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The Veronicas - Biting My Tongue & Human (release unlikely)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, May 26, 2016.

  1. The new song is TERRIBLE. It should go back to 2011 with its production
  2. I really love Biting My Tongue
  3. nn it's so dated. It's competent but it's six years late to the trend. It's a bit of a shame because Think Of Me was veering towards scandi-pop and this is just... a random DJ with a random female voice.
  4. I forgot how good In My Blood is. I'm excited to check out the new song!
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  5. This is confirmed on the album and so much better than biting my tongue:
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  6. Biting My Tongue is good but it’s basically a poor mans In My Blood.
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  7. Let’s be honest, The new single is probably an old song.
  8. Oh NO, why would they tell us the album is called Human? Literal going to pick your lobster from the fishtank at the seafood restaurant and naming it before dinner.
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  9. The more I listen to this, the more I like it, and it's making me listen to their back catalog, so now I'm curious: What's your favorite album tracks? These are some of mine:
    The Secret Life Of... - Leave Me Alone

    Hooke Me Up - I Can't Stay Away

    Life On Mars - Stutter (Yes I know it wasn't officially released and this probably would've been a single but still)

    The Veronicas - More Like Me
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  10. Ugh it's frustrating because the song itself has mad potential, but the production is so dated. This could've been my favorite thing from them in years if the production was fresher.
  11. Don't think I saw this posted. There's a music video trailer:

    I've been returning to the song consistently all day, and I've come to the conclusion that yeah I really like it. I love the production on the verses and how it pulls back for the chorus, but the drop is very dated, though personally, it doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the song.
    Also, I love the single cover. It's a great picture, and I love the blue-ish glow, and the font is great. I don't know what the Hook Me Up-logo indicates, but hopefully it's a good thing, and at least the logo itself is still great.
    I can feel myself getting excited for the album, and that makes me mad, because I know disappointment is inevitable. I just would love to actually experience my first album era as a fan.
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  12. The production is so flat and unfinished. It’s really sad given how rich and contemporary sounding In My Blood, Ugly and Think of Me were. I’m nervous for the album.
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  13. The drop in the "I can't live without you" hook is dated but to be honest the production is fine. Just a tad muted. The song is really melodic and melancholic, enough to overcome it I think. It sounds like a clear On Your Side follow-up.

    But let's hope the album isn't all stuff made in 2016.
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  14. I like the song but it sounds like it was meant to be released in 2016 on the album with In My Blood & On Your Side.
  15. Hope we get a Lolita on the new album.
  16. It would've been on their self-titled album if we were going to get it.
  17. Only to echo what others have said, I feel like Biting My Tongue would really work in the context of an album, but it doesn't feel like the right choice for a single. I wonder what happened to Life of the Party.
  18. Maybe it’s the fact I have been waiting so long for the Veronicas to return, to have new music by them, that the expectations of Biting My Tongue is never going to fulfil what I want.

    With the ups and downs they had had with their career over the last several years, this release feels like a return to the project that spawned In My Blood and On Your Side sonically that trying to create something new, which isn’t a bad thing, especially as their quality of music is always good. Even when there are lows, their output is always better than a lot of other bands.

    As a single, I have to ask myself, (A) do I actually enjoy it? (B) Will it have repeat value and if so how long? (C) Does it sit comfortably alongside what they have released? (D) Do I actually like it putting my fan card aside? And all honesty, the answer is Yes, I do enjoy it and I can see myself listening for many times to come. Although, In My Head is better, this does hold up strongly and is a decent track, but I am hoping that the next single before the album release is something completely game changing in order to really propel them into the next stage of their careers!
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  19. This pops off considerably more in a live setting.
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