a bop but it isn't on Spotify?
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