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The Vamps - Wake Up Single Discussion and 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robbietoxic, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. The single, Wake Up, is out on October 2nd and the album is following on November 27th. The single is already number 1 on UK iTunes album chart.
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    Took my daughter to see them live on Sunday and they shocked me. Great little band with a lot of energy and a crazy fanbase. This could go to no1! I see there given 40,000 tour tickets away at 9.50 for fans that buy the single. Great move.
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  3. To me, they're so boring. I'm really only here for 5 Seconds of Summer these days. Also, the "V" logo on the single cover gives me Wilkinson Tazos.
  4. They did have some good singles off the first album, Can We Dance, Wild Heart and Somebody To You are all amazing, plus Bradley is a really good front man. I'm looking forward to this.
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    They have the talent to step up to the next level and really see great live. They will be much bigger than 5sos.

    'Risk it all' and 'Shout about it' are my favourite non singles.

    Bradley really is a good front man and the girls love him. Just wish the covers were better.
  6. Their live DVD was actually quite good and Robbietoxic is right - they've had a good run of singles.

    Cynically, they repackaged their first album with a Christmas theme and some additional Christmas songs and they were surprisingly good (save for Hallelujah which has been covered too many times).
  7. The single is out there now. I can't find a youtube clip because clearly they just want people to be streaming it.

    It's definitely not my favourite single they have done, maybe it'll grow but it's no Somebody To You.
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    Easily the best single by them and by some distance. Great chorus and a bit more mature without them losing their sound. Very impressed and hope it does well.
  9. I vaguely remember really liking their first album a few days ago, Wake Up sounds nice so far.
  10. I need to hear this! They deliver some quality singles so here's hoping for the same this time around.

  11. The video is here. The song is currently number 1 in the midweeks but it's going to have a massive drop by Friday as it is now down to 22 on iTunes.
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    Can't believe it's so low on iTunes. CD singles will be big. Top 5 this week most likely but what next week? Strong single but is it too mature for their fanbase?

    Video is excellent! Had quite a big budget by looks of it.
  13. The video does look good and maybe the song will stay around for longer with some radio play, it just needs to climb back up on iTunes as they will have physicals on their side.
  14. Pre-orders must have been very strong for them to be #1 in the midweeks.

  15. They entered at 12 with Wake Up and it's going to plummet this week. Luckily they have moved on quickly with the instant grat track for the album, Cheater. It's so much better and exactly what they should be doing for me. I actually like the video of them just in their hotel room, it actually feels a lot more boyband and full of personality, something that Wake Up was void of.
  16. This is great, they have started a great campaign. They are now my favourite boyband!
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  17. I liked their first album. Is the second one any good? I am not hearing much about it...
  18. The album is much better than the Wake Up single suggests, much more consistent. I am loving their new single, Rest Your Love, and I cannot understand why anyone chose that to be the second single and not the lead. It's currently at number 5 in the mid-weeks, however I am sure that it will drop throughout the week due to the messy campaign and lack of promotion.
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  19. Have they not announced a massive arena tour? I seen adverts for them at the Hydro in Glasgow doing 2 nights and I thought that was a bit ambitious but I may be understimating them to be fair. I only know a couple of songs and didn't realise they were that big.
  20. They are selling more than half of the tickets for like ten pounds I think. ("So no fan can miss out")

    The boybands-with-guitars semi-fad of last year seems to be on a sharp decline already, with them flopping and 5SOS having little hype this time around too. Looks like 1D will leave a void behind next year.
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