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The Veronicas - Biting My Tongue & Human (release unlikely)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, May 26, 2016.

  1. Isn't this their fourth.
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  2. Island

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    It's their fourth hun
  3. Yeah it's their fourth and wow at that teaser. Sounds sublime.
  4. Oh my bad.
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  5. I hope the bitches are back fairly soon and don't end up taking another 7 years.
  6. That intro is giving me an updated t.A.T.u. sound.
  7. I am willing to sell a kidney to see them live again.
  8. This looks budget, but sounds nice enough.

    I'm in the minority who really enjoyed The Veronica's last album, so I'm really looking forward to their return.
  9. Their last album was so weird. Half of it were really amazing songs and the other half were just crap.

    Cruel, Line Of Fire, You Ruin Me, More Like Me, Cold & Let Me Out keep remain 10s.

    The snippet got me perched.
  10. I prefer the scrapped album.
  11. "Cruel" is still such a tune. The "take my endless summer, turn it into winter" line is a pop wonder.

    That new snippet sounds a bit "Lolita"-ish. Not sure about it.
  12. Yeah I feel that. No jokes or something.
  13. The self-titled was a significant drop in quality from Hook Me Up outside of Cruel. Get your shit together ladies.
  14. The Veronicas are amazing and have been openly stanning for them since 2004.
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  15. The self-titled album was kind of garbage, so I'm hopeful they've pulled it together for this.
  16. Very t.a.T.u!!!
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  17. Lolita came on in da club last night and it was amazing. I forgot how much I love that sound from them.
  18. Where the hell did you go that played Lolita in 2016?! I want to go there!
  19. Hook Me Up is one of my favorite albums of all time and most of The Veronicas sounded like a posthumous b-sides album to me, so I am wearily excited.

    ALSO still bitter about my cancelled New York concert, so I hope they can atone.
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